Cohen Asks For Permission To Work At Democrat PAC

Cohen Asks For Permission To Work At Democrat PAC

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Michael Cohen was recently released from Otisville prison after the Feds locked him up for violating the conditions of his supervised release while he was on home confinement in his apartment on the Upper East Side. The Justice Department represented to Judge Hellerstein that the Feds did not violate Cohen because Cohen ate at a French restaurant or because Cohen was writing a book about the Donald. US Attorney Rovner stated to Judge Hellerstein, “Petitioner’s book played no role to take Petitioner back into custody. Rather, the decision to remand Petitioner was based on the fact that Petitioner had refused to acknowledge and sign the conditions of his transfer to home confinement.” Cohen and his attorneys questioned the conditions of his supervised release while Cohen was in Federal Court being processed for home confinement. Who are they to question the wisdom of the powerful Federal Government? Only Judge Hellerstein had the power to question the half truths and lies of Bureau of Prison employees and US Attorneys. Judge Hellerstein didn’t believe their lies and released Cohen out of his Otisville torture chamber where Cohen had no air conditioning, no visitors, no commissary, sporadic showers, no outdoors, no cellmate, and little to no food. Cohen’s fellow inmates languishes in their torture chambers for several more weeks, during the heat wave, while Cohen sat in his air conditioned apartment on the Upper West Side. I heard that most Otiville campers were quarantined in the medium for close to 40 days in July. Judge Hellerstein needs to revisit the Constitutional right against cruel and unusual punishment. How did this fundamental right become dead letter?

Mr. Cohen’s attorney just submitted a letter to Judge Hellerstein asking that he be permitted to accept a job offer as a consultant with a political action committee. Cohen’s lawyer wrote to Judge Hellerstein the following: “Mr. Cohen has an employment offer from a political action committee to provide consulting services and media appearances. Mr. Cohen understands that he may not accept this, or any, employment unless and until it is pre-approved. He has provided the offer letter and details to the residential reentry center and is awaiting its response.” Does Cohen actually expect to get a timely response from the bloated, dysfunctional Federal government?

It is obvious that a Democratic PAC has offered to hire Cohen. 88 % of Black voters supported Hillary while 93% of Black voters supported Obama. 70% of Jewish voters supported Hillary and 70% supported Obama. Cohen has stated that the Donald has privately made racist remarks about Obama and privately made anti-Semitic remarks about Jewish public figures. The Donald has made plenty of public racist remarks as well. I never heard the Donald make a public anti-Semitic remark. It is socially acceptable to be openly racist but not socially acceptable to be an Anti-Semite. But it is socially acceptable to bash Hasidic Jews, especially in Israel. Even secular Jews trash the Hasidim. If you were to take a poll most Americans do not want Hasidic Jews or Blacks in their neighborhoods. Mexicans come in third.

Trump has raised $1 billion in campaign funds while Biden has raised $600 million. Most of this money will not go towards feeding the homeless or helping the sick. Most of this money will be pumped into the coffers of television stations in the swing states of Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin. The popular vote does not determine who will be the next president. Most Blacks and Jews in this country prefer to live together in the donkey States of New York and California. Did I just refer to Jews and Blacks as donkeys? No, that was the Donald, I am not a racist or an anti-Semite. The Donald has Jewish grandchildren named Kushner. How can anyone accuse the Donald as being a Jew hater? Donald must hate his grandchildren. Donald is a self hating anti-Semite.

Hasidic Jews mostly vote Republican, but they are outnumbered in New York and California. The only way Biden has a chance at winning is to use the $600 million in campaign donations to fund a relocation program to move Blacks and Jews from Los Angeles, Harlem, East New York and Manhattan into the States of Wisconsin, Iowa and Colorado. Michael Cohen should be in charge of this relocation project. Blacks and Jews would be less exposed to the coronavirus if they moved into these rural States. Its time to start packing! Moshiach is coming soon!

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