Goat Reopens His Nightmare On Elm Street

Goat Reopens His Nightmare On Elm Street

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This past Shabbos “Rabbi” Daniel Greer reopened his House of Horrors with ten young male recruits

After a brief summer Sabbatical the Goat is back in business. This past Shabbos the Goat reopened his shul for services located at 765 Elm Street, New Haven. The Goat paid his recruits to return to the compound. The Goat pays $75 per Shabbos. If you stay til Sunday you get an extra $25.00. The guys who are back in New Haven are some of the same drifters that the Goat has recruited in the past.

The Goat’s criminal case is fast approaching. His case is expected to go to trial this fall. If you have been victimized by the Goat now is the time to contact the Office of the State’s Attorney. I recently reviewed the criminal file. The Goat’s attorney William Dow has mounted an aggressive defense. Attorney Dow is trying to dig up any dirt he can against rape victim Eli Mirlis.

Most rape cases come down to the testimony of the rape victim and the testimony of the rapist. In this case the Goat will not take the witness stand in his own defense. The cowardly Goat will exercise his Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination and sit in his goat chair while rape victim Mirlis takes the witness stand. The Goat will not open himself up to cross examination that would open the door to all kinds of goat-like behavior that the Goat would rather not discuss.

Mirlis will have to endure another brutal cross examination as he had to endure in the civil trial. Mirlis was very uncomfortable testifying during the civil trial, which is understandable. Who would want to be reminded of the Goat? The Goat didn’t make it easy for Mirlis. The Goat snarled and made faces at Mirlis as he testified. The Goat did the same to me when I was seated directly opposite the Goat in the press area during jury selection. I was shocked, I had never seen the dark side of the Goat. The Goat was the master manipulator. Mirlis only appeared in court to testify and didn’t stay for the rest of the civil trial. The Goat’s attorneys shamelessly attacked Mirlis for not staying for the entire trial. How low can one go?

In the civil trial the Goat’s attorneys yelled at Mirlis and called Mirlis a “liar” and a “cheat.” You can expect the same during the criminal trial. The jurors in the civil case concluded that the Goat was the liar and the cheat and awarded Mirlis $15 million. The only hope the Goat has in the upcoming criminal trial is that another goat gets picked to sit on the jury panel. It only takes one holdout juror to cause a mistrial. The State would have to try the Goat all over again.

The Goat will never plead guilty and admit that he violated the laws of the State of Connecticut as well as the laws of humanity. For the last 40 years the Goat has spun his tale of moral superiority in his rabbinical garb, ie., his black hat, tzitzis, beard, yarmulke, and his seat of honor facing the congregation in the front of the shul next to the Ark containing the holy scrolls of the Torah. His teenage rape victim Avi Hack sat directly in the middle of the Goat shul and faced the Goat every time he prayed. Avi’s father Harold sat even closer to the Goat, ten feet to the Goat’s left, and faced the Goat every time he prayed. Avi now lives in Providence, RI, while Harold lives in Waterbury, CT. Their prayers were answered, they are no longer sitting in front of the depraved Goat. You would think that Avi and Harold would contact me and thank me for driving them out of the compound. They have yet to contact me. They have yet to send me money as compensation for my services. I check my mailbox every day. GORNISHT!

I am not privy to whether the State is going to present any witnesses other than Eli Mirlis. The State’s case would be a slam dunk if Avi Hack, Ezi Greer, Harold Hack or Dov Greer showed up to testify against the Goat. The Goat would have no choice but to plead guilty. I don’t think these men who stared at the Goat will ever be able to fully redeem themselves for all the years they protected the Goat. But their testimony would be one small step towards their personal redemption and one giant step to putting an end to the Goat’s 40 year crime wave.

According to the criminal case file, State’s Attorney Maxine Wilensky is the lead prosecutor in the Goat case. Wilensky recently won a jury verdict in a sexual assault on a minor case in which the perpetrator was sentenced to 60 years in jail. Wilensky is one of the top prosecutors in the State who handles cases of sexual assault. Wilensky’s phone number: 2037897809. If you were victimized by the Goat, or would like to speak with Attorney Wilensky about the Goat, now is the time. Call her ASAP.

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