Goat Appeals Criminal Case

Goat Appeals Criminal Case

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The Goat’s attorney David Grudberg asked the State Appellate Court to reverse Judge Alander’s order denying the Goat’s request to be released during his appeal.

The Goat is currently locked up in State Prison in the town of Cheshire. Cheshire has been locked down ever since the Goat arrived two weeks ago. The State normally locks down a prison if there was a riot or someone was killed in gang violence. The Goat is still alive, but not doing well, in Cheshire.

The Goat is locked up in protective custody, ie., solitary confinement, for his own safety. The Goat wouldn’t last ten minutes in general population. The Goat is a high profile pedophile. Plus the Goat is a White Jew. The Goat has three strikes against him. There are no White Jew pedophile gangs in Cheshire to protect the Goat.

The solitary confinement cell is located in the basement in Cheshire. The Goat is living in a room that is the size of a closet. There is no natural light. The goat has a florescent light shining on him 24/7. The Goat is taken out only to be hosed down and showered once a week, or more often depending on the mood of the guards. It’s safer for the Goat to stay in his cell, as the Goat could easily suffer an unfortunate “accident” being escorted to the shower room. Prisoners “trip” and bang their heads on the cement floor all the time. The Goat would never survive such an “accident.”

The Goat has a toilet in his jail cell next to his steel bed. There is probably a yoga mat and a pillow resting on the steel bed, depending on the mood of the guards. The Goat’s cell will be very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer. The Goat will be served a tray of food by the guards. The food tray will be prepared by the inmates who work in the prison kitchen. The Goat will not have any kosher options. The Goat will either have to eat what is served to him or starve to death. The kitchen inmates will make sure that they spit on the Goat’s food tray before they hand it to the guards.

The Goat’s attorney filed an appeal a few days ago asking the Appellate Court to reverse Judge Alander’s order incarcerating the Goat while his appeal drags through the courts. The Goat has yet to file an appeal of his conviction. I expect that appeal to be filed in the next few days.

The Goat’s attorney attached transcripts of the Goat’s sentencing hearing to the appeal. You can read the letter submitted by Eli Mirlis asking Judge Alander to impose the maximum sentence on the Goat. You can also read arguments made by the Goat’s attorneys asking that the “Mayor of Edgewood” be granted leniency for all the good that he has done for the City of New Haven, such as chasing the pimps, prostitutes, and johns out of the Edgewood neighborhood. The Goat didn’t want competition from other criminals while he raped teenage boys.

Attorney Grudberg argued to the Appellate Court in his request to overturn Judge Alander’s order that the Goat be incarcerated pending his appeal the following: “Defendant Greer was taken into custody over the lunch break… Counsel submitted defendant’s U.S. passport; both counsel and the defendant himself confirmed this was his only passport, and that he was a citizen only of the United States. The State, citing nothing other than defendant’s religion, replied as follows: He claims not to have an Israeli passport, I’m not sure I necessarily believe that given that many, in particular Orthodox Jews who have been accused of crimes flee to Israel… The State’s initial arguments about flight were based on nothing more than a rank, religion-based stereotype that has no place in our justice system; it ignored the personal characteristics of the defendant, whose roots in the United States date back to the 19th century, and who has been a rock of stability in his home and neighborhood for 40+ years. More importantly, by the time of sentencing the State had verified that there was no factual basis for its ‘secret passport’ theory, undercutting its own flight argument.”

Grudberg argued to the Appellate Court: “In refusing to continue the bond/conditions in place, or set any other conditions of release pending appeal, the trial court found that defendant’s age, coupled with the length of the sentence, created a risk of flight. It also stated the following: The defendant also has the financial means to flee. It is my understanding that when I raised the defendant’s bond to $750,000 after his conviction his wife paid a bondsman tens of thousands of dollars in cash that very day. The defendant clearly has access to resources to finance an escape from accountability. There was no evidence in the record to support the court’s ‘understanding’ – and the trial court’s statements about payments of ‘tens of thousands of dollars in cash that very day’ are, quite simply, wrong.”

Grudberg argued that the Goat should be released pending appeal because of his poor health: “Defendant Greer also suffers from various significant health ailments, which were detailed at his sentencing hearing and in the pre-sentence report. These include kidney function and coronary issues; he has a history of stroke, and remains at risk for a repeat event.”

Grudberg concluded: For the foregoing reasons, defendant respectfully requests a hearing/oral argument on this petition after it has been fully briefed. In the alternative, defendant requests that the Court direct the trial court to reinstate the bond and conditions of release ordered following defendant’s conviction.” Grudberg signed the motion. Listed on the motion were Attorney Willie the Dow and Appellate Attorney Specialist Richard Emmanuel. The Goat apparently has access to tens of thousands of dollars to pay his high priced attorneys, even while he resides in his basement crypt in Cheshire.

Attached to the Goat’s motion is a transcript of the court hearings on the Goat’s bond request after he was convicted, just before Rosh Hashanah, before his sentencing. Attorney Dow argued to Judge Alander that the Goat needed to be allowed to travel to Congregation Beth Israel in Onset, Massachusetts for the High Holidays prior to his sentencing date because in the New Haven Jewish community Daniel Greer has “found little, if any, welcoming community.” The Dow spoke about how the Goat used to go to the Touro Shul in Newport, RI, but because of a “disagreement” has been unable to return. The Goat was kicked out of the Touro shul after they filed a restraining order against the Goat. The Dow requested that the Goat not have to wear an electronic ankle bracelet on the Sabbath because it is “prohibited by his religion.” State’s Attorney Maxine Wilensky rebutted the Dow: “We don’t allow Christians out for Christmas or Easter so why is this any different. Religion does not Trump public safety.”

In the transcript of the Goat’s sentencing hearing, filed with the Appellate Court, State’s Attorney Wilensky argued: ” The man who stands before this court – if the letters have been submitted are to believed, must have a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality; it appears that he could lend incredible support to those around him and, yet be most severe and unkind, especially to those children who were left in his charge. This man holds himself out as pillar of the community, a learned man, a pious man. He has letters of recommendation from people who think they know him who believe him to be an honorable and decent man, but truly, given the testimony that was uncovered in this courtroom, they truly do not know him…”

State’s Attorney Wilensky continued: “These people who support him would have to ignore the testimony of RSA who the defendant began to groom in much the same way as he did Mr. Mirlis; they would have to believe that Shannon Mirlis took that witness stand and lied about her husband’s disclosure in Israel. Perhaps they are unaware of the deposition given by Avi Hack, or have chosen to ignore the deposition perhaps; whose family is and was so completely enmeshed in the Greer family. In that deposition he described longstanding sexual interaction beginning when he, too, was a student of the defendant’s at the Yeshiva. It began the same way as Mr. Mirlis and RSA using his position of power, his status as a brilliant and learned man in both secular and nonsecular orbits. He groomed these naive boys by making them feel alternatively favored and fearful of his wrath, never knowing which way it would go…”

State’s Attorney Wilensky argued: “The only way to deny the truth of what happened to Mr. Mirlis is to believe that the people who testified entered into some nefarious plot conspired to destroy Mr. Greer. Mr. Greer destroyed himself, your Honor, through his behavior, all the while hiding behind the cloak of a dedicated family man, an educator, and a religious leader. Do not be swayed by the letters of those who truly don’t know him or have willingly turned a blind eye to the real person.”

Wilensky summed up: “Mr. Mirlis has gone through so much, having to testify three times in excruciating detail what was done to him, in front of strangers no less. Do not let this man continue to hide behind his titles of an upstanding community member, an educator, and a religious leader. Do not be swayed–The state is asking that this court not be swayed by his age, age is no excuse for imposing a lesser sentence. The defendant should serve a lengthy period of incarceration despite his age, he is in a position of the community. Mr. Mirlis deserves Justice, it has been a long time in coming. Mr. Greer should be incarcerated. Justice delayed is justice denied in this particular case.”

A letter written by Eli Mirlis was read into the record: I will never recover from the emotional pain and suffering caused by the criminal acts of Daniel Greer. I will suffer post-traumatic stress syndrome for the rest of my life. I struggle with PTSD every day. I am fortunate that I have a supportive backing of family and friends. No amount of money will ever compensate me for the pain and suffering inflicted upon me by Daniel Greer. I would gladly return whatever money I collect from Daniel Greer in order to turn the clock back and relive my childhood. I believe that a long sentence of incarceration will go a long way to give other victims the strength and courage to come forward and report pedophiles like Daniel Greer. I believe a long sentence of incarceration will bring much needed public discourse and attention to this topic in Jewish institutions, which is still a taboo subject when compared with other issues openly discussed in the Jewish community. I believe that a lengthy prison sentence will deter others from committing this heinous crime. Daniel is a monster. To me the worst part is his unremorseful behavior for the heinous acts he perpetrated and the ways he treated every single person he has ever encountered. There are many in this room, former students and acquaintances of Daniel who know the true colors of the monster he was behind the school building doors; charismatic yes, but a sick, twisted, angry individual known for ridiculing, mocking and menacing. To this very day Daniel Greer is still operating his synagogue. I verified with members of the New Haven Jewish community that Daniel Greer recently had Yorn Kippur services with teenage young men who were sent from Lancaster, Pennsylvania by Rabbi Notis who testified at the criminal trial. Daniel Greer has never apologized for what he did to me. Daniel Greer has no remorse for his crimes. Daniel Greer should be incarcerated immediately in order to prevent him from causing future harm. Daniel Greer is still healthy enough to walk a half a mile to his synagogue on Yorn Kippur, stand for most of the day for prayer services while not eating or drinking for 24 hours. I do not wish to speak at the sentencing of Mr. Greer. I was forced to testify at my civil trial because Daniel Greer refused to settle with me. At that civil trial Daniel Greer’s civil attorney attacked me and called me a liar and a cheat. I was also forced to testify at lengthy depositions in the civil trial. Each time I testified I had to face Daniel Greer and relive the traumatizing experience that I had endured as a teenager. It has been very difficult for me to repeatedly face Daniel Greer and his attorneys in court. Mr. Greer’s civil attorneys attacked me at the civil trial for my failure to sit through the entire trial, as I only appeared to testify, I have endured enough trauma in my life through Mr. Greer. You have my permission to read this letter to Daniel Greer in the courtroom. Very truly yours, Eli Mirlis

Attorney Grudberg argued on behalf of the Goat at sentencing. Grudberg told Judge Alander: “In deciding what punishment is appropriate and just here, your Honor, I think the Court also should take into account the extent to which Daniel Greer has already been punished. The state’s comeback will be, well, hey, that’s of his own making. The Court needs to weigh the extent to which someone has already been punished in the case. Rabbi Greer held the de facto mayor of Edgewood; he was a high profile religious leader, he now finds himself as a pariah within that religious community. He has suffered public scorn, his name has been splashed across the front page of the local newspaper time and again with damning articles painting him in extremely negative light. The school, which was his other life’s work, other than the revitalization of the community, the school has been closed since 2016. Perhaps most painful has been loss of family. Your Honor heard testimony that as a result of this case and the civil case there has been a break and he has lost touch with children, with grandchildren, and that’s been taken away from him. The Court, I believe, is bound to take into account, and its absolutely fair to take into account the many losses he has already suffered. Another point I think the Court should take into account beyond age is health. Your Honor as a doctor’s report and records regarding Mr. Greer, he indicates he has a history of stroke; hes at risk for stroke in the future, as well as coronary artery problems. The Court should be aware that Mrs. Greer has had a number of broken bones due to osteoporosis, including one caused by as simple an act of stepping off a curb, so thats a very serious situation as well. She obviously relies heavily on her husband for support, and any time that he’s taken away will be that much more punishment upon him not being able to support her.”

Judge Alander stated the following before he sentenced the Goat to 20 years suspended after 12: “The aggravating factors are the severe nature of the sexual assaults upon Mr. Mirlis; the defendant engaged in fellatio and anal sex with a minor, also the breadth of the sexual assaults, the defendant repeatedly sexually assaulted Mr. Mirlis over many months at multiple occasions, and finally the predatory nature of the assaults. Eli was a young, impressionable teenager completely at the mercy of the defendant. Eli Mirlis was a student at the Yeshiva controlled by the defendant, the defendant controlled his studies and his grades, and because Eli was a boarding student the defendant exercised total control over his life. Eli was also an Orthodox Jew and the defendant was his rabbi, his mentor and his spiritual leader; consequently, the defendant controlled his spiritual and emotional life. The defendant committed the worse possible crime in the worst possible way. No one is the sum of their sins; the defendant is a rabbi, a founder of a Yeshiva, and a longtime leader of the Orthodox Jewish community in New Haven. I recognize and accept that the defendant can take credit for significant accomplishments in the Edgewood neighborhood and within–and within the Orthodox Jewish community in New Haven. But those accomplishments do not wash away his sins, specifically the crimes for which he now stands convicted. Just as society recognizes his achievements, it justly demands retribution for his crimes. And those crimes are especially egregious. How so? Why does society view the crimes committed by the defendant as particularly deplorable? Why have they garnered such significant media and public attention? Because they involve a colossal violation of trust. When, as parents, we sent our children to school and take them to houses of worship we entrust the leaders of those institutions with the comfort and care of our children, we share an unbroken promise–an unspoken promise and understanding that our children will grow and prosper under their tutelage. When a teacher or religious leader breaks that promise, betrays that trust, it is both unexpected and deeply disturbing. The defendant here, Daniel Greer, was both dean of the school and a revered religious figure, his was a monumental betrayal. Eli Mirlis, the victim in this case, was a student at the Yeshiva and a member of the defendant’s flock, the defendant used his control his authority and his status not to better Eli, not to inspire Eli, but to manipulate him, seduce him, and ultimately to sexually abuse him. That abuse wrought emotional pain, humiliation and shame upon a teenage boy. Rabbi Greer I have little confidence that you understand the enormity of your betrayal or recognize the pain it has inflicted on your young congregant it is important that a statement condemning your betrayal be made nonetheless, to be heard by others in positions of authority and esteem who might be tempted to abuse their power for sexual purposes and to be heard by the victims of sexual abuse who might–who may find some solace in it. The Talmud teaches that there is hope for a man who is capable of being ashamed. It is my hope that someday you will truly feel ashamed for your actions and thereby embark on the road to redemption…”

The pathetic, lowlife, disgusting, depraved Goat made the following statement to Judge Alander before he was sentenced to 20 years suspended after 12: “Your Honor, I thank the Court for the opportunity to speak; however, as your Honor has heard, my counsel has advised me to remain silent and I intend to follow that advice, but I thank you for the courtesy and the opportunity to rise.”

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  1. Will the letters in support/against Greer that people write the judge ever be made public?

    Will the great NOODLES post them here? One can only hope…

    Disgusted in 5 towns

      1. When will the great NOODLES start showing us some of those letters. I can’t wait to see who supported this sick fuck.

        God bless NOODLES!!

        Disgusted in 5 Towns

  2. Hi Larry, how do you assess the chances of this appeal? Don’t they have a point when they say that the state’s assessment of flight risk is based on religious prejudice? I think the state’s case was badly worded. Rather than referring to religion they should have said that Israel grants citizenship automatically to every Jew who lands there. Thus Greer’s claim that he is a citizen of the US only is probably a lie (as he has lived in Israel for a year).

    What they could have said is that if he wanted to flee he had ample time to do so after the civil trial. Why do you think they fail to mention this in the appeal? Or am I missing something?

    1. Attorneys make crazy arguments all the time, based on facts, based on conjecture, and based on speculation. It is up to the judge to decide the case based on all the evidence. It is up to the defense attorney to challenge the State’s attorney to present evidence to back up her arguments, this is the adversarial process. If Judge Alander ruled that he denied an appellate bond based on the Goat’s religion obviously that would be a good issue for appeal. I think Judge Alander had enough grounds to deny him an appeal bond, aside from the religious stereotype argument, that the Goat was flight risk, even with the ankle bracelet. The Goat would have 5-10 hours before the State figured out he took it off, plenty of time to skip town and check into a motel under the name he used when he checked into the Branford Motel with Eli Mirlis, ie., “Daniel Green.” I found the State’s argument: “Mirlis deserves Justice, it has been a long time in coming. Mr. Greer should be incarcerated. Justice delayed is justice denied” to be very persuasive, although I don’t know if there is any case law, or precedent, that addresses whether this could be a factor for the Sentencing Judge to consider. Judge Alander did not base his denial of the appeal bond on this factor in any event. Judge Alander stated the following when he denied the appeal bond: “I imposed a substantial term of imprisonment on the defendant, there exists a serious and substantial risk that the defendant will flee to avoid serving that sentence. He has a strong motivation to flee, the sentence which I just imposed on the defendant exceeds his life expectancy. According to the social security actuarial tables, the life expectancy of a white male of the defendant’ s age of 79 is nine years. I imposed a 12 year period of incarceration; there is no greater incentive to flee then the cold realization that otherwise you will spend all of the remaining years of your life in prison. The defendant also has the financial means to flee. It is my understanding that when I raised the defendant# s bond to $750,000.00 after his conviction his wife paid a bondsman tens of thousands of dollars in cash that very day. The defendant clearly has access to resources to finance an escape from accountability. In light of the foregoing, I find that the denial of an appeal bond is necessary to ensure the defendants future appearance in court pending his appeal. So the request for further bond is denied.”

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