Child Rapist “Rabbi” Greer Unloads Property for $255K

Child Rapist “Rabbi” Greer Unloads Property for $255K

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In 1995 Daniel Greer purchased 928 Elm Street for $95K. Daniel put the property into the name of one of his many sham non profit entities called Edgewood Village Inc. Greer’s non profit entities are currently being sued in Federal court by child rape victim Eli Mirlis. Mirlis has a $20 million outstanding judgment against Greer and Greer’s non profit “Yeshiva of New Haven AKA The Gan School.” Mirlis was raped in the school building owned by the Yeshiva of New Haven. Mirlis brought a foreclosure against that building. A judge recently ruled in favor of Mirlis and ordered the sale of Greer’s yeshiva building. Greer filed an appeal, which is still pending.

Mirlis brought a separate case, after the $20 million judgment, against the other non profit entities owned by Greer alleging that these entities were just a sham that Greer used to hide assets. Greer’s attorneys filed a motion to dismiss, which was just argued a few weeks ago. One of the entities sued by Mirlis was Edgewood Village, Inc. Edgewood Village just sold a three family building located at 928 Elm Street for $255K to an entity known as Pendleton Properties, LLC. Pendleton Properties is owned by a guy named Gary Pendleton out of Groton. Pendleton Properties has a mailing address of 35 West Park Avenue, New Haven, CT. Daniel Greer’s residence is 133 West Park Avenue, New Haven. A guy named Michael T. Hayes owns 35 West Park Avenue. I never heard of these guys.

Daniel Greer was locked up in Cheshire Correctional Institution for about five months before he got released to home confinement because of the coronavirus by Judge Alander. Alander had sentenced Mr. Greer to 12 years of incarceration after Mr. Greer was convicted of 4 counts of child molestation. Greer is one of the few inmates in the entire State of Connecticut who was released to home confinement because of the coronavirus. I am not sure if Greer’s time in home confinement will count towards his 12 year sentence. I haven’t seen Mr. Greer since he was released to home confinement. Mr. Greer was known as the “Mayor of Edgewood” for the last 40 years. “Rabbi” Greer often would be seen at the Edge of the Woods supermarket, or marching up and down Elm Street inspecting his properties, dressed in his suit and tie. Greer was out and about in full public view even after his conviction when he was released with an ankle bracelet. There have been no reported sightings of Mr. Greer since he moved into his stable at 133 West Park Avenue. Mr. Greer must be getting in a lot of quality time with his wife Sarah Greer, who stood by her man even after he was accused of molesting Eli Mirlis, Avi Hack, and others, including his own child Ezi Greer. All of the Greer children left town and have not returned to visit their parents.

Sarah Greer signed the warranty deed as an officer of Edgewood Village, LLC transferring 928 Pendleton Street to Pendelton Properties. Sarah Greer must have deposited a $255K check into the bank account of Edgewood Village. Sarah Greer still receives a salary from Daniel Greer’s non profit entities. The Greers are clearly trying to unload as many properties as possible before Mirlis is successful in his lawsuit against the non profit entities. Sarah and Daniel Greer can then divert the money into other non profit entities or “donate” the money to their buddy Rabbi Avroham Notis, who recently got $50K from Mr. Greer. The $50K was funneled into a yeshiva controlled by Notis in Lancaster. I spent two years in Otisville prison locked up with the biggest Jewish financial fraudsters and rabbis in the tri State region. I know all the tricks. The money gets funneled from one non profit organization to another in order to “clean” it. The classic case of money laundering. Some of the money gets kicked back to the guy funneling the money. I wouldn’t be surprised if “Rabbi” Notis kicked back money to “Rabbi” Greer.

After I wrote a blog about the $50K that was funneled to Notis, Greer’s attorneys went crazy. I got the information from court documents that were filed by the attorneys for Mirlis. The attorneys for Greer didn’t want the attorneys for Mirlis to file bank records on the court website. Oh well, too late for that. The attorneys read my blog and then filed a motion that future court filings be restricted. They wrote in their motion the following: “In the civil action of Mirlis v. Sarah Greer Plaintiff attached certain documents to his Memorandum of Law in Support his Motion for Judgment. Said documents contain financial information of persons other than Sarah Greer or Defendants. The individual known as Lawrence Dressler who blogs as “Larry Noodles” has published the documents contained in the Motion for Judgment and indicated he has or intends to communicate with non-parties to any litigation. Defendants believe said disclosure violates prior orders of this Court and the rules for disclosure of non-public information…”

The lawyers for Mirlis also posted portions of a deposition of Sarah Greer, in which she explained transactions of the bank accounts that she managed for the non profits. A lot of cash flowed through the Greer non profit accounts. Sarah testified about how she paid a woman named Esther Fertil $720.00. Sarah testified: “Esther has — she’s a friend of mine for very many years. She has connections in Israel and knows people who need money. However, it’s not something that would appear that I would hand in to an accountant because she’s not a tax exempt human being, so she — I would periodically sometimes give her cash, send her a check, and when she would be going to Israel, she would distribute the money. And she’s very honorable, so I had no questions about to whom she would distribute the money.” Sounds like money laundering to me. Being friends with Daniel and Sarah Greer was very lucrative. When a shady con artist says that she is doing something “very honorable” you have to be on your guard.

Greer’s sole purpose in setting up his school was to attract teenage boys whom he could rape. Greer’s sole purpose in setting up his non profit entities was to enrich himself through his fraud, and protect himself from public scrutiny. Greer contributed heavily to local politicians and was in bed with prominent members of the Jewish community, which gave him credibility. For many years Greer purchased real estate with fellow Yale Law graduates Ed and Doris Zelinsky, the parents of the infamous US Attorney Aaron Zelinsky, who worked on the Mueller Commission and caused a scene when he dropped out of the Roger Stone case in protest, and then testified before Congress about how there was political corruption and interference in the Roger Stone case. Surprise surprise! He should have testified about all the other Federal cases that involve political corruption. He only chose to speak out when the source of the corruption was a Republican President, while he has been a lifelong Democrat, along with his parents Ed and Doris Zelinsky. Why didn’t Aaron Zelinsky testify about what kind of corruption went on between his politically connected father and pedophile “Rabbi” Greer?

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