Goat’s First Night In the Big House – Inmate No. 433222

Goat’s First Night In the Big House – Inmate No. 433222

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Last night Daniel Greer AKA “the Goat” spent his first night in jail. After the Goat was sentenced yesterday morning he was taken out of the courtroom and processed in a side room. He was then escorted to the basement of the courthouse where all the criminals are held waiting to appear in court. The basement lockup. I have been there many times visiting clients. The jail cells are about the size of a phone booth. Other criminals are in adjoining phone booths. Guys get mad so they bang on the walls and scream. Some guys piss in their cells, which pisses off the guards, which sets off a round of screaming and fighting. Sometimes the guards rough up inmates who give them a hard time. Problem inmates “slip” on the floor and bang their heads into the cement floor. These are all written up as accidents. Inmates are hesitant to rat out a guard, lest the inmate suffer additional “accidents” at the hands of other guards. Ratting out a guard is right up there with ratting out another inmate. It shows that you cannot be trusted.

After the Goat spent a few hours in the courthouse basement lockup he was transported, with leg shackles connected to other inmates, on the prison van to the Whalley Avenue lockup, which is located a few blocks from the Goat’s compound in the Edgewood neighborhood, where the Goat’s attorneys Dow and Grudberg argued that the Goat was the “Mayor of Edgewood.” That argument didn’t go very well for the Goat. The Dow tanked yesterday. It was Black Monday.

The Goat’s prison van backed up into the Whalley Avenue lockup. The Goat, shackled to other inmates, shuffled his goat paws into the Whalley Avenue lockup. The Goat was processed at Whalley Avenue and was assigned inmate number 433222. There are a few hundred guys in Whalley Avenue. Most of the guys either have short term sentences or were just sentenced and are waiting to be shipped to other facilities. Most guys are career criminals who have been getting into trouble since they were teenagers and spending their formative years in juvenile court, juvenile jail. The Goat was either put into general population or put into protective custody, ie., solitary confinement.

The guards at Whalley probably put the Goat in solitary for his own protection. Child molesters frequently get victimized by other inmates. They are on the lowest rung of the criminal caste. Plus the Goat has never spent any time in prison. The Goat is a neophyte. The guards will sense that the Goat is not your typical young punk trash talking inmate. The Goat is entering jail as a bearded old man with a yarmulke, a prayer book and an attitude problem. The guards will immediately determine that the Goat will not adjust well with the other inmates. Best to put the goat in solitary until they ship him off to a more permanent jail with other child molesters, where he would not be in clear and present danger.

If the Goat is placed in general population he will be put in a dorm room with about a hundred guys and told to stay on a bunk bed all day. The only time you are allowed to leave your bunk is to go to the bathroom or for your meals in the mess hall. Whalley Avenue is understaffed. The guards can’t have the inmates running around and getting into trouble. Everyone is confined to their bunk. There is little to no reading material allowed. A guy I represented who spent some time in Whalley Avenue said the only reading material he was provided was The Watchtower handouts that the Jehovah’s Witnesses hand out when they visit the jail. The Goat will have plenty of light to read the Watchtower. For safety reasons the guards keep the florescent lights on 24 / 7. There are no windows at Whalley ave. The Goat will never see the sun, or the moon, while he is locked up in Whalley. There are no outdoor recreation facilities. After you enter Whalley your skin tone becomes a “prison pale.”

Because the Goat is old, high profile, and White, the other inmates will assume he is rich. Goat privilege. Many inmates at Whalley were living on the streets before the State of Connecticut provided them with three hots and a cot. A small amount of money goes a long way when you are locked up with formerly homeless guys and the mentally challenged. The inmates will see the Goat and think they hit the mother lode. The Goat will be shaken down by the inmates, as well as shaken down by the guards. The Goat is too cheap to pay anyone other than his lawyers. The Goat drives a 1999 Mercury Sable. The Goat kept his heat so low the Ewe brought a blanket to her Shabbos table. The Goat drank large amounts of alcohol to keep warm. If the Goat is too cheap to pay off the inmates and the guards he might as well put a noose around his neck. The Goat’s faith, and sanity, will be put to the test at Whalley.

The Goat will eventually be transferred to a long term jail in either Niantic or Brooklyn, CT. These are smaller facilities that don’t have the level of violence that is found at most other Connecticut jails, like Cheshire or Enfield. This assumes that the Goat survives Whalley for a few days, or a few weeks.

The Goat will not have any access to kosher food in jail. The Goat may go on hunger strike. The Connecticut Department of Corrections has a reform rabbi whom they consult with. The kosher food plan is basically a pork free diet food option for the Muslim and Jewish inmates.  There are no special meals with kosher certification.  The Goat would have to be a vegetarian, like most barn yard goats. But the Goat is very strict. I cannot see the Goat eating vegetarian food prepared by the treif kitchen. The Goat would have to survive on commissary food like granola bars. The Goat could pay inmates and guards to smuggle in kosher food.

The Jewish prison advocacy organization Aleph Institute could try to get the Goat kosher food. But Aleph has no relationship with the State of Connecticut. Orthodox Rabbis have tried in the past to help Jewish inmates but the State of Connecticut has not shown any interest in helping Jewish inmates. Aleph has a good relationship with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, due to the political power of the Satmars and other Hasidim in Williamsburg, Monsey, Monroe, and New Square. In Connecticut most Jews are fully assimilated and could care less whether their brethren, such as the Goat, are eating treif. Correctional officers have no interest in making special accommodations for child molesters, Jews, Muslims or Seventh Day Adventist inmates. If they give the Jews kosher food then everyone is going to want special food. If you want anything special in jail you have to pay off another inmate or pay off a guard. Those are the rules. No exceptions.

In spite of his degrees from Yale Law School and Princeton University, the Goat is very stupid. I advised the Goat to skip town two years ago after the $20 million civil verdict came down. The Goat knew that Mirlis had filed a criminal complaint and the cops were closing in. Detective Cuddy testified that the State “dropped the ball” for 6 months and didn’t do anything with the investigation while the civil case proceeded. The Goat had six months to shave his beard, leave the State of Connecticut and settle in some big, or small, metropolitan area under his old family name, ie., Goldberg. Boston mob boss Whitey Bulger was on the lam for 10 years in California before he got caught after he was featured on America’s Most Wanted. The Goat would have never been featured on Goats Most Wanted. The Goat should have listened to me two years ago. The Goat should have listened to his son Ezi four years ago. Ezi told the Goat that the family wanted to buy him a one way ticket to Israel. Instead, the defiant, and stubborn, Goat chose to stay in New Haven, get busted, get his shmekle examined by the cops, and subject himself to a humiliating criminal trial. During two years of legal proceedings the Goat continued to get up every morning at the crack of dawn, march along Elm Street from his house on West Park, pick up the litter on the streets, inspect his properties, and then enter his Nightmare on Elm Street shul on the corner of Elm and Norton, where he pretended to be an Orthodox Rabbi. The Goat could have lived out the rest of his miserable life in sunny California.

The Ewe was very happy when she finally left the courthouse after speaking for some period of time with Attorney Grudberg. I filmed her as she walked with Rabbi Notis to the parking garage. At first she didn’t smile, but towards the end of my video she had a big grin on her face. You would think she would be very upset that her husband was going to spend the rest of his life locked up in a dangerous prison. You would think that she would be sad. Is it possible that the Ewe was happy that she finally rid herself of the disgusting old Goat who cheated on her with teenage boys for the last 30 years? She knew about the Goat’s sexual relationship with Avi Hack. She confronted Avi about the relationship. She never confronted the Goat about Avi. She told Avi that he needed to ask for her forgiveness on Yom Kippur. Avi never asked for forgiveness, for whatever reason. Avi probably figured she would never forgive him anyway.

The Goat tried to set up Avi with one of his daughters, but the Goat’s daughter declined to get involved with Avi. Avi wanted to end his relationship with the Goat after Avi got married. The Goat told young Avi that it was permissible to be married and still have a sexual relationship with a goat twice his age. The Goat probably wanted Avi to marry the Goat’s daughter so that Avi would feel more comfortable having a sexual relationship with the Goat even after Avi got married. Everything would be kept in the family.

Tune in for more news about the Goat, I will be reaching out to my contacts in the Big House and will be getting information on how the Goat is adjusting to prison life. Prison life is no fun. Prison is cruel and unusual punishment, completely against the United States Constitution, as well as a violation of basic human rights. I hope that when the Ewe contacts her Jew lawyer Alan Dershowitz on speed dial from the Nightmare on Elm Street she tells Alan to file a lawsuit to reform the entire prison industrial complex. MOSHIACH NOW!

The Goat’s 1999 black Mercury Sable parked in front of his house this morning. The Ewe’s minivan is nowhere to be seen. The house looks deserted The Ewe may have skipped town last night after her Goat went to jail. The Ewe is AWOL


Joseph Orlow: Without Larry and his blog
1. This case likely would have languished
2. We would not have learned of this Chilul Hashem perpetrated by Daniel Greer
3. We would not have learned of the Kidush Hashem that Larry Dressler did by being involved in numerous aspects of the case from investigating it to advising the States Attorney.
How amazing that this whole episode started with Larry being treated callously and his not being told the Kiddush he never sought in the first place was not happening.
And it ends with a Kiddush — a sanctification of G-d’s Name.

Sara Rosenberg: While a conviction and jail sentence will never take away the lifetime of pain and struggle that a survivor of child rape and molestation and their spouse/partner has to go through, my hope is that Eli and his family feel that they have some kind of justice and closure to this chapter. I also want to thank Lawrence S. Dressler for his diligent work and cogent explanations and commentary of the very lengthy process. Every survivor who goes to court should hire Larry Noodles to tell the tale. It kinda doesn’t get better than that.

Miriam: We should’ve had a sentencing simcha party

Joe A. Gargano III: So he will be with the homies and they will take care of him.

Nancy: Simon tov ooo mazel tov!

Stephen Saslafsky: Larry what was the sentence? The perps In Whalley Ave will watch his 6 ha ha.

Joe Orlow: Quite a day. I follow the events on a phone. I’ve never met any of the players in person. And yet I’m thoroughly exhausted. I’m trying to imagine what it’s like to be told where to walk, what to do, etc. by strangers who determine just about everything in my life from what I eat and wear to whom I have to associate with. And the whole time I’m thinking who I can blame for all this. Prison life takes a toll on the human mind and body.
– Larry Noodles The constant noise, possible extremes of temperature, possibly erratic and dangerous fellow prisoners, guards giving orders that must be obeyed without questioning, fights, limited food, barrage of TV on a lot of the time, loss of privacy, limited personal belongings, and of course locked in, isolated from the rest of the world and the rest of the world cut off from the inside of the prison. He started the molesting too early, though. Had the molesting started a few months later when the accuser was sixteen years old, Daniel Greer might be a free man because the State might decide not to refile charges similar to the other charges where the statute had run out and even if the State did he’d fight it on grounds of double jeopardy. Where Greer really went wrong was that he didn’t take a lesson from the kugels served in Shul: don’t underestimate Noodles. Maybe deep down Daniel Greer knew he had done wrong and wanted to pay the price to expiate his sins.Maybe deep down Daniel Greer believed he was innocent and expected the judge and jury to concur.Maybe deep down Daniel Greer didn’t want to give Larry Noodles the satisfaction of being the Rabbi and he, Daniel Greer, having to follow the P’sak. Maybe that’s all that is sustaining Daniel Greer right now. “I showed Noodles! I will never pay him any attention — even if I have to rot in jail.” Pro Tip for Others: Obey the Noodles

Abe Zeines: If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime

Earl David: He will probably die in jail based on an actuary table

Jonathan Siegel: I’m surprised there are no provisions for kosher food in the Connecticut prison system especially given the proximity to NYC. Lawsuits against prison systems which attempted to use vegetarian or halal meals have consistently won in lower federal courts across the country, with rulings that these attempted substitutes are inadequate. I find myself surprised that such a lawsuit hasn’t already been filed in Connecticut. One may or may not think he ought to be entitled to kosher food. But since prisoners in other states have won litigation on the issue consistently, I think the likelihood is that given the current state of the law, he is entitled. Unlike some other kinds of special prisoner requests, kosher food is unlikely to create additional security risks. In Hayes v. Bruno, Hayes litigated the case pro se and absolutely botched it. He didn’t file any affidavits from anyone supporting his claim that the prison system’s food was insufficiently kosher (He may have tried to file one and messed it up. The judge said the first page with the name of the person and the notary was missing, and unsworn statements from an unidentified person weren’t acceptable as evidence). The prison system’s evidence included affidavits that until recently Hayes had been eating regular prison meals meat and all. The prison system also filed affidavits from its prison chaplain, “an ordained rabbi,” saying that except for maybe a few crazy ultraorthodox people everything was fine. Hayes’ response to the motion to dismiss was a mess and failed to include or cite evidence as required by the rules. The district judge said it wasn’t the court’s job to correct pro se litigants’ mistakes, and in the absence of admissible supporting evidence Hayes’ complaint couldn’t survive the defendants’ summary judgment motion.
Greer is in a much better position. He has (on this issue) behaved consistently for years and can prove it. Even if he can’t afford lawyers, as a lawyer himself he will know how to file an affidavit correctly. And he knows rabbis who would be happy to testify that food prepared in the regular kitchen won’t cut it. https://casetext.com/case/hayes-v-bruno

Aviva Greenfeld Berkovich: The man got what he deserved. However, we also know from the Torah that we shouldn’t gloat when someone was being punished. Lot was told he couldn’t look back when sedom was being destroyed. He wants kosher food let him have it. It’s not for us to judge…. that’s gods job.

Sara Rosenberg: Idk. You rape a kid (or kids. Theres never just one.) and you get some sort of punishment for it (which doesn’t happen nearly enough), I’m gloating and judging. But maybe I’m a bad person. About this, I dont care.

Slim Pickins: Gloating about about a Jew being forced to eat treif and finding joy in his misery is sinat chinam.

Joseph Orlow: I like to think Sara is happy that a danger has been removed from society.

Miriam Bielawski: should we let Aviva Greenfeld Berkovich know about my wish he experience the horror of rape during his incarceration??? Lack of kosher food? Kinda small beans, lol!

Nancy Salk: Karma will take care of him…


Challenge: I have not heard of any “treatment” for these sick individuals. The only thing we can do is lock them up and keep our children very close once these predators are released. I can never understand why New Haven officials continued to hold this “man” with high regard after allegations came out, lawsuits were filed and there was clear evidence of his guilt. We may never know how many children he has harmed. I wonder if the city continued to give tax breaks because of the power he held in the city. According to Larry Noodles (thank God for him) he “broke bread” with many powerful people. Maybe that’s why he was so cocky and unrepentant because he believed those people would turn a deaf ear and help him escape responsibility for what he had done. Just reading how his wife immediately got on the phone to call another high profile attorney to come into his case.Even after all that has been made public and knowing the lifetime pain at least one victim suffers she continues to enable him in his sick behaviors. I’m astounded by her behavior in all this.

Beaver Sam: THANK YOU to Larry Noodles for your years of dedication to this case!


“Come now, Mattaathias, be the first to obey the King’s command, as all the Gentiles and Judeans have done, then you and your sons shall be numbered among the King’s friends, and you and your sons shall be honored with silver and gold and many gifts. You are a leader, and honorable and great man in the city, supported by sons and kindred. But Mattathias answered in a loud voice, ‘Although the Gentiles and Judeans in the king’s realm obey him, so that they forsake their religion and consent to the king’s orders, yet I and my sons will keep to the covenant of our ancestors. We will not obey the words of the King by departing from our religion in the slightest degree.’” 1 Maccabees Ch. 2.

“The hand of G-d lay heavy upon the he-goats, the ewes, the crooks, the politicians, and the infidels, and He wrought havoc among them: He struck them with hemorrhoids.” I Samuel 5-6

“It is better to be cursed by the Prophet Achiya ha’Shiloni, and repeatedly cursed out by Larry Noodles, than to be blessed by Bil’am.” Taanit 20.

Moshiach Now!

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  1. Fantastic! No bigger scumbag on earth! Karma is real people! This scumbag and Harold Hack who I actually feel sorry for were raping the city of new haven for years! Little did the Little Dweeb Hack know the Goat was raping his kid as well!

  2. Pulitzer prize – pretty clear that Larry should be the front-runner for this year’s Pulitzer. Excellent reporting.

  3. Goat is in the s unit your locked up 23 hrs and 45 mins …..he gets 15 mins to shower and make a call if he did his phone list ….He will stay there untill orientation ….but by monday our tuesday he should be gone … Brooklyn is his next home he will fit right in with the wife beaters diaper eaters…I believe he wont last dead in a year .to much stress and if he is a dorm insanity at its best… fights brushing your teeth with every scumbag degenerate …then the fags the perverts beating there meat in the showers . Then the open toilets where u have to shit infront of all to smell…..HE WILL FIT RIGHT IN …..THE BEST IS THEY WILL MAKE HIM SHOWER DAILY ..NOT MONTHLY LIKE HE WAS DOING…LARRY NOODLES FOR MAYOR DOWN WITH CORRUPTION FEDS MUST BE STOPED…INMATE # 696969..

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