Court Transcript Of Goat Supporter Rabbi Notis

Court Transcript Of Goat Supporter Rabbi Notis

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I obtained a transcript of the criminal court testimony of Daniel Greer’s long time supporter Rabbi Avroham Notis. I took the above picture of Rabbi Notis after he testified for pedophile Greer. Rabbi Notis walked with the Goat’s wife, ie., Sarah Greer, outside of the criminal court building, with his head down, seemingly in shame, for defending a pedophile rabbi on the witness stand. Sarah Greer also seemingly put her head down in shame for protecting her pedophile husband for over 40 years. Sarah failed to protect her own children from her child rapist husband. During the civil trial an expert doctor called by Eli Mirlis testified that he had evidence that Ezi Greer was molested by his father. Sarah Greer has something to be ashamed of. Mr. Notis came to the party late. He tried, but failed, to protect the Goat against a criminal conviction.

Notis testified that he has been a Rabbi for the last 8 years. He testified that he worked in Jewish education for 20 years, and is now a pulpit Rabbi in Lancaster, PA. He stated that the Jewish community in Lancaster “showed an interest” in relocating his high school for boys from the Goat building in New Haven to Lancaster PA, in order to build a religious Jewish community in Lancaster. Why would Notis want to leave the Goat and move to Lancaster? Did the Goat grope his students?

At the time Notis was looking to move his yeshiva from New Haven to Lancaster I got a call from a member of the Lancaster Jewish community asking me about Notis and the Goat. I told the man from Lancaster that the students at the Goat’s school were out of control. I told him that they stole alcohol from other shuls and were caught at 2 in the morning in the mikvah having a hot tub party. The man from Lancaster said that the community was debating whether to give Notis money to start a yeshiva in Lancaster. I guess they agreed to take Notis in. Notis testified in the Goat’s criminal trial that the “City of Lancaster, along with the leadership of Rabbi Greer, would help facilitate the building of this new yeshiva” in Lancaster. I don’t know what Notis meant when he referred to the “Goat’s leadership.” Anyone who would follow the Goat’s leadership must be completely insane.

Notis testified that he was recruiting high school boys to the Goat’s yeshiva for almost two years, from 2016 until 2018. Notis never advised the families of these boys that the Goat was a pedophile with a $15 million dollar child rape verdict, along with a criminal investigation, hanging over his head. Notis never told the families of these boys that all of the Goat’s children left town, never to return to New Haven. Notis testified as to the finer points of Jewish religious law as it applied to Mirlis bringing his case to the secular authorities and “bypassing” a Jewish court. The State’s Attorney should have asked Notis what Jewish law has to say about a man who lies to families of teenage boys in order to recruit them to a yeshiva occupied by a depraved child molester.

Notis also testified that he didn’t leave the Goat on good terms. Notis testified that the Goat “evicted” him. The State’s Attorney should have asked Notis why he drove 5 hours to testify in support of the Goat when he left on bad terms. The Goat was lucky that the State didn’t appoint Larry Noodles as special prosecutor, the jury would have convicted the Goat in two minutes instead of two days.

Notis testified that rape victim Mirlis bypassed the Jewish court because the Jewish court does not allow for the recovery of punitive damages. Notis implied that Mirlis was greedy and that the poor Goat was a victim of false accusations by victims, such as Mirlis, and Avi Hack, who were looking to take the Goat’s precious, hard earned gold. The Goat stole his fortune. The Goat solicited money in donations from people who had no idea that he was a pedophile and not a Rabbi. The Goat greased the palms of politicians, such as Senator Blumenthal, Mayor DiStefano, Alderwoman Elizabeth McCormack, and others, in order to get State grants and City contracts. Notis was asked on cross examination whether he was aware of a single case where a victim of child sexual abuse went to a beit din, ie., a Jewish Rabbinical court to complain about a pedophile Rabbi. Notis said he knew of no such case where a child rape victim went to a panel of judge-rabbis (beit din), “not even in Brooklyn” as he stated on the witness stand. Notis touted the advantages of going to a beit din and stated that if someone didn’t listen to a beit din he could “excommunicate on a certain level.” Notis stated that he could “lose their right to be buried in a Jewish cemetery.” I highly doubt that the Goat is concerned about losing his right to be buried in a Jewish cemetery. The Goat’s wife will dig a hole in the back yard and dump the Goat in the ground next to his barn with his chickens and goats.

In the civil case the Goat accused Eli Mirlis, Avi Hack, Ezi Greer and Dov Greer of falsely accusing him of child rape in order to take over his compound. The Goat accused Avi Hack of having sex with Ezi’s wife, ie., Avi’s sister. The Goat produced a quit claim deed prepared by Avi Hack in which Avi tried to get the Goat to transfer the Yeshiva to Avi, Ezi and Dov, and step down from his position as Supreme Leader of the Yeshiva of New Haven. Avi, Ezi and Dov never sought to take over the 40 properties that were part of the Goat’s empire. They already had properties that the Goat gave to them over the years. They recently cashed in on those properties and sold everything they owned. They netted about $2 million. The reason that they tried to get the Goat to step down is because Mirlis was looking to file a lawsuit and everyone in the compound knew that the Goat was a depraved pedophile.

Why would Notis travel for hours in order to defend a fraudster pedophile? The Goat’s modus operandi for 40 years has been to recruit poor Jews to the compound and use his money to manipulate them. Yale Law graduate Mordechai Biser, who ran the Goat’s yeshiva for 10 years, told me that the Goat owed him considerable money in salary before he skipped town. In spite of his Yale law degree Mordechai was not a wealthy man. Biser never worked for a fancy law firm. Biser worked for the miserly Goat, for whatever reason, only Biser knows. Biser was forced to take a meager settlement from the Goat before he left New Haven. Biser never returned to New Haven. Biser got a job as been house counsel at Agudas Yisroel after he left the Goat, which he has held for many years. The Goat had friends in top positions at Agudas, an organization that has fought child rape victim advocates for years in New York. I often wonder if the Goat helped Biser land a job there. Agudas joined forces with the Catholic Church, of all institutions, in order to lobby for years against New York passing laws to allow victims to sue pedophiles and their institutions.

Notis testified about how Mirlis honored the Goat by having the Goat be a witness at his wedding and the sandek (godfather) at the bris (circumsion) of his son. Notis implied that had Mirlis been raped by the Goat he would have never honored the Goat in such ways. The State’s Attorney should have asked Notis why Avi Hack, who was also raped by the Goat as a child, honored the Goat for many years after he was raped. Avi ran the Goat’s school for years. Avi also helped run the Goat’s non profits. I watched Avi give speeches for years at the Goat’s fundraising “gatherings.” Avi prepared special awards for each politician and businessman that was honored at these events. Avi devoted his life to the Goat. Avi’s parents also devoted substantial time to the Goat’s non profits. Avi’s father Harold must have known what was going on between Avi and the Goat. Harold was not shocked after Avi told him that he was raped by the Goat. Harold continued to go to the Goat’s shul. Harold eventually left the Goat’s shul “on advice of his attorney.” Contrast Harold’s behavior with Avi’s mother’s behavior. Avi’s mother was devastated. She dressed in all black. She rarely spoke with anyone. She looked as if she was run over by a train. Harold was the last to move out of New Haven. Harold moved to Waterbury, where his son Ezi lives.

Notis testified that most people who are raped by Rabbis end up in a drug rehab and leave the religion. The State’s Attorney repeatedly asked Notis whether it was possible for someone to be raped and not end up in drug rehab and not end up irreligious. Notis stated that anything is a possibility, but he personally “has not seen it.” The State’s Attorney should have asked Notis whether he read the transcript of rape victim Avi Hack, who went on to become a Rabbi and never did drugs in his life. I spoke with Notis in the hallway of the court house about the Goat’s school. Notis said he didn’t know what went on at the Goat’s school but he suspected some kind of homosexuality was going on. It’s no secret that teenage boys will experiment with homosexuality if they are all locked up in a yeshiva, which is not much different than being locked up in a prison, where rape and homosexuality is rampant. Rabbis who run Orthodox communities would rather have boys sinning with each other in yeshivas than sinning with teenage girls. Where does it say that in the Torah? I normally do not offer personal advice, but in this case it is a matter of life and death: If you are a teenage boy locked up in a yeshiva I encourage you to troll the local public high schools and hook up with a shiksa ASAP! Make sure to wear condoms, you don’t want to pay child support for the next 18 years. If you can’t afford condoms you can go to the Yale campus and pretend you are a Yale student and Yale will provide you with free condoms. If the high school girl is Jewish make sure she goes to the mikvah before you have sex with her. The advice that I am giving you will save you tens of thousands of dollars in future sex therapist bills to help you cope with too many nights that you got drunk at your yeshiva and woke up in the bed of of your bunkie, dorm counselor, pet goat, or Rebbe.

The Goat was only sentenced to 20 years incarceration, suspended after 12 years by Judge Jon Alander. The Goat was exposed to 80 years in jail. Judge Alander did not send a message to other goats with his LIGHT sentence, unlike other Judges throughout the country. Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in jail, when he was exposed to 25 years. Harvey tried to get home confinement because he is an overweight, sickly man, with a bad heart, who was exposed to the coronavirus in Riker’s Island, the worst prison on the planet. Weinstein’s request was DENIED by the New York State Judge. Bernie Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in jail. Olympics pedophile Larry Nassar was sentenced to 175 years by Judge Rosemarie Aquilina, who smiled at Nassar and told him at sentencing “I just signed your death sentence.”

In most States depraved pedophiles can’t seem to catch a break. In Connecticut Channukah came early for the Goat. The Goat got a special gift of home confinement from Connecticut State Court Judge Hon. Jon Alander. The Goat is currently residing in his house at 133 West Park Avenue, overlooking Edgewood Park, in New Haven. Judge Alander gave the Goat permission to observe his religion and attend religious services. The Goat claims to strictly follow the tenets of Judaism. The Goat will probably celebrate the holiday of Shavuot tonight with his wife and his close friends Rabbi Notis, Public Defender Darcy McGraw, Westville “Senior” Rabbi Albert Feldman, Dr. Jay Sokolow, Gerald F. Lerman, Edge of the Woods owner Peter Dodge, Alderwoman Elizabeth McCormack, Lieutenant Colonel and Deputy Commander of the Joint Forces 19th Medical Regiment Dr. Julian Unger Sargon, MD, PhD., at his shul at 765 Elm Street, the same shul where he repeatedly raped Avi Hack and Eli Mirlis for years. See link to the Goat’s powerful friends who defended the Goat at sentencing. I would add the Goat’s attorney Willie the Dow to the friend list, but the Dow must have been paid at least $150K to be the Goat’s friend. I don’t know whether the Dow is up on the Goat, or down on the Goat.

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  1. Nassar got 175 years, the Goat 20(12) years, but Joey Buttafuoco only 4 months. Is that only due to changing times?

    1. Good question. Buttafuoco got a sweetheart deal from the Long Island prosecutors office after Joey was charged with statutory rape of Amy Fisher. It could be because of Joey’s “Italian privilege” in Long Island. Or it is possible that Amy Fisher didn’t want Joey to go to jail. Prosecutors make deals based on the input of the victim. Amy, whose father is Jewish, may not have wanted to go to trial and get beaten up on the witness stand by Joey’s lawyers. The Goat’s lawyers mercilessly attacked his victim Eli Mirlis in the civil trial and the criminal trial, calling him a “liar and a cheat.” Amy was defending herself against attempted murder charges for shooting Joey’s wife in the face. Amy only did 7 years for attempted murder in a sweetheart deal she made with the prosecutors. It could be because of her “Jewish privilege” living in Long Island. Prosecutors may have been worried that Amy would not have made for the best witness against Joey. Amy is not the ideal victim to put on the witness stand. Amy pleaded guilty in 1992 and Joey pleaded guilty in 1993. After Amy pleaded guilty she accused jail guards, as well as her attorney, of attempting to rape her. Putting her on the witness stand would have been risky.

  2. Hey there Mister Noodles, formerly esq.

    Just reading about Buttafooko, the following comes to mind.

    Rumour has it that many Goatesque behavours occured at the long-defunct New Haven Torah Academy.

    There’s reasons why it turned out alumni like former Connecticut serial synagogue arsonist D[full name redacted, look it up]S.

    For some muck to rake, or at least an intersting “Whatever Happened to…” retrospective, look into Goat’s connection, or not, to that ruined scheissloch of a Chaftez Chaim yeshiva (front for money-grubbing underage homobordello) (NHTA) – oh the irony…

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