Goat Criminal Trial Scheduled for Sept 16, 2019

Goat Criminal Trial Scheduled for Sept 16, 2019

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It was reported today in the New Haven Register that the Goat’s criminal case, after two long years, has finally been scheduled for trial. The Goat has refused to plea bargain. The Goat will never plead guilty. In the Goat’s mind the penal code of the State of Connecticut does not apply to him. The Goat is a prominent, and wealthy, Orthodox Rabbi who graduated from Princeton University and Yale Law School. The Goat ran a Jewish boarding high school and an elementary school, surrounded by his buildings and 8 foot high stockade fences, ie., the compound, for 30 years where he functioned as dictator and cult leader. The Goat’s own children and grandchildren were prisoners in his compound. The Goat regulated every aspect of their lives, from the apartments they resided, the cars they drove, the clothing they wore, the food they ate, to how they spent every minute of every day of their miserable lives. The powerful Goat was allowed to sodomize whoever he wanted. Whatever the Goat did to Eli Mirlis and Avi Hack was perfectly permissible because he was, and still is, the Greatest Of All Time.

Daniel Greer was arrested on July 26, 2017 by the Police Department of the City of New Haven. The Goat’s arrest was made two months after a jury returned a $15 million verdict against the Goat in a Federal civil case where the Goat was found liable for raping Eli Mirlis back in 2002. The verdict was rendered on May 18, 2017. The verdict has climbed up to $20 million with interest and costs. The Goat hired an army of lawyers to appeal the verdict. That appeal is still pending before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Goat’s entire family fled the compound after Eli Mirlis filed his Federal lawsuit against the Goat back on May 3, 2016. The only person who remained on the compound was the Goat’s loyal wife, the Ewe. The Goat’s son Ezi fled to Waterbury, never to speak with his pedophile father again. During the civil trial evidence was presented that Ezi was molested by the Goat. The Goat’s son Dov fled to Philadelphia and then to Long Island. Dov no longer talks to his depraved pedophile father. The Goat’s daughters left the compound 20 years ago, never to return. The Goat’s loyal servant / assistant Dean, and victim, Avi Hack left the compound and moved to Providence, Rhode Island. The deposition transcript of Avi Hack was submitted to the jury in the Eli Mirlis trial. You can read the gory details of how the Goat raped Avi Hack, for over a decade, below:

Before the Goat was arrested by the New Haven Police he was subjected to a search and seizure warrant. The New Haven Police obtained a warrant to inspect the goat’s body. Rape victim Mirlis identified moles and multiple hair colors on the Goat’s body. The Police wanted to determine if Mirlis was accurate in his description of the Goat’s body hairs, moles and other identifying marks. The Police also wanted to observe whether the Goat pulled his pants over his shoes rather than take his shoes off before removing his trousers, as was indicated by Mr. Mirlis. Mirlis was accurate in his description of the Goat’s body as well as accurate in his description of how the Goat removed his pants over his shoes and accurate in his description of the size of the Goat’s minuscule shmeckel. You can read the details of how the Goat raped Mirlis, and the results of the physical examination of the Goat’s body, in the police affidavits below:

The Goat spent many years getting grants from the State of Connecticut for his non profit entities. The Goat never used a dime of his own money to buy these properties. The Goat also received steady income from the City of New Haven to rehabilitate his properties and plant trees in the Edgewood neighborhood. The Goat was able to cash in on government grants over the years with the help of Yale law grad and former New Haven Alderman and Law Professor Ed Zelinsky, along with Ed’s wife Doris “Spite Fence” Zelinsky. Ed is well connected in the Democratic party while Doris holds prominent positions in the New Haven Jewish community. They are the parents of Assistant US Attorney Aaron Zelinsky, the youngest and least experienced member of the Mueller team. Aaron got his position because of Ed’s connections, ie., Ed was roommates with Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito at Yale Law School.

The Goat is being prosecuted by Senior State’s Attorney Maxine Wilensky. Maxine’s office is located in downtown New Haven, and her phone number is (203) 789-7801. Jury selection is scheduled for August 19th with evidence to commence on September 16th. If you have any information about the depraved Goat that you would like to share with Ms. Wilensky give her a call. I have reached out to a number of former students of the Goat’s school. I have also reached out to some of the Goat’s children, through intermediaries, requesting that they appear at the trial. I also reached out to Rabbi Muroff and asked him to appear at the trial. Rabbi Muroff worked for the Goat for five years before he fled the compound. Muroff knows all the witnesses involved in the case.

My blog has attracted the attention of many victims, Jewish and non-Jewish, of childhood rape, trauma and abuse. I get contacted by victims all the time. When I started this blog about the Goat I never realized that there were so many victims of child sexual abuse. Individuals whom I had known for many years came forward and confided in me that they were victims of child sexual abuse. I was shocked. Had I never started this blog I would have never heard their harrowing tales. I never realized the level of extreme emotional pain child rape victims suffer for their entire lives.

For every case of child sexual abuse there are numerous enablers and protectors who could have stopped the abuser. The victims whom I spoke with typically are more angry at the enablers than the actual abuser. The enablers in the Goat’s case were Dov Greer, Ezi Greer, Avi Hack and Harold Hack, and their wives, not to mention Sarah Greer, ie., the Goat’s wife, and many others. They knew what was going on yet they did nothing to stop the Goat. They had children of their own. How could they stand by while the Goat repeatedly raped Mirlis, and others? Enablers exist at the highest levels of large religious and secular institutions. The Catholic Church, elite private academies such as Choate Rosemary Hall, universities such as Penn State, Hollywood studios, and other institutions enabled abusers free reign to rape, pillage and plunder.

Ezi Greer, Dov Greer, Rabbi Muroff, Harold Hack, Avi Hack, and their wives, should not hesitate for one second to come forward and testify against the Goat. I guess I can’t expect much from them. For many years they were bullied and intimidated by the paper tiger known as the Goat. Are they men or are they mice? These “religious” men certainly knew how to boss their wives and children around. Yet these big man cannot stand up to the Lilliputian Goat and help the State of Connecticut take him off the streets. These mighty men of the cloth cry, “We cannot go against the Goat, he is a giant, we are but grasshoppers.”

Rabbi Muroff did not hesitate to rush to get honored by Agudah Israel at the Agudah annual convention after he returned $98K in cash that he found in a desk that he purchased on Craigslist in New Haven. See link. Yet Muroff doesn’t want to get honored by the State of Connecticut for helping to put a pedophile behind bars? What is more important, returning $98K to someone who was probably a drug dealer, or locking up a pedophile goat who raped Jewish children for 30 years?

Reporter Randall Beach published an article today about the Goat’s trial in the New Haven Register. I cut and pasted the article below:


Case against New Haven rabbi accused of sexual assault nearing trial

2of3Rabbi Daniel Greer is photographed leaving Superior Court in New Haven after not guilty pleas were entered to charges of second-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor on Aug. 29, 2017.Photo: Arnold Gold / Hearst Connecticut Media
3of3Rabbi Daniel Greer, 77, of New Haven, walks out of New Haven Superior Court on Elm Street Aug. 14, 2017, after he was arraigned on a criminal charge of second-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor.Photo: Peter Hvizdak / Hearst Connecticut Media

NEW HAVEN — After months of pre-trial discussions between a prosecutor and a defense attorney, both sides are gearing up for the trial of Rabbi Daniel Greer on charges of second-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor.

“I don’t see it not going to trial,” said William Dow III, Greer’s attorney, when asked whether there was a possibility Greer might enter into a plea deal.

Dow’s statement echoed what he told the New Haven Register in August 2017 when Greer made one of his early court appearances: “We will try our case in court.”

Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Maxine Wilensky, who is preparing to put Greer on trial, confirmed jury selection tentatively is scheduled to begin Aug. 19 and the trial itself to commence Sept. 16.

Wilensky declined to say anything else about the case.

Greer, 79, of West Park Avenue, has pleaded not guilty to charges he sexually assaulted a high school student of his between 2002 and 2005. Some of the alleged offenses purportedly occurred at the Yeshiva of New Haven, where Greer then was dean.

The alleged victim was Eliyahu Mirlis. The New Haven Register does not usually identify alleged victims of sexual assault but he has said he wanted to come forward with the allegations and have his name used.

Some of the alleged attacks also occurred at hotels, motels and in Greer’s home, according to the police arrest warrant affidavit. The warrant affidavit stated Greer gave Mirlis Bloody Marys, scotch or wine before allegedly assaulting him. Greer also allegedly forced Mirlis to watch pornography.

Mirlis has reported the alleged abuse led to post-traumatic stress disorder, humiliation, depression, low self-esteem and an inability to maintain emotional relationships.

A federal jury in Hartford in May 2017 awarded Mirlis $15 million in his civil lawsuit accusing Greer of sexually abusing him for years. The total amount of damages eventually came to $21.7 million, including $5 million in punitive damages, plus offer-of-compromise interest. The jury ruling was against Greer and the Yeshiva of New Haven.

Two months ago, three of Mirlis’ attorneys filed a federal lawsuit in an effort to collect the $21.7 million. The attorneys stated: “The judgment remains almost completely unsatisfied.”

Greer’s attorney for the civil trial, David Grudberg, appealed the jury’s decision. He stated in his appeal that Mirlis had provided too little evidence of sexual abuse and had relied on non-credible testimony about post-traumatic stress disorder.

In addition to being dean of the school, Greer has been a prominent real estate developer and helped lead a movement to revitalize the city’s Edgewood neighborhood.

Greer has avoided being held on the criminal charges because he quickly posted a bond of $100,000. He has attended the many pre-trial appearances at Superior Court in New Haven but has kept a low profile, declining to speak with reporters about the case.

One of the key questions in the criminal trial will be whether Greer will exercise his right to testify on his own behalf. During the civil trial he was compelled to testify but he repeatedly invoked his Fifth Amendment right not to answer questions that could potentially incriminate him. randall.beach@hearstmediact.com

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  1. Mr. Greer is not a young man. He assumes that age may grant him some privileges and that he will not go to jail even if found guilty. Besides he was always delusional, he never realised that his yeshiva was a fraud and only hired acolytes and family members.

  2. Why would someone change from Goldberg to Greer I just don’t see the connection maybe there’s more details that would be interesting

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