Ewe Gets $6K / mo From Yeshiva While Goat Is On Ice

Ewe Gets $6K / mo From Yeshiva While Goat Is On Ice

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Inmate Daniel Greer has officially made the Department of Corrections website. Inmate Goat’s maximum release date is listed as 12/1/2031. The Goat will have a lot of time to think about what he did to Eli Mirlis, Avi Hack, Rafi, and others, including his son Ezi.

Inmate Goat and his wife Sarah Greer were sued by Eli Mirlis in Federal Court when the Goat fraudulently transferred a quarter million dollars to the Ewe at the time of the $15 million jury verdict. The Federal Court froze that money. In addition, $60K was transferred to the Ewe’s attorney Stuart Margolis. Eli Mirlis is trying to get access to the $60K. Margolis has a wife who is a Federal Judge. I believe he only has one wife, but I could be wrong. The Margolis money is subject to motions and hearings. The Goat is paying his attorneys even as he spends his days, and nights, locked up on Whalley Avenue with fellow criminals.

Inmate Goat will get transferred to another prison soon. In the meantime he is probably in solitary confinement. He is probably sitting in a cell that is about the size of a small closet, with a toilet in the cement floor. The Goat’s cell is probably adjacent to a few other cells. The typical inmate in Whalley Avenue is a street criminal, busted for drugs, rape, murder, armed robbery, driving while intoxicated, and failure to pay child support. Prison is very noisy. The guys yell, scream and bang the walls constantly. The noise echoes throughout the facility. The Goat will be sleeping on a mattress not much larger than a yoga mat that lays on top of a steel bed. The Whalley Ave lockup gets very cold in the winter, just like the Goat’s slum apartments. What goes around comes around.

The Attorneys for Eli Mirlis recently filed another motion for sanctions against the Ewe in the fraudulent conveyance case. The Ewe was already sanctioned by Judge Shea and ordered to pay $3K in attorneys fees for failing to disclose information about her finances. Mirlis filed another motion for sanctions for her additional failure to disclose where she hides her Goat gold. In the Motion filed by Mirlis he attached the Ewe’s responses to questions posed by the attorneys for Mirlis. The Ewe stated that she is currently collecting $5,700.00 a month as her salary working for the Yeshiva of New Haven. I’m not sure what she does as work for the Yeshiva of New Haven, other than to visit Rabbi Goat in prison. She also stated that she has cannot locate bank records for accounts she maintained at the Bank of Newport, Centerville Bank, Liberty Bank and Start Community Bank, where former corrupt Mayor and Goat pal John DeStefano works as Vice President.

Even in jail the Goat continues to pay his Ewe almost $6K a month, and his attorneys hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to prevent rape victim Mirlis from collecting on the $15 million judgment. Prison life will eventually break the Goat. The Goat has no need to save his Edgewood empire if he is sitting in a cold jail cell 24/7 with the mentally unstable until he is ready for a nursing home. The Ewe will remain loyal. The Ewe was spotted in the hood two nights ago with a big smile plastered across her face. Is she trying to tell the world that all is well? Is she trying to show the world that the Goat is still on top? The Goat is still the smartest, richest and most devious goat in Gotham. She is still proud of the Goat. She used to everyone in New Haven that people were “jealous” of the Goat after he got arrested. Or is the Ewe happy that she has finally rid herself of this low life? The Goat used to have the nickname “the goose” some thirty years ago. Eventually that nickname was changed to “the noose” by the Ewe. The Ewe has finally broke loose of da noose.

You can read a copy of her responses to the questions posed to her by the attorneys for Mirlis, and the Motion for Sanctions below:


“Come now, Mattaathias, be the first to obey the King’s command, as all the Gentiles and Judeans have done, then you and your sons shall be numbered among the King’s friends, and you and your sons shall be honored with silver and gold and many gifts. You are a leader, and honorable and great man in the city, supported by sons and kindred. But Mattathias answered in a loud voice, ‘Although the Gentiles and Judeans in the king’s realm obey him, so that they forsake their religion and consent to the king’s orders, yet I and my sons will keep to the covenant of our ancestors. We will not obey the words of the King by departing from our religion in the slightest degree.’” 1 Maccabees Ch. 2.

“The hand of G-d lay heavy upon the he-goats, the ewes, the crooks, the politicians, and the infidels, and He wrought havoc among them: He struck them with hemorrhoids.” I Samuel 5-6

“It is better to be cursed by the Prophet Achiya ha’Shiloni, and repeatedly cursed out by Larry Noodles, than to be blessed by Bil’am.” Taanit 20.

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