Cuomo’s Underboss Percoco Trying To Get Out of Otisville

Cuomo’s Underboss Percoco Trying To Get Out of Otisville

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Joseph Percoco was Governor Andrew Cuomo’s right hand man. Percoco was involved in bid rigging and shake downs. Percoco rigged a $750 million bid for a State bid on a solar panel factory. Percoco even got his wife Lisa Toscano a no show job at one of the companies he shook down. Percoco was close with Andrew’s father Mario Cuomo for many years. Peroco was convicted along with piasanos Steven Aiello, Joseph Gerardi, Louis Ciminelli, and Michael Laipple. Percoco referred to bribe money as “ziti.” Percoco could never get enough ziti. Percoco’s co-conspirators are all out on appeal while Percoco is stuck in Otisville prison with criminals of the Jewish persuasion.

Percoco was tight with Sheldon Silver, who was recently convicted for corruption. Silver filed an appeal. If Silver loses his appeal he will join Percoco in Otisville. Percoco can show Silver how to cook ziti in the microwave ovens while Silver can show Percoco how to smuggle a pastrami on rye in the visitors room. New York hasn’t changed since the days when Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano ran the State. Percoco and Silver even dragged members of the African nation into their evil ways: New York union boss Norman Seabrook was convicted for accepting bribes from a Jewish hedge fund manager. Norm is out on appeal waiting to go to Otisville.

Andrew Cuomo, the Teflon Don, has somehow avoided a Federal indictment while all his Italian, Jewish and Black buddies in the New York Legislature went down like Dominos. Why haven’t the Feds indicted Andrew Cuomo?

Percoco’s lawyer wrote to US Federal Judge Caproni that Percoco “suffers from Type 2 diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure) and hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol). The medical staff at Otisville has classified him as a chronic care case.” There is no medical staff at Otisville. There is a doctor who makes the rounds once a month. There is a paramedic and nurse who come in three times a day to dispense anti-psychotic medication.

Percoco’s lawyer argued: “On April 11, 2020, Percoco transferred from the Camp to isolation in the medium for a 14-day quarantine period in preparation for a transfer to supervised home confinement. On April 16, he signed papers related to supervised home confinement. These papers referred to a release date of April 27 which has come and gone. Mr. Percoco remains in limbo. Telephone calls and emails from me and Mrs. Percoco have yielded no information about Mr. Percoco’s status other than that his transfer to home confinement remains under review. If there is a genuine need for a longer period of quarantine, Mr. Percoco can self-quarantine at home where he and his family can maintain physical distancing. This calls to mind the responses submitted by two BOP officials to courts in this district about their inability to advise the judges of anything concrete about their review of inmate petitions for transfer to home confinement. In United States v. Nkanga, No.18-cr-713 (JMF), a BOP affidavit stated: “Due to the nature of the review and the volume of incoming requests, the BOP cannot set forth a firm date by which the BOP will reach a decision on Petitioner’s pending application.” A similar letter was submitted in United States v. Russo, No. 17-cr-441 (LJL), which recounted that the “Bureau of Prisons is unable to give a specific time frame…).

Percoco’s lawyer argued to Judge Caproni: “Mr. Percoco is a first-time offender whose offense was non-violent. His release to home confinement presents no danger to the public.” Does Percoco’s lawyer think that Judge Caproni is stupid? Percoco was involved in shake downs and bribes for many years that he worked under Senior Teflon Don Mario Cuomo, Junior Teflon Don Andrew Cuomo, and Sheldon Silver. As a Jew Sheldon Silver could never be a full fledged member of the Cuomo Organized Crime Family. Sheldon was allowed to eat the ziti in marinara sauce at Cuomo’s Sunday family dinners, but was never allowed to join da family. FUHGETABOUTIT!

Percoco’s lawyer concluded in his letter: “Percoco is a model prisoner at Otisville’s minimum security camp. If released, he will be transferred to his family residence in Westchester County, where, if need be, he can self-isolate at home.” How could Percoco not be a model prisoner in the medium? All the guys from the camp were transferred to the medium and are being held in solitary confinement cells, ie., the SHU. Campers are completely segregated from the violent felons in the medium. Campers are in single cells for 24/7, where they eat, sleep and urinate in their private open toilets. Campers are only taken out of their cells three days a week for an hour each day for showers and phone calls. The guards slide the campers a Meal Mart microwaved kosher meal, on a Styrofoam tray. Campers can’t trade, steal or buy food from other inmates. Campers are not allowed to use the weight room, the library, the chapel, or the computer room.

The Bureau of Prisons doesn’t know what to do with the campers. The BOP won’t release them to home confinement and won’t reopen the camp. The campers are all in quarantine on lock down. They could be locked down indefinitely. Many prisons have locked down their inmates in order to keep them from spreading the coronavirus. Some people have told me that the Otisville campers are caught in the middle of a feud between Donald Trump and inmate Michael Cohen. Some have speculated that the Donald wants everyone locked down so that Michael Cohen will not get out early. Now is not a good time to be locked up in Camp Otisville. In the meantime, Percoco will lose a lot of weight in the medium because he will only be able to eat the meager meals that the guards give him. Percoco won’t be able to buy, trade or steal food. After he loses 50 pounds Percoco’s blood pressure will stabilize and his diabetes and high cholesterol will improve. There will be no need to release Percoco.

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