Cornell Jewish Frat House Zaftig Sex Contest

Cornell Jewish Frat House Zaftig Sex Contest

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The Jewish Frat house at Ivy League Cornell University was just shut down because they had new recruits compete in a Zaftig Competition.  The Yiddish word zaftig means “a well rounded, plump woman,” which is derived from the German word “saftig” which means “juicy.”  Jews and Germans apparently share a common attraction for full figured women.

The mainstream press reported that frat house Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT) had the recruits compete in a “Pig Roast.”  The mainstream media, including the New York Post, has gone to great lengths to hide the fact that this frat house is a House of Heebs. Even the goyim know that pigs are not kosher.  A Pig Roast at a Jewish Frat house?

I renamed the contest the Zaftig Competition, a more appropriate name for a contest held at a Jewish frat house.  The new recruits had to have sex with as many zaftig women on campus as possible.  The recruits who slept with zaftig women got more points than guys who settled for the skinny girls.  I don’t think there were any points deducted for sleeping with shiksas.  Sleeping with shiksas and goy toys has always been a rite of passage in the Jewish community.

The ZBT Heebs were not allowed to tell the zaftig girls about the contest.  The frat boys clearly engaged in acts of deceit, fraud and trickery in order to get the zaftig girls to unzip.  This House of Heebs was put on frat house probation for the Zaftig Competition.  Probation?  If these guys were living in Israel they would be charged with the crime of rape by deception. Israel is the only country with such a law.  A 30 year old Arab man was recently sent to jail for 18 months for having sex with a Jewish girl after telling her that he was a Jewish bachelor looking for a long term relationship that could lead to marriage.  The Jewish “victim” claimed that she would have never had sex with the man had she known he was just some lowly Arab.

The website for the Cornell Jewish frat house says,  “ZBT, the largest and oldest Jewish fraternity, was also the first non-hazing fraternity in the U.S.”  The Zaftig Contest apparently is not considered hazing.  Nobody in the fraternity gets hazed.  Its the zaftig girls who get screwed, both literally and figuratively.

The President of the Cornell House of ZBT Heebs is a guy by the name of David Burrows.  Burrows is currently a grad student at Cornell. This is what he says on his Linked In page:   “I am currently an MS/PhD research student in the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences department. Along with my advisor Gang Chen, my focus is on large-scale atmospheric dynamics with a current focus on extratropical variability (i.e. annular modes). Through the use of simple numerical simulations and more advanced atmospheric models, I hope to gain further insight into the mechanisms that govern weather regimes on intraseasonal timescales.” 

I wonder if Burrows, or Gang Chen, had anything to do with the Zaftig Contest.  I doubt it, it sounds like they would be more interested in nerdy girls like Amy Farrah Fowler, played by Jewish actress Mayim Bialik on the Big Bang Theory.  I once met Mayim at a Jewish fundraising event.  She gave a speech about the importance of the Jewish family.  Right after the speech she filed for divorce.

On the front page of ZBT’s website, it says that ZBT is in partnership with Jewish Women International (JWI), “the leading Jewish organization working to empower women and girls by ensuring and protecting their physical safety and economic security, promoting and celebrating inter-generational leadership, and inspiring civic participation and community engagement.”

ZBT and JWI work together on campus program called “Green Light: Go.”   This is the description of the program:  “Everyone’s talking about bystander intervention, but no one is really, honestly talking about why things are the way they are. Why do girls have to protect their drinks? Why do some guys think it’s okay to have sex with girls who are unconscious? And why do we think it’s acceptable for a guy to hook up with a lot of girls, but judge girls for doing the same?  Green Light: Go! was created raise awareness of consent and sexual assault with a variation on the game Red Light, Green Light. For our purposes, we’re using it as a metaphor for sexual consent. Green light (yes) = go. Red light (no) = stop. Yellow light (yield) = stop and ask. Only an ‘enthusiastic yes’ counts as consent.”

According to Green Light: Go, the yes has to be “enthusiastic.”  What if the yes is less than enthusiastic? What if the girl is on the rebound and is just trying to get back at her ex boyfriend?  You would think that Jewish Ivy League eggheads would come up with a better idea to stop campus rape.

Every time someone is raped on campus there is excessive drinking going on.  A college doesn’t want to be known as a dry campus, or the tuition dollars dry up.  The presidents who make seven figures at these Ivy League colleges don’t want to jeopardize their jobs. Jewish Yale President Peter Sal-oy-vey earns over a million a year.

Salovey’s Irish cousin at Quinnipiac, ie., President Lahey earns even more.  Quinnipiac buses its students into the downtown New Haven bar scene every weekend so they don’t drive home drunk, the slut buses as they are called.  Half dressed college girls get hammered on these buses and pish and vomit all over the New Haven Green. The New Haven Green is actually a cemetery.  The City removed the headstones and turned it into the Green.  Every now and then a tree is uprooted on the Green after a big storm.  Skulls and bones from colonial times come up with the roots.

Jury selection begins tomorrow in the case of State of Connecticut v. Saifullah Khan, a Yalie accused of raping a girl named Jane Doe.  Her real name has been sealed by the court.  She may have been a Jewish Yalie.  Khan and Jane Doe met at an off campus Jewish organization at a Havdalah party.  Over the course of the night Jane Doe had too much to drink and was seen stumbling all over campus.  All the Yale grownups on campus ignored this poor girl.  Khan escorted her back to her dorm where she vomited and passed out.  Khan allegedly raped her during the night.  The victim woke up with bruises all over her body.

If Yale is going to let kids get plastered all over campus, at the very least Yale should make the grownups hang around campus and escort drunk girls and boys back to their dorms.  Yale should make these overpaid administrators, and the million dollar a year president, do more than sit around their offices playing with paper clips. 

If he is convicted, Khan could share a jail cell with fellow Yale graduate Daniel Greer.  The Goat would not like Khan.  The Goat doesn’t like Arabs, Obama, or liberals.  Khan is from Afghanistan.  The Goat would ask to be moved to a different jail cell.  The Goat will probably end up in a jail with other pedophiles, and never get to meet Khan. The State of Connecticut segregates them all into one jail complex, along with the guys doing time for domestic violence.  Inmates refer to it as the jail for “wife beaters and diaper eaters.”


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    this is typical of the entitled common jew in the states. You’d think that with so many dentist uncle’s they’d have better teeth. Perhaps they wanted to make a few more Drakes (yids wit soul). Were any of the fat chicks named Sasha or Malia?
    Hell no, they aint going to lowly Cornell. Dem girlz gettin into Harvard and taking a yids spot. lmgao

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