Cohen Talks About Otisville in MSNBC Interview

Cohen Talks About Otisville in MSNBC Interview

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Michael Cohen gave a 45 minute interview with Rachel Maddow of MSNBC yesterday. Rachel started off her interview by mentioning that Cohen was at home on home confinement and could not leave his house per order of the Federal Government.

Cohen talked about how he was a “political prisoner in my own country.” Cohen thanked Federal Judge Hellerstein for releasing him out of Otisville after the Feds locked him up after Cohen was spotted dining at a fancy French restaurant, which made the headlines. Never embarrass the Federal government, bureaucrats can be very sensitive.

Cohen spoke with Rachel about allegations that Cohen paid off 21 year old pool boy Giancarlo to keep quiet about Giancarlo’s sexual relationship with Jerry and Becki Falwell Jr. Cohen told Rachel he had nothing to do with Giancarlo but he “convinced” Giancarlo’s friend, ie., Jesus Fernandez, to destroy naked pictures of the pool boy with the Falwells. The Falwells paid Fernandez almost $2 million to set up a non profit youth hostel. Cohen said he told the lawyer for Fernandez that if Fernandez didn’t destroy the pictures the Falwells would go to the FBI and report Fernandez for extortion. Cohen told Rachel no payoffs or promises were made to anyone to get the Falwells to endorse Trump just before the election. Cohen wasn’t asked about the $2 million donation. The Falwells ended up endorsing Trump just before the election, which allowed Trump to secure crucial Evangelical votes in swing states. Cohen said the fact that Cohen quashed the photos had nothing to do with the Falwells supporting Trump just before the election. Cohen didn’t sound believable when he spoke about the Falwells. He was pale as a ghost and stuttered. Cohen lied through his teeth. Cohen was not articulate by any means.

Cohen said that Trump was jealous of Obama because Obama graduated from Harvard Law School, Obama was a law professor, and Obama was “articulate.” Cohen shouldn’t speak about educated shvartzes in such demeaning terms. Cohen is a racist! Cohen graduated from Cooley Law School, the lowest ranked law school in the country. I think Cohen is jealous of Obama because Obama knows how to articulate a lie without stuttering.

Cohen ended the interview by telling Rachel Maddow that he watched her on the Otisville television all the time. Cohen said that Tony Meatballs controlled the tv clicker and Big Dave was Tony’s enforcer. When I was at Otisville I didn’t know anyone named Tony Meatballs or Big Dave. When I was locked up there were a few guys who controlled the clicker. Guys took different shifts. One guy would have the weeknight shift and another guy the weekends. There was one tv that was tuned in to BET, one with just sports, one on the Spanish station, and another with movies. When a lot of Russians came into the camp there was one tv set up with Russian shows. The Russian shows were the worst. They looked like American low budget shows from the 1950s. Sometimes guys smuggled in dvd’s from the outside and watched the latest movies with Chinese subtitles late at night. The guards were constantly trying to uncover dvd smuggling rings. Give me a break! These guards couldn’t pass the test to become third grade teachers so they had to settle for a job at Otisville.

Forbes needs to update its prison rankings and rate Otisville as the worst prison to be incarcerated right now. I heard that a lot of new inmates recently self surrendered into Otisville, Sheldon Silver being the most prominent new prisoner. The roll call at Otisville is going up, its probably up to 75-80 inmates. At full capacity Otisville had 118 inmates. The Feds released a bunch of guys over the summer and brought the numbers down to 65. The numbers are now going up, which means the COVID19 infection rate will go up, which means guys will be sent back to solitary under the pretext of being “quarantined.” Give me a break! Moshiach NOW!

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  1. Everyone wants to know. Who IS TONY MEATBALLS and Andy CUCUMBER BIG DAVE. The jersey shore duche gave shout outs too

    1. Tony meatballs is tony difeo from Massachusetts. The other two guys don’t exist. Cohen lied as usual

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