Closing Argument By State’s Attorney Maxine Wilensky

Closing Argument By State’s Attorney Maxine Wilensky

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State’s Attorney Maxine Wilensky argued to the jury: “106 times Eli was molested, lets say 90 times, is he going to remember every single episode, its all going to blend together, you are only going to remember what stuck in your mind.  Goat had power over Eli Mirlis.  Common plan, common conduct common scheme. No sex education in the schools, laws against speaking evil against others, you cannot say their names, Mirlis was raised in this atmosphere.  You move into a neighborhood and you have houses, common belief about community, freedom to do whatever you want with anyone you want, its diff with the Orthodox communities, the community is important to allow you to follow the dictates to make you an Orthodox Jew, walk to Temple, be around people who think alike, speak alike, insular, homogeneous, everyone talks alike, thinks alike, and dresses alike.  A teenage Orthodox boy is sheltered, naïve, he has no information on what to deal with sexual abuse, community is everything,  the Rabbi is the center of the community, you go to him for advice, everything, he interprets the Talmud and the laws.  Eli was a 13 year old sheltered child, just came back from tragedy.  He dropped into the custody of the Goat, who becomes a parental figure to him, who introduces him to his first sexual experience, he is powerful, imposing, one minute he compliments you the next he rips you down, he turns on you, humiliates you, keeps you off balance.  Dr. DeRosa said Eli never went to class, and it didn’t bother Avi Hack or you can infer the Goat as well. Eli became confused, scared, shocked and distressed, he got the perks and knew he felt special, he knew he felt pleasure but felt bad after it happened.  He knew he wanted to leave the school, but he was not ready to disclose any of this.  He is 15 when this begins and is 18 when he graduates, he is no more grown up since he went into the school, he is attached to the defendant.  He graduates, goes to Israel and meets his wife Shira, he doesn’t give her the details. He wasn’t ready to give details.  Maybe at 16 he is OK with it, but at this point he has been trained and brainwashed to think this was OK.  He doesn’t tell his wife until the civil trial, its all going to come out in public anyway.  He doesn’t tell her even after he goes to massage parlors, at a tender age his development was interfered by a predator.  He cannot go against a Rabbi, a pillar of the community, a boy doesn’t have half the power of the Rabbi, he goes back because he has nowhere else to go.  He trusts no one.  Rabbi Notis has been in touch with 20 abuse victims only ones in rehab, he claims those 20 hated their religion and went to drugs.  To Notis this cannot happen, people can’t be put it in boxes.  His experience is not vast.  Sex with a man, sex before marriage, not a stretch to think that they would ignore other laws about going to a beit din.  Once he got to another community he could disclose, without his world blowing apart, that life raft he had couldn’t be threatened.  Predation by a Rabbi, one that is your Rabbi sets up severe and profound issues, if you think drugs is the only way to deal with that you need to reconsider.  You can go to a beit din a Rabbinical court with Rabbis, please, me over a rabbi, how safe and secure would you feel with that.  The beit din does not protect children. When Ezi, Dov and Avi went to NJ and presented Mirlis with a piece of paper, he refused it because he had no hope that anyone would keep the Rabbi away from the school, especially when they told him the Goat will be in the shul three times a day to pray, that’s like a fox protecting a hen house.  When the offer was presented, it was with Dov and Ezi, the Goat’s sons, Mirlis said to give it to his lawyer, and they took it to a civil trial.  At that point he had 13 nursing homes worth $47 million.  Dr. Fagan said if you lose your community, if you lose your Rabbi, chaos will ensue, find him guilty not because he didn’t follow the rules but  because the State proved each and every element beyond a reasonable doubt.” 

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  1. She should be in traffic court, AT BEST! Another astute hiring by the DEEP STATE. I’m so happy to know that my tax dollars are funding her DEEP STATE pension.


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