Cleaning the Chametz for Passover

Cleaning the Chametz for Passover

Passover is less than two weeks away.  Prisoners celebrate Passover in Federal Prison.  You will never truly appreciate the holiday of Passover, the holiday of freedom, until you have spent some time in prison.  During the week long holiday Jews can only eat matzoh.  During Passover Jews cannot eat “chametz” or anything made of bread.  Two weeks before Passover is the time Jewish inmates start cleaning up the prison to make sure there is no “chametz” in the prison.  The Jews in Otisville scrub everything from the floors to the walls of the prison chapel.  Every crumb is removed.

Some Jews have applied for furloughs to go home during the first two nights of Passover.  The worst part about a furlough is coming back to the prison.  Many inmates suffer extreme depression when they come back from a furlough.

The Jewish foot doc is planning his 15 hour furlough.  Dr. Moss is a local guy. Everyone calls him “Moss.”  Moss grew up in the town of Middletown, the “metropolis” up here in the middle of nowhere.  Moss got caught up in the pain killer craze.  He was caught writing too many scripts.  What was he going to do with 15 hours of freedom?  His father works at the “Sunset Strip”, a strip bar in Middletown.  He could spend his 15 hours at Sunset Strip. He ended up going home and fixing his computer.  Fixing his computer!  What kind of a person spends his furlough fixing a computer?  Moss’ daughter just made her Bat Mitzvah.  Moss couldn’t get a furlough to go to the Bat Mitzvah, so the guys in the shul gave him special honors on Shabbat.  He was called up for an aliya.  But the 80 year old Satmar Hasid, ie., Naftuli, wouldn’t read from the Torah when Moss was called up.  Naftuli said that Moss was not religious enough.  Naftuli said that Moss’ daughter was not Jewish because Moss’ ex-wife was a goy.  Most of the other Jews made a big scene and ganged up on the old man and drowned him out with loud singing.  They sang Jewish pop songs, which only riled up the old Hasid even more.  Moss was happy, until he got angry.  He started complaining that his 15 hour furlough was too short.  Other guys were getting three day furloughs.

Some guys are signing up for the trip to the mikveh, ie., a ritual bath, where you dunk before the Passover holiday.  30 or so Jewish inmates get into a prison bus.  The bus is a blue school bus with bars on the windows.  The bus took us to a mikveh in the town of Middletown.  The mikveh looks like a giant bathtub.  Ye it was very dirty with stains all over the tiles.  You take a dunk and wash away your sins.  It may take many dunks for some of the inmates to wash away their many sins.  The guys walk down a long set of narrow steps, take a dunk, and then file back out.  It is not a pretty sight.  A bunch of old, hairy, flabby, fat, naked guys walking down the steps of the communal bathtub into cloudy water.  It looks like a scene from National Geographic.  Picture a herd of water buffalo’s crossing the dirty river.

In a prior trip to the mikveh the rabbis who ran the mikveh snuck cookies and ice cream to the inmates.  Inmate Teaneck Trouble got caught trying to smuggle some of the food onto the prison bus. This food is worth a lot of money to other inmates in the prison.  The blueboyz were not happy about what Teaneck Trouble tried to do.  The blueboyz acted like this was the crime of the century.  The blueboyz fired the mikveh.  They started taking the inmates to a different mikveh in the town of Chester.

When you get back to the camp after the mikveh you are barraged with jokes from the other inmates and the blueboyz.  What do you expect?  You just spent an hour in a communal bath with 30 naked guys.  How was the bath?  How was the scenery?  Cock fight?  Sausage soup?  You are also barraged with gay jokes.

Not many gays in the camp. I only knew of one openly gay man in the camp.  Nice guy.  He was locked up for insurance fraud for burning down a property and trying to collect fire insurance.  His name was Blaise, but everybody called him “Blaze.”  Most of the guys in the camp are either married or had girlfriends, who would visit often.

In the medium prison next door most of the guys are doing long sentences.  Long termers don’t get any visitors, their wives and girlfriends gave up on them a long time ago.  They become gay in prison.  There is an old saying in prison, “It’s not gay if it’s in prison.”  The medium next door has its share of sexual deviants.  It is a mecca for child molesters or “cho-mos” as they say in the Federal prisons.  In the State prisons they call them “diddlers.”  Chomos and diddlers are the target of unprovoked physical attacks by other inmates.  The chomos and diddlers get no protection from the blueboyz, the cops hate them just as much as the inmates.

The Feds send most of the chomos to Otisville. The theory is that if all the chomos are locked up in one place they can band together and protect each other.  I don’t know of any Jewish chomos in the medium.  The notorious Hasidic rabbi chomos, whom you read about in the New York Post, get picked up by New York City cops and sent to the State prisons, if they get picked up at all.  There is a controversy in the Hasidic Jewish world about whether chomos should be reported to the police. Many Hasidim believe that reporting rabbi chomos to the police is an embarrassment for Jews.  Don’t give the goyim another excuse to hate us.  It is better to protect the chomos than to protect the children.  So Hasidic chomos get transferred from one Jewish school to another, just like the Catholic chomo priests.

I know of two chomo rabbis living in the City of New Haven who were never reported to the police. One rabbi currently operates a private Jewish school for children.  I was not a witness to their depraved acts.  All I can do is repeat what I was told by a rabbi who the LA Times described as “the most honest man in America.”

In November of 2013 Rabbi Noah Muroff found $98,000.00 in cash hidden in a desk that he purchased in New Haven on Craigslist.  He contacted the seller of the desk and returned the money.  Rabbi Muroff at the time was living in New Haven and was a teacher at the Yeshiva of New Haven.  He told me this past Sunday, that Rabbi Daniel Greer, who runs the Yeshiva of New Haven, sexually molested Rabbi Avi Hack and other children at the Yeshiva of New Haven, for many, many years.  He told me that the acts of molestation were so depraved that he could not bring himself to describe them.  None of these children reported these crimes to the authorities.  Rabbi Avi Hack never reported these crimes. Rather than report crimes committed against himself and other children that spanned decades, Rabbi Avi Hack decided to work as a teacher at the Yeshiva of New Haven.  He ran the yeshiva for teenage boys for many years under the supervision and direction of Rabbi Greer.

Rabbi Muroff told me that a former student of the Yeshiva of New Haven, Victim 1, made a recent claim of molestation against Rabbi Daniel Greer.  Rabbi Muroff told me that this claim of sexual molestation recently settled “in the millions of dollars.”  Hush money.  The Greer family owns substantial real estate in New Haven, most of it non profit and off the tax rolls.  The Greers are very active in the New Haven political scene.  Rabbi Greer is a former New Haven Police Commissioner.  Rabbi Greer’s son drives around in a retired police car and is the chairman of the New Haven Community & Police Task Force.

I promised Rabbi Muroff that I would not repeat this information about Greer molesting children.  As a parent, and as a former child, I believe I have a moral duty to break my promise to Rabbi Muroff.  Another reason I chose to reveal this information is because of what I heard from Victim 2.  Victim 2 is a former student of the Yeshiva of New Haven.  Victim 2 told me that his life is “ruined” because of what Rabbi Avi Hack did to him when he was a teenage student at the Yeshiva of New Haven.  I promised not to reveal the identity of Victim 2.  I will respect his wishes, but I encourage him to come forward and report Rabbi Hack to the authorities.

Victim 2 told me that Rabbi Avi Hack told him that he was molested as a child.  Avi said he frequently went to a motel in New Haven where he was molested by an “old Jewish man” in New Haven.  That old Jewish man was Rabbi Daniel Greer.  Rabbi Avi Hack promised Victim 2 that he would “never” seek another job at a Jewish school for children. Rabbi Avi Hack broke his promise to Victim 2, as Rabbi Muroff told me that Avi Hack is currently seeking employment at Jewish schools for children.

Rabbi Avi Hack should not be exposed to children.  These men should be reported to the police.  If you have been victimized by these men I urge you to contact the New Haven Police Department.  It is not too late to report these crimes, no matter how many years have passed.  The phone number for the New Haven Police Department is 203-946-6333.  Don’t let these men victimize others.

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