Chief Rabbi of Russia Visits Rubashkin In Otisville

Chief Rabbi of Russia Visits Rubashkin In Otisville

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On the date of September 16, 2014 the Chief Rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berel Lazar, visited the Otisville medium prison and met with kosher slaughterhouse king Sholom Rubashkin.  In the Summer of 2016 one of Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s top Jewish men, Jason Greenblatt, met with Rabbi Lazar.  On the date of November 6, 2016 Donald Trump was elected President.  On the date of December 20, 2017 President Trump released Sholom Rubashkin from prison.

Rabbi Lazar celebrated Rubashkin’s release by singing and dancing in the streets of Moscow.  Rabbi Lazar gave a speech about how he had davened for the release of Rubashkin.  There is no mention on the internet that Rabbi Lazar had visited Rubashkin in Otisville Federal prison on September 16, 2014.

Was Rubashkin’s release part of a Donald Trump – Russian conspiracy?  Was Rubashkin part of the Russian conspiracy to get Trump elected President and bring down the Evil Clinton Empire?

Now that I have been out of Otisville for a couple of years, I feel it is safe to blog about the visit from the Chief Rabbi of Russia. Rabbi Lazar arrived in Otisville in a big black sedan.  Rabbi Lazar was dressed in all black, with a white pressed shirt.  His socks may have been Russian red, but he wouldn’t let the inmates look under his trousers.

Rabbi Lazar had private meetings with VIP Jewish inmates of the Otisville camp.  There were no VIP goyisha inmates that were locked up in Otisville, other than billionaire corporate titan Walter Forbes.  As rich and as prominent as Walter Forbes was, he was still just a lowly goy.

Rabbi Lazar spent some time with Herman “MShoolem” Jacobowitz, the most powerful inmate in the camp.  MShoolem wasn’t a bad guy.  He was a benevolent dictator.  Rabbi Lazar also spent some time with Helly Nahmad, the playboy art dealer billionaire, best friends with Leonardo DiCaprio, who was doing six months for illegal gambling.

Rabbi Lazar had time to spend a few minutes talking with lowly inmate Larry Noodles. Lazar seemed like a decent guy.  He smiled a lot and spoke good English.  He told me that inmates like myself inspired him.  Imagine that?  Larry Noodles inspired the Chief Rabbi of Russia.  Larry Noodles usually causes pain and suffering to most of the people he encounters.

I told the Chief Rabbi not to feel so bad for the inmates.  I told him that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.  He laughed and told me that his Yom Tovim davening will not be the same after meeting with us.  He wished the best for us.  I thanked him for coming to visit.

The Chief Rabbi of Russia gave a speech to the inmates in the shul room.  Unfortunately I missed the speech, I was busy playing in a soccer game with the Russian Jewish Medicare fraudsters and Spanish drug dealers.  The soccer matches are taken very seriously in Otisville.  There are usually at least one or two fights during each game.  Most are just shoving and screaming.  Fist fights are rare.  If you punch a guy in the face the boys in blue will notice the bruise and lock down the camp.  There is nothing worse than when the blue boys lock down the camp.  You are confined to your bed for hours on end.  Every guy develops a routine when he is in prison.  If are confined to your bed all day you are not doing your routine.  Breaking your routine can drive you mad.

I never realized that the Chief Rabbi was giving a speech to the inmates.  Every now and then an important Rabbi would make a surprise visit to the camp, such as the Bobover Rebbe, the Slonimer Rebbe.  By the time I realize that an important Rebbe is in the camp, I missed the speech.

I don’t know whether there was a Donald Trump – Russian conspiracy to take down the Clintons and release Rubashkin.  I do know that something went down in Otisville in the Summer of 2017, a few months before Rubashkin was released.  I was contacted by a few members of the mainstream media asking me questions.  I couldn’t help them.  The only information that I had was that the head blue boy of the camp, a guy named Officer Scalboni, was fired from the Bureau of Prisons.  Scalboni was taking payoffs from a Russian Jewish inmate named Finkelstein.  Scalboni was first demoted as head of the camp and transferred to the medium prison.  Then Scalboni was fired.  I still haven’t confirmed any of this information, but this is what I have heard.

It is common for prison guards to make extra cash doing favors for inmates, such as smuggling in laptops or cellphones.  Blue boys live by the blue code of silence.  They don’t rat each other out, even if they know that other blue boys are breaking the rules and smuggling in laptops.  The only way they get caught is when the Internal Investigators come in and conduct their own investigation and get inmates to rat out the blue boys.

The government hasn’t figured out how to build a prison free of corruption, fraud and violence.  The government hasn’t figured out a way to run a government free of corruption, fraud and violence.

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  1. Was that scumbag traitor Pollard in Otisville Camp for wayward chosen before Obama sprung him? I’m sure this jew butcher’s crimes were not as serious as charges that can get you the DEATH penalty… but only if your goy.

    1. I think you need to enroll in the Otisville anger management class taught by inmate Ed Stein

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