Clare Bronfman Cut Out of $65M Family Trust

Clare Bronfman Cut Out of $65M Family Trust

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Convicted felon Clare Bronfman was living off a $65 million family trust when she was busted by the Feds for her role in a sex slave operation run by Keith Raniere, who was just sentenced to 120 years in prison. Clare was only sentenced to 8 years in the Big House.

Clare was never charged with getting involved with the sex slaves. Clare was charged with harboring illegal aliens. When the Feds started to investigate Raniere and the sex slaves Clare contacted her high powered friends, including her father Seagram liquor chairman Edgar Bronfman, Sr., in order to threaten enemies of Keith Raniere. In emails she boasted that she had connections with Alfonse D’Amato, Bill Clinton and the “Jewish mafia.”

Clare was particularly angry at cult de-programmer Rick Alan Ross. Clare suspected that her father was funding Ross. Clare’s father denied to Clare that his Birthright Israel charity was funding Ross.

Clare recently asked Federal Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis if he would transfer her to Danbury Federal prison. Clare is currently being held in MDC in Brooklyn. Clare wants to live with wealthy white collar criminals, not the murderers, drug dealers and rapists who are locked up in MDC. Judge Garaufis granted her motion to be transferred to Danbury. Clare is still listed as being locked up in MDC. It can take a few weeks, a few months, or even a few years for the Bureau of Prisons to process Clare’s transfer to Danbury.

Clare also asked that she be released from MDC prison while her appeal dragged through the courts. Clare’s attorneys submitted affidavits from Clare’s trust advisors that if Clare skipped town the trust would not give her any money to live on the lam. Clare would be cut off. Clare was getting paid $75K per quarter from her family trust fund. I don’t know how Clare survived on $75K every three months. I don’t know how much money the trust is putting into Clare’s commissary account. It doesn’t cost much money to live in prison. You can live like a king if someone put $500 a month in your commissary account.

Judge Garaufis denied Clare’s request for release pending her appeal. Clare will have to get used to playing cards in Brooklyn with Jeffrey Epstein co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell while she waits to be put on a prison bus to take her to Danbury. The prison bus may take a detour through Nebraska. In prison these “detours” are referred to as “diesel therapy” by the guards. The Bureau of Prisons doesn’t even charge for such therapy!

During the trial of Keith Raniere one of the government witnesses testified that Clare’s father tried to get her out of Keith’s cult by hiring Rick Ross. Clare’s father never told Clare that he had hired Ross. The best place to lose weight, kick a drug addiction, quit drinking, quit gambling and get de-programmed from a cult is in prison. Clare will be a much better person once she gets out.

Please send a letter to help Clare cheer up. Her inmate number is 91010-053. Clare’s address is:

Metropolitan Detention Center, 80 29TH STREET BROOKLYN, NY  11232


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3 thoughts on “Clare Bronfman Cut Out of $65M Family Trust

  1. Edgar Bronfman died in 2013 but Ross is still very active in the case, but is more successful in his ‘expert’ testimonies than with his deprogramming. This Jewish guy might have had good intentions but Wikipedia reports scholars’ opinions that with no formal training or systematic knowledge, this self styled expert anti cult crusader does more harm than good.

    It is a shame that two daughters of a long term president of the World Jewish Congress were involved in this outrage.

    1. There is a human need to be accepted by a “group.” Cults exist in many different forms, whether it is a street gang, the Aryan brotherhood or a religious sect, people are always looking for comfort and approval from a like minded group.

  2. bsd

    Mr. Noodles,

    Your blog sucks ass, especially since early August, which must have been when you were recently wed.

    Can’t you handle any adult responsibilities without fucking them up? What are you a Trump supporter?
    G-d should help you.

    Moshiach NOW!

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