Coronavirus Will Decimate Prison Population

Coronavirus Will Decimate Prison Population

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While an ugly microscopic organism moved through the streets of China, Korea, Italia, Persia, and Europe, ravishing every human body in it’s path, the microscopic brains of the American politicians sat around in their big desks dithering about impeachment, politics and ramen noodles. The government failed to warn the American people that the Angel of Death had a prepaid vacation planned for the shores of America. Welcome to America! Last week Jews gathered in big crowds drinking and dancing on Purim while this ugly organism silently, and without warning, infected hundreds of thousands of Jews living in the tri-State area. Major outbreaks of this plague are currently happening right now throughout Jewish communities in Lakewood, Boro Park, Monsey, Westchester, Crown Heights and Rockland County. Some of my neighbors are infected with this plague. I haven’t left my house. Even the goyim are getting punished by the wrath of Hashem. If you want to survive you need to stay inside. Hashem is angry with the human race. Repent now for your crimes, for your sins, for your stupidity!

The 176,000 inmates locked up in Federal prison are currently bracing for a catastrophe. There are over 50,000 inmates who are over the age of 50 scattered throughout the United States, guys who are at a high risk of complications, and death, due to the coronavirus. Federal prisons are not hospitals. What are the Feds going to do with these guys when they contract the coronavirus? The Bureau of Prisons has no contingency plan for this impending disaster.

The Bureau of Prisons (BOP) has done nothing more than ban visitors from prisons, halted furloughs, and delayed release to halfway houses. The BOP is short staffed. Guards have been told that if they feel sick they should stay home. When guards and officers start calling in sick who is going to babysit the inmates? Its not a question of if it will happen, it is a question of when it is going to happen. Most of guys in the Otisville camp are well over 50 years old. If guys in the camp start getting sick what are the guards going to do? The local hospitals cannot admit 50-100 guys from Otisville prison. Even if they were able to admit these guys to the hospital the BOP has to provide guards to the hospital to watch the inmates. The nurses don’t want to watch elderly inmates wither and die. I don’t blame them.

I heard that inmates in some of the Federal prisons are trying to convince the BOP to let guys out early who are close to the end of their sentence. This makes perfect sense, but the BOP will never agree. Every day millions of governmental employees are being sent home to be quarantined while millions of inmates wait for the grim reaper to take them away. When the inmates are smarter than the bureaucrats you know the system is rotten at its core. Trump promised to drain the swamp. Trump hasn’t been able to drain the Otsiville mikvah bath.

State prisons have the same problem. The State prison population has about two million guys locked up like animals, with almost 200,000 who are over the age of 50. When the coronavirus starts to spread in State and Federal prisons it will be too late to stop it. Prison guards will quit en mass. The National Guard will have to be called in with body bags while the microscopic brain cells of the politicians plan their next meal of ramen noodles. Would you like duck sauce with your Chinese ramen noodles?


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  1. The goat is sueing the D.O.C…he wants kosher meals for pass over …. hahahahaha hahahaahaha hahahahaha The BLACKS want kool aid pork grinds …the itlians want meatballs and spaghetti….The Mexicans want fentanyl….The white boys want corn beef …..U GET THE POINT…. WHAT HE SHOULD ASK FOR IS A BAR OF SOAP AND A FUCKING TOOTHBRUSH …FUCKING DIDLER….BE SAFE ALL.

  2. Death sentences for all non violent first offenders?…So if the dolphin food doesn’t kill em, unpreparedness and imbecillery will. Seems fair.

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