Corruption At Bronx Halfway House For Federal Inmates

Corruption At Bronx Halfway House For Federal Inmates

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I have been told that a number of guards at the Bronx halfway house for Federal inmates have been terminated, and possibly arrested, for corruption. I was told that guys named Carlos Alvarez, Michael Tucker and Angelo Fernandez got in trouble with the Feds and are currently either under investigation or have been arrested. I heard that the Bronx halfway house was shut down for a month in November or December of 2019. I haven’t been able to confirm this information because I cannot find any court records to verify that they have been indicted. They are innocent until proven guilty, assuming that they were indicted, which is unknown at this time.

I heard stories about how inmates paid off guards in the Bronx halfway house to pass urine tests, and avoid getting in trouble. Are the Feds, and the politically connected billion dollar private prison company the GEO Group, engaged in a cover up? The GEO Group runs the Bronx halfway house. The GEO Group has been plagued with scandals for years. A GEO facility outside of Los Angeles was the deadliest ICE center in 2017. See link. The ACLU has accused GEO of torturing inmates in Arizona. GEO gave Trump $250K in campaign donations. After Trump got elected he awarded GEO more contracts. The high profile PR Firm, ie., the Edelman Team, recently dumped GEO as a client because all of Edeman’s employees threatened to quit because they didn’t want to have GEO as a client. See link. JP Morgan Chase stopped lending money to GEO because of their poor record.

The most high profile Jewish inmates to do quality time at the Bronx Halfway house were Anthony Weiner and Helle Nahmad. Helle is heir to the Safra and Nahmad family fortune. The Nahmad and Safra families are worth billions of dollars. Anthony Weiner owns some stock in Hebrew National hotdogs. Anthony isn’t worth much. Anthony couldn’t get a publisher for a book he tried to write. The picture of Weiner above was taken just before Weiner took his weiner into the bathroom at the Bronx halfway house.

Helle Nahmad is buddies with high class German international model Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady, AKA the GOAT. Helle would never hang out with a mail order Serbian bride who married the President to get her citizenship. But Helle lives in the Trump Tower. He owns an entire floor. Helle also owns his own art gallery, the Nahmad Gallery in Manhattan, with more Picasso paintings hanging on the walls than you will see at the MET.

I was locked up with Helle in Otisville. His Otisville pad was not as nice as the Trump Tower. Every inmate tried to befriend the 35 year old billionaire. They all failed. When Helle got out of Otisville he lost everyone’s phone number. I don’t blame him. Former inmates can be very needy, they are always broke. Helle doesn’t have time to hang out with former inmates when he has a long list of supermodels as friends. Who would you rather hang out with?

If you don’t enjoy your digs in Club Fed in Otisville you have the option to spend up to a year in a halfway house. If the Bureau of Prison Federal officers liked your attitude, and greenbacks, you got to spend a long time in the halfway house, if that’s what you wanted. I didn’t see any point in spending 6 months or more in the halfway house in Waterbury, CT. I wanted to walk out of Otisville a free man, albeit on probation. I heard that the halfway house in Waterbury was a dump. You were confined to a very small area 24/7 until you found a job. You got to go home on the weekends, but the guards were always trying to get you in trouble. You had to have a landline phone at your home and if you slept through a random late night phone call from the guards you got in trouble. They could send you back to Otisville. One inmate named King Schleider said that the Newark halfway house was worse than Otsiville. I remember an attorney inmate from Otisville named Neal who went to the Brooklyn halfway house and failed a breathalyzer test. He was back in Otisville. Guys couldn’t stop making jokes about him.

The guards gave Weiner VIP treatment at the Bronx halfway house. He got a room next to the guards. He was allowed to order in pizza every night. Weiner had a laptop and cell phone in his room. Weiner was probably one of the only white guys in the Bronx halfway house, and probably one of the few guys with access to cash. Did the guards shake down Weiner? Who knows? It is not uncommon for inmates to shake down other inmates with money. They offer you “protection.” It’s also not unheard of for guards to take bribes from inmates in exchange for VIP treatment. VIP treatment doesn’t have to include any real perks. VIP treatment may only be that you don’t get thrown in the SHU (solitary) when you get in trouble. The guards make sure everyone gets in trouble in prison. It’s the only way the guards think they can keep the inmates under control. It’s also a way for corrupt guards to shake down inmates. The guards can accept payments to leave you alone. Nobody knows whats going on in prison because it is completely sealed off to the public. Plus inmates cannot rat out guards while they are in prison, it would be suicide.

The guards don’t realize that harsh prison conditions instill anger and hostility in the inmates. The politicians don’t realize that the American prison system is abusive, draconian and completely counter productive if the goal is crime reduction. If the goal is to recreate the plantation experience, without the whips, prison is a huge success.


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  1. Your inside view of the American so called correctional system was marred by your nasty swipe at America’s first lady, who is not Serbian, as you erroneously stated, but Slovenian, where a different language is spoken. Anyone who witnessed the breakup of Yugoslavia will never be glib about war. I have little doubt that she is a voice of wisdom and caution in the White House. May G-d guide and protect President Trump and the First Lady. This article is a rare instance of your article sounding a sour note and firing off a cheap shot. I am spoiled. I expect better of you.

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