Crooked Suffolk DA Gets 5 Years In Otisville But Gets To Keep $17M

Crooked Suffolk DA Gets 5 Years In Otisville But Gets To Keep $17M

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80 year old Thomas J. Spota III was the most powerful man in Suffolk County, Long Island, up until the time he was indicted on Federal charges in 2017. In 2019 Spota was convicted of witness tampering, obstruction of justice, and conspiracy. A couple of weeks ago Spota was sentenced to 5 years in Federal prison. Spota will probably go to the prison of choice for Jewish criminals, ie., Otisville, even though he is as Catholic as Pope Francis.

Spota grew up in modest home in New Hyde Park with his two sisters. Spota graduated from Fairfield University and St. John’s Law School. Spota worked for some years in the Suffolk County DA’s office and then went into private practice where he was partner in a busy law firm. He left private practice after he won the election for DA in Suffolk County, where he worked for the past 20 years. Spota moved his wife and children to the wealthy seaside town of Mt Sinai, which is next to Port Jefferson, where he currently resides.

In 2013 the Suffolk County Chief of Police James Burke, a close personal friend of Spota, assaulted a shackled prisoner, Christopher Loeb, threatened to kill him, ordered cops who witnessed it to lie about it, and ordered another cop to commit perjury. Loeb was arrested for breaking into Burke’s police vehicle and stealing his duffel bag, which contained pornography, sex toys and cigars. These kind of things only happen in Long Island, the home of Joey Buttafuoco, or Florida.

Spota helped Burke get the Chief of Police position. After Burke got promoted to Chief he went out drinking with Suffolk Assistant DA Christopher McPartland. Burke got drunk and smashed his vehicle into McPartland’s government vehicle. The accident was never reported. Burke hired a shady body shop to fix the car and paid in cash. Spota knew about the accident and failed to take any action against his buddies Burke and McPartland. McPartland was also convicted of obstruction of justice along with Spota.

Spota, Burke and McPartland destroyed anyone who crossed them in Suffolk County. Spota, Burke and McPartland had officers fired, and even arrested, who cooperated with Federal investigators looking into the beating of Christopher Loeb and the subsequent coverup. Burke eventually cut a deal with the Feds and flipped on Spota and McPartland. Burke got sentenced to 46 months, very long for a snitch who brought down the chief DA. Burke already did his time in Allenwood, PA.

The Justice Department argued that Spota should get over 57 months, and fined $100K: “The government submits that a substantial fine of at least $100,000 for Spota is appropriate in this case, particularly in light of his estimated net worth, which, according to his Presentence Investigation Report, is in excess of $17 million, and moreover, his substantial pension, which is just shy of $9,000 per month, paid for by the Suffolk County taxpayers. While such a fine may hardly constitute a punishment to someone of his means, it may provide the taxpayers with some small measure of financial justice.”

Judge Joan M. Azrack ended up sentencing Spota to 60 months in jail and fined him $100K, a drop in the bucket. Spota filed an appeal, which could drag the case for years. What about the $17 million? And $9K a month in pension? How the hell did Spota save up $17 million on a prosecutor’s salary? The answer may have to do with former Suffolk County Chief Executive Steven Levy and disgraced Governor Andrew Cuomo. In 2011 the popular Levy, the offspring of a French Jewish father and an Italian mama, switched parties, from Democrat to Republican, and was going to run as a Republican against Andrew Cuomo for governor. Levy had a good chance of winning. Suffolk County DA Spota opened a bogus criminal investigation into Levy’s campaign, which was eventually dropped. The investigation caused Levy to drop out of the race. What kind of shady deals went on behind closed doors between Cuomo and Spota? Who was the duffel bag man?

Levy should run for governor of New York. Levy will have a better chance with Cuomo and Spota out of the way. New York hasn’t had a good Jewish governor since Eliot Spitzer. Moshiach NOW!

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3 thoughts on “Crooked Suffolk DA Gets 5 Years In Otisville But Gets To Keep $17M

  1. In the late 1980’s when I was with the IRS, I had a case with Spota’s then-partner, Jim O’Rourke. Case itself was relatively unremarkable as far as tax matters go (and even if it had been something to write home about I would be precluded from discussing it unless it actually made it into court, and then my comments would still be limited to info in public documents), but a few of my senior colleagues cautioned me to be careful about Tom Spota.

    As matters actually transpired, Spota was never in the office during my visitations.

  2. Someone should look into this:

    Second time Keri was convicted, Spota was DA. I knew both casually. Keri seemed OK and Spota a liar.

    It always seemed unreal to me that Keri would commit the same crime again right after just getting a huge cash settlement… I’d want someone to look into whether he was set up.

    Back then cops and DA’s didn’t like cases overturned by DNA evidence they didn’t believe, even if it wasn’t their case.

    Keri is still incarcerted in Mercy. Not sure if it still is, but it used to be a mental health facility very difficult to get released from regardless of innocence or guilt. If you were at the end of a sentence and just couldn’t be released, they’d still hold you by sending you there.

    Here’s another article to check out:

    I think there should be a full review of this Spota’s whole career. He ran the office like the mob.

  3. Do you know if Spota is out pending appeal? If yes, he’ll clearly never go to prison.

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