Zelinsky Drops Land Grab Lawsuit On Eve Of Trial

Zelinsky Drops Land Grab Lawsuit On Eve Of Trial

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With the help of New Haven Alderman like Yale Law grad Ed Zelinsky, Yale Law grad Daniel Greer got lucrative contracts with the City of New Haven to plant and water trees

Law School Professor Ed Zelinsky owns beachfront property in Sagamore Cove in Branford.  Zelinsky’s neighbor Arlene Schwanfelder died in 2017. Schwanfelder’s estate sold her house to Susan Conlon.  Conlon already owns another house in Sagamore Cove. Ten years ago Conlon wanted to build a dock off her house in Sagamore Cove.  Zelinsky organized the neighbors to fight the construction of Conlon’s dock.  The movement was called “Block the Dock.”  Zelinsky threatened legal action.  Conlon ended up withdrawing her application for a permit to construct the dock rather than take on high powered attorney, and former associate of Daniel “the Goat” Greer, Edward Zelinsky.

After Conlon purchased the Schwanfelder house she knocked down the Schwanfelder house and constructed a new house on the property.  Conlon got her certificate of occupancy.  Conlon hired a realtor to list her house for sale.  Before she got a chance to put up a FOR SALE sign, her neighbor Zelinsky served her with an adverse possession lawsuit.

Zelinsky alleged in his lawsuit that a 15 foot strip of land bordering his property and the Conlon property was Zelinsky’s property by adverse possession.  Zelinsky claimed that since 1982 he had used this strip of land to practice his golf swing, park cars, entertain guests, and feed his pet goats.  Zelinsky claimed that he excluded Schwandfelder from this strip of land, thereby making Zelinsky the rightful owner.

Zelinsky waited 35 long years before raising his claim of adverse possession.  Zelinsky never sued Schwandfelder.  Zelinsky never filed a notice in the land records.  Zelinsky never erected a fence around this 15 foot strip of land.  Zelinsky never constructed a wall or posted “NO TRESPASSING” signs around Zelinsky occupied territory.  Speaking of fences, Ed Zelinsky’s wife is known as Doris “Spite Fence” Zelinsky.  Back in 2015 Doris got in a feud with her neighbors in Cape Cod because the town zoning board denied her a permit to build a house on the lot she purchased on the Cape.  Zelinsky retaliated and created an eyesore on her lot. She built a giant stockade fence around her lot and covered it with graffiti. She refused to cut her grass and let the trees grow wild. The locals called the fence the “Zelinsky Spite Fence.” The locals ended up raising money to buy the lot from the Zelinskys in order to rid themselves of these carpetbaggers. A town conservation trust was formed and paid the Zelinskys a whopping $420K for the Zelinsky lot.  Zelinsky only paid $120K for the lot.   

Doris Zelinsky’s “spite fence” on the Cape. The Town paid $420K to buy the lot and rid themselves of the Zelinskys

Doris Zelinsky, Ed Zelinsky, and the Goat have a long business and personal relationship. They live a few blocks from each other in the Edgewood section of New Haven. The Zelinskys lived across the street from the Goat’s former lawyer and business partner William Gallagher. Gallagher stole close to two million dollars from his clients before he died a few years ago. The Goat hired Jew lawyer Stuart Margolis to handle all of his evictions after Gallagher died. Ed Zelinsky hired Margolis in his case against Conlon.

At one point, probably in the early 2000s, the Goat had a falling out with the Zelinskys. Back in 1985 Doris Zelinsky and Sarah Greer purchased 865-867 Elm Street together as partners. In 2001 Doris sold her interest in this property to the Goat’s non-profit known as FOH, Inc. FOH means “Friends of Ha-Gan” and refers to the Goat’s child rape school, ie., the Gan School. 865-867 Elm Street was the same building where Rabbi Schlingenbaum “The Undertaker” rented an apartment for 30 years from the Goat. The Goat evicted the Undertaker because the paranoid pedophile Goat thought the Undertaker was talking to me about what was going on inside the compound. Back in 1986 Doris Zelinsky and Daniel Greer purchased a property on Ellsworth Avenue. Ed Zelinsky signed the warranty deed. Documents on the land records from 1993 show that the Goat was appointed trustee of a Zelinsky family trust known as “Jacoba Hanna Michelle Zelinsky Trust.” I’m sure the Goat has liquidated that trust and spent it on his wet dream team of attorneys who are defending him in his child rape case. The Zelinskys probably didn’t sue him because they wanted to avoid bad press. In 1982 there is a promissory note signed by Ed Zelinsky indicating that he owes the Goat, as Trustee for this family trust, $10K.

New Haven Advocate expose on the Goat written by Paul Bass, showing the relationship between the Goat, the Zelinskys and big time goniff Attorney William Gallagher

Ed Zelinsky’s lawsuit put a cloud on the title to Conlon’s waterfront property in Sagamore Cove.  Zelinsky filed a lien against Conlon on the land records. Conlon couldn’t sell her property while the Zelinsky case draged through the Connecticut Superior Court.  Zelinsky requested a trial by jury rather than a trial with a judge.  In New Haven Superior Court it can take several years before a civil jury trial can be scheduled.  In court documents Conlon argued that Zelinsky purposefully asked for a jury trial as a “delay tactic.”  You can read the court documents by clicking this link.

Zelinsky didn’t have much of an adverse possession case to begin with.  Zelinsky had no evidence that he ever told Schwanfelder, or anyone else over the last 35 years, that he openly and adversely possessed her 15 foot strip of land.  Zelinsky never filed anything in the land records notifying the public that he was asserted ownership to this 15 foot strip of land in order to practice his golf swing and feed his pet goats.  Conlon purchased the property with no knowledge that the 15 foot strip of land was Zelinsky’s private putting green.  Zelinsky waited until Conlon was ready to sell her house to file his lien on the land records.

The Zelinsky v. Conlon jury trial was scheduled for last month. The litigants filed proposed jury questions. On the eve of trial Zelinsky withdrew his case against Conlon:

The parties filed an “agreement” on the Branford land records indicating how the case was settled. According to the agreement, Zelinsky withdrew his lien against the Conlon property, and released any claim he had for adverse possession against the land owned by Conlon. Zelinsky quit claimed any property rights he had to the 15 foot strip of land to Conlon. There is no indication that Conlon paid Zelinsky any money for Zelinsky to drop his lawsuit and withdraw his claim for adverse possession. There was one odd part about the agreement. Zelinsky agreed that any fence he constructed along the border of the Conlon property would be no taller than 4 feet, and would be “split rail, slatted, picket, or some other type of fence providing space to see through the fence.” Conlon was probably aware that Zelinsky and his former associate Daniel Greer constructed 8 foot stockade fences all over the Goat compound in New Haven. The Goat didn’t want the prying eyes of New Haven Advocate reporter Paul Bass catch him raping little boys. Conlon was probably also aware that Doris Zelinsky painted graffiti all over her stockade fence in Cape Cod. As a suspended attorney I must fault Conlon’s attorneys on the drafting of his agreement. There is nothing in the agreement that prevents Doris Zelinsky from painting graffiti all over her four foot slatted fence. Graffiti on a slatted fence may not be as much as an eyesore as graffiti on a stockade fence, but you can’t trust these Zelinskys, they may erect a giant goat statue on their lawn. The Conlons would never be able to sell their house.

Paul Bass wrote about the stockade fences the Goat constructed all over the compound

Ed Zelinsky is currently getting sued by an individual known as Ellen Sarkin.  Sarkin has claimed that Zelinsky improperly took a million dollars from an estate Zelinsky managed as trustee.  That case is scheduled for trial in August of 2019.  Zelinsky is also being represented by Goat attorney Stuart Margolis in that case.

For G-d, For A Secure Country, For Yale Law School, For Stockade Fences.

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