Crack Dealers, Evictions & Mortgage Fraud in the Greer Hood

Crack Dealers, Evictions & Mortgage Fraud in the Greer Hood

hicksDr. Hamilton Hicks

AKA Dr. Drag Queen

 (June 30, 2016)  Yale Doctor Hamilton Hicks harbored two vicious pit pulls that attacked Jocelyn Winfrey, causing her tremendous suffering in which her arm, leg and half her face were bitten off.  She died one week later.  May she rest in peace. The Yale doctor was a Crimson Drag Queen when he was a student at Harvard.

What was not reported by the mainstream press is this: Just before the attack Jocelyn had been evicted from her apartment at 265 Norton Street, around the corner from Dr. Drag Queen.  The execution of eviction was issued on June 14.  She was attacked on June 20. Was she living on the streets at the time of the attack?  She had just sold her house at 395 Ellsworth Street in December of 2015.  She was renting for the last six months.  In the eviction proceeding Jocelyn tried to defend herself.  She claimed she was disabled and the State of Connecticut had delayed giving her money because she didn’t file the correct paperwork.  The landlord chose to evict her anyway.

Jocelyn was having many personal problems at the time of the pit bull attack.  She was arrested for drugs late last year.  She was behind on her rent after only about five or six months in her apartment on Norton Street.  Was the doctor selling this poor broken woman drugs?   Dr. Drag Queen had three bags of crack in his car.  He had two vicious pit bulls, not unusual for an inner city drug dealer.  But this man is a Yale doctor. You would think a Yale psychiatrist would be trying to help this poor woman who had just been evicted from her apartment.  Instead he was selling her crack cocaine.

The attorney who evicted Jocelyn was Larry Levinson.  Larry Levinson was investigated by the Feds as part of the seven million dollar massive New Haven mortgage fraud ring headed by one Joseph Levitin, the Prodigal Son.  But Larry Levinson was never charged. The Feds asked Larry Noodles to rat out attorney Larry Levinson. The Feds had already indicted four lawyers in the case.  Almost half the indictments in the Levitin mortgage fraud case were closing lawyers.  After the Savings & Loan crisis the Feds indicted 1000 bankers.  After the 2008 housing crash the Feds indicted a couple of bankers and probably a thousand closing attorneys.  Either way, Larry Noodles was represented by legendary New Haven civil rights attorney John Williams.  John Williams told the Feds there was no way Larry Noodles was going to rat anyone out.  So Larry Noodles got a 20 month sentence instead of a 20 day sentence.  Thanks a lot John.

Jocelyn was getting evicted from 265 Norton Street, an apartment building formerly owned by New Haven Team Realty operators Cvi Frydman and Anna Feigelman.  Bonnie & Clyde.  Bonnie & Clyde were also under Federal investigation in the Levitin mortgage fraud case. As their closing attorney Larry Noodles wrote Bonnie & Clyde two checks, one for $224,617.44 and another for $264,072.40.  At the time Bonnie & Clyde cashed these checks their run down houses weren’t worth much more than the dirt they occupied. Attorney Larry Noodles made a total of $800.00 in attorneys fees on these transactions. After spending 18 months in jail, Larry Noodles is currently struggling to pay $500 a month to the Feds towards a $418,000.00 criminal restitution order while Bonnie & Clyde are enjoying their summer poolside in their house in the burbs.   Larry Noodles had his wages attached by the Feds from his dishwasher prison job in which he made thirteen cents an hour.

Bonnie & Clyde got to keep the half million dollars they made off the sale of their slum properties in New Haven.  Bonnie & Clyde did work for Rabbi Greer listing rental properties in the compound. They may still do the listings, now that Rabbi Greer’s sons abandoned him.  And they get to keep Greer money too, no Federal restitution order for Bonnie & Clyde.


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