Clare Bronfman Connected To the Jewish Mafia

Clare Bronfman Connected To the Jewish Mafia

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Dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell is currently locked up in Federal prison in Brooklyn waiting for her criminal trial on charges of profiting from pedophilia. Maxwell is the youngest daughter of deceased British-Jewish billionaire Robert Maxwell. Clare Bronfman is the youngest daughter of Seagram’s liquor king British-Jewish billionaire Edgar Bronfman, who was born into a family of Canadian bootleggers. Clare is not a pedophile.

Ghislane Maxwell requested that she post a $5 million bond to get out of jail pending her criminal trial. Request DENIED. Maxwell is currently caged like an animal at the zoo known as the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. Clare Bronfman requested that she be released on a $100 million bond. Request GRANTED. Money talks. Clare was free as a bird until she got convicted and was sent to the same Brooklyn prison as fellow Brit Ghislane Maxwell. They are probably sipping commissary coffee together in a cell right now as NY restaurant deprived rats scramble beneath their feet.

Clare got sentenced to 81 months in Federal prison for her role in a secret sex slave cult that operated behind a legit front: an executive training company called NXIVM. A criminality study needs to be conducted of youngest daughters of British Jewish billionaires. Is there a higher crime rate among youngest daughters of billionaires? Or is this a gene mutation exclusive to British Jewish families? Living on an island is not good for the gene pool. Even the Royals are inbred.

The Justice Department asked that Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis sentence Clare Bronfman to 60 months in the Big House. Clare’s lawyer asked for home confinement. Judge Garaufis added 21 months to the Government’s recommended sentence for a total of 81 months. OUCH! It’s very unusual for a Judge to add months to a sentence recommended by the Federal Government, especially when a defendant pleads guilty. Its more common for a Judge to subtract, not add.

Clare went to great lengths to distance herself from the leader of the sex slave cult Keith Raniere. Keith Raniere got sentenced today to only 120 years. The phrase “May you live until 120”, עד מאה ועשרים שנה‎ is a Jewish blessing. Keith is 60 years old. If he gets credit for good behavior, and some time off for compassionate release, he may be out before he reaches 120 years old. But Keith is a goy, he is disqualified, the blessing only applies to Jews.

Raniere was into mind control and was a fan of the book Second Foundation, a mind control book by Isaac Asimov which Raniere read at age 12. Raniere also was a success with multi tier marketing company Amway. Raniere then moved on to start a ponzi / pyramid scheme, which was shut down by the State of New York. After his failure in the ponzi scheme business Raniere started a sex slave pyramid scheme. You have to give Raniere credit, he is very resourceful.

Clare argued at her sentencing that she knew nothing about Raniere’s sex slave girls, who were branded by Raniere with a hot iron shaped in Raniere’s initials. One of Keith’s sex slaves, a female doctor, branded the other slaves. A big “K” with a little upside down “R” placed within the K. Raniere gained control of women by first gaining their trust. Once he gained their trust he made them reveal damaging information about themselves, and he took naked pictures of them, which he threatened to disclose to their friends and families. He made them pledge loyalty to him, have sex with him, and work for him. He made his sex slaves recruit other sex slaves. He created a pyramid of sex slaves in a multi marketing scheme he learned when he worked for Amway. The Justice Department didn’t charge Amway with any Federal crimes.

Raniere’s sex slave cult came crashing down once victims started to talk to the media. The media started to write stories about the cult. Victims also went to the Feds. The Feds busted Raniere and a few of his co-conspirators, including Clare Bronfman. Clare wasn’t charged with sexual abuse or sex trafficking. Clare pleaded guilty to harboring illegal Mexican aliens. Raniere recruited illegals from Mexico into his cult and threatened them with deportation if they didn’t do what he said. I don’t think the Feds had enough evidence against Clare to charge her with knowledge of Raniere’s sex slave cult. Clare probably knew about the cult but the Feds wanted an air tight case and didn’t want to risk an acquittal on any charge. Clare’s lawyers claimed that Clare helped manage the front organization NXIVM that provided executive training.

At sentencing the Feds focused on Clare’s Tony Soprano threats to victims who went to the media. Clare threatened her enemies with arrest and prosecution if they didn’t stop slandering NXIVM. Clare tried to enlist the help of her father’s powerful friends to threaten her victims, some of whom had fled back to Mexico. Clare wrote the following email trying to bring criminal charges against the victims of NXIVM:

“Here is a link to the head of the Department of Justice, current position held be Eric Holder, this is clearly the best connection. However I believe there are other options. There is also the Head of the Department of each State. Other options are Southern District of New York, or Northern District of New York, which is not so easy as this guy is lazy and prejudiced. Also there are politicians who put them in power, who if they tell them jump they say ‘how high.’ So there are options like senators. Also good to let our opposition know we have Steve Herbits, who is VERY close to Clinton, D’Amato and the Jewish mafia, his power (which predominantly was acquired by my father) is not to be taken for granted, he and his connections are Goliath.” See actual copy of email below:

Clare made reference in her email to the Jewish mafia. What is Clare talking about? Clare’s grandfather Sam Bronfman was probably a Jewish bootlegger mobster during Prohibition when he smuggled liquor over the Canadian border. Clare wasn’t even born during Prohibition. Did Clare watch the movie Casino too many times? Or does Clare see herself as Tony Soprano’s mother Livia who plotted with her brother Junior to kill her own son Tony?

Did Clare actually believe she could convince the Attorney General Eric Holder to lock up her enemies? Clare sent some emails to her father and his advisors asking them to look into who was funding the whistle blowers. She also asked them to threaten her enemies. Clare’s father Edgar and his advisors told her that they wouldn’t get involved in Clare’s shenanigans.

Clare was particularly angry at cult specialist and deprogrammer Rick Alan Ross, who was exposing NXIVM. Clare sent an email to Stephen Herbits, Edgar Bronfman’s top advisor, demanding the following: “The Ross camp needs to be fearful, back down and look to fix the damage they have done, the thought of criminal charges may help inspire this. Ross’s attorneys are well funded. Wherever that is coming from – be it Mars – it needs to stop. I know you are incredibly resourceful and have the intelligence to figure this out. I don’t need to know who is funding them, how you stop that from continuing, in fact I don’t want to know, it just needs to be done, and quickly.” A couple of years later Clare accused her own father of funding Rick Ross through his non profit Birthright Israel. Clare asked Stephen Herbits whether Edgar was funding Ross. Stephen sent Clare the following email: “I have been assured that Birthright Israel (Taglit) is not connected in any way with Ross, not by contact or contribution. Edgar has no connection to any other Birthright entity.”

Clare is currently locked up with Ghislaine Maxwell at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. Clare is trying to get transferred to Danbury Club Fed where Orange is the New Black author Piper Kerman spent 13 months. Clare is probably very depressed. Please send a letter to help Clare cheer up. Her inmate number is 91010-053. Clare’s address is:

Metropolitan Detention Center, 80 29TH STREET BROOKLYN, NY  11232


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  2. Maxwell is awaiting trial while Bronfman has been sentenced and should be serving her sentence. How can these two women be held at the same facility?

    1. Happens all the time. MDC has all kinds of guys and girls in there, pre trial, or already sentenced waiting to be transferred to a more permanent facility. I was supposed to go to MDC after sentencing until I asked Aleph Institute to get me sent to Otisville.

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