Crackdown At Otisville Prison

Crackdown At Otisville Prison

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My inside sources on the inside of Otisville have reported to me that the guards have cracked down on the elderly and infirm inmates passing the time at Club Fed in Otisville, which has turned into Club COVID19 Death Camp. The guards are writing up shots, ie., disciplinary reports, against inmates who pull their masks below their nose for one second. The guards are trying to build disciplinary records against inmates who file petitions in court to be released from the Club COVID19 Death Camp.

I also heard that the guards brought in New York State cops to perform a raid on the prison, searching everyone and everything in the compound. Otisville is one of the least violent prisons run by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. There are never any riots or gang violence in Otisville. The Feds should spend their money at the most dangerous prisons.

When I was locked up in the minimum security camp for 20 months the biggest crisis was when I stole the noodles from the prison warehouse and smuggled them into my cubicle. I was written up for being in possession of “contraband.” “Contraband” is a word used by law enforcement to refer to the smuggling of mass quantities of drugs, weapons, arms and illegal substances. In Otisville contraband is used to refer to one pound of cooked spiral noodles. Give me a break! When prison wardens crack down on non violent white collar geriatric criminals in possession of noodles you know something is seriously wrong with the Federal government.

I don’t know why New York cops were tearing Otisville apart looking for contraband noodles recently. I heard that they were also looking for cell phones. Big deal. The Federal government probably doesn’t have the manpower to send to Otisville so they hired the local keystone cops. All the available Federal agents are driving around in unmarked cars kidnapping antifa and BLM protesters in Seattle and Portland. I’m surprised Governor Cuomo allowed the Federal government to use New York cops to do their dirty work. I thought Cuomo hated Trump. Is it possible that Federal agents were wearing New York State Police Department uniforms as a disguise?

New York State political leader Sheldon Silver is the latest geriatric Jewish inmate to arrive in Otisville. Trump’s snitch Michael Cohen was just released from Otisville and is handing out advance copies of his book to the media. Cohen’s book doesn’t add much to what Cohen already said to the press. Cohen says that Trump is a liar, a cheat, a gangster, a racist and an Anti-Semite. Cohen has refused to disclose how the “gangster” Trump broke any laws, other than the ones Cohen testified about before Congress. Cohen chickened out. Its easy to call someone names, but not so easy to make allegations that stick. Either Cohen is afraid of getting sued for slander or Cohen is afraid of getting implicated in more crimes that he committed with Trump.

The only part of Cohen’s book that is of any substance is when Cohen wrote that he was “a victim of the gangster tactics of the federal prosecutors of the US Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York.” The real gangsters are the prosecutors who have the power to “indict a ham sandwich” in the infamous words of New York Judge Sol Wachtler. Donald Trump has no power to arrest anyone. Trump has the power to bomb and kill people in foreign countries but he doesn’t have the power to indict an American citizen. Trump promised to indict Hillary if he was elected President but that never happened. Cohen was right, Trump is a liar!

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5 thoughts on “Crackdown At Otisville Prison

  1. Great writing about the crackdown at Otisville. Your writing is fantastic and I wish more people would be aware of the insanity of the prison system. And tax payers are paying for the craziness.
    It’s insane and hard to understand. The feds hired state cops? I wonder about a, contract where someone made some money. Seems to be right up NYC cops alley.
    Do you think that the cruelty from the guards might be fueled the misery in their own lives and hatred for their job? Would be interested to know if some shit came down on them which then gets passed to the inmates. I swear I’m not excusing anything, the cruelty is cowardly, but I wonder about the shit coming down from above. It seems systematic and getting worse in some ways.

    Of course Cohen and publisher have to watch that they are not open for law suits. That is true with any memoir like his. I forgot who I read about where it was a struggle and chapters got cut out by the insistence of the publisher’s legal team. It’s a hard balance.
    I think that most people haven’t a clue about Cohen’s testimony or any other testimony else regarding tRump. I encourage people to get the book. I do think Cohen’s a dick for doing what he did to assist the tRump crime family.

    1. jobs in law enforcement attracts guy with sadistic personalities, just as jobs in child care and children’s camps, and religious orders attract pedophiles. There should be a way to screen out pedophiles and sadists and others with personality disorders during the job application process, these people wield too much power over children and citizens.

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