Goat’s Gettinger Defense

Goat’s Gettinger Defense

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The goat was granted permission to take the deposition of 92 year old Rachel Gettinger. The Goat wants Gettinger to lie for him and state that she lived in a Goat owned building where Mirlis claims he was raped by the Goat
Rebbitzin Gettinger taught at the Tikva School for Girls back in the 1990s. Tikva advertised in Jewish publications. Yale Law grad Mordecai Biser was running the Goat’s Gan Elementary School, the Goat’s Yeshiva High School and the Ewe’s Tikva at the time

Rabbi Emanuel Gettinger, z”l, long-time Rabbi of the Young Israel of the West Side passed away in Chicago in 2015. Rochel AKA Rosyln Gettinger resides in Chicago and is cared for by her daughter Dr. Sarah Ungar and Sarah’s husband Dr. Julian Ungar Sargon. Dr. Julian is a neurologist who practices medicine in Illinois and Indiana. Dr. Julian once had his right to write opioid prescriptions suspended.

Daniel Greer, AKA Rabbi Goat named Rebbetzin Gettinger as his defense witness in his upcoming child rape trial, scheduled for September 16th. The Goat’s Attorney Willie Dow was granted permission by Judge Alander to allow him to take the Rebbetzin’s deposition in Chicago. The Goat indicated that Dr. Julian Ungar is Rebbetzin Gettinger’s caretaker and will be assisting with the deposition. The Goat believes that the Rebbetzin will state that she lived in a building where Mirlis claims he was raped by the Goat.

Rabbi Gettinger spent many years in New Haven. Rabbi Gettinger was provided with an apartment on Elm Street, across the street from the Goat’s yeshiva building. Rabbi Gettinger’s name was listed on the letterhead of the Goat’s Yeshiva as “Rosh HaYeshiva” with the Goat listed under Gettinger’s name as “Dean.” Rabbi Gettinger was Avi Hack’s mentor. Rabbi Gettinger is the father of Rabbi Rafoel Moshe, Rosh Yeshiva of Medrash Chaim of Lakewood and Rabbi Yisroel Gettinger, Rav of Khal Bnei Torah in Indianapolis. Avi Hack used to go to Indianapolis and learn with Rabbi Yisroel Gettinger.

Rabbi Gettinger was a founding member of Young Israel of the Upper West Side and spent over 50 years there. The Goat had his Bar Mitzvah at the Young Israel of the Upper West Side. The Goat met his future wife Sarah Bergman at the Lincoln Square Synagogue on the Upper West Side. The Goat’s father Moshe was good friends with Rabbi Gettinger. At some point in time Young Israel started to decline after the Goat was already settled in New Haven. The Goat offered the Gettingers part time jobs in New Haven with an apartment to stay during the week. The Gettingers usually went back to New York for Shabbos. Gettinger’s wife taught at the Tikvah School while Rabbi Gettinger taught at the Goat’s Yeshiva. In the 1990s Rabbi Gettinger split his time between New York and New Haven. In the 2000’s he didn’t spend much time in New Haven, but the Goat kept his name on the Yeshiva’s letterhead in order to give the Goat credibility. Tikva closed around 1999 or 2000, long before Mirlis arrived.

The Goat is trying to get 92 year old Rebbitzin Gettinger to testify that she lived in the building across the street from the Goat’s Nightmare on Elm Street and taught at the Tikvah School for Girls, long after Tikvah closed down and long after the Gettingers stopped living in New Haven. I expect the Goat will have his wife the Ewe lie for him and testify that Tikvah just closed down two weeks ago.

Mordechai Biser could testify and set the record straight, but Biser has refused to come forward. Biser is worried about his job with Agudath Israel. Agudath Israel is the Jewish equivalent of the Catholic Church when it comes to harboring pedophiles. Agudath and the Catholic Church for many years worked together to stop the State of New York from passing laws to extend the statute of limitations on child rape cases. This year New York finally passed laws extending the statute of limitations. Agudath threatens victims who contemplate lawsuits. Agudath has told its followers that its Jewish day schools will face bankruptcy and close down if victims come forward and sue. Had the Catholic Church and Agudath exposed abusers, rather than protected them all these years, New York wouldn’t have to pass such laws extending the statute of limitations.

Biser graduated Yale Law School, just like the Goat. Rather than take a job as an attorney in a fancy law firm Biser decided to take a job working for the Goat running the Goat school. Biser worked for the Goat in the 1980s, 1990s and up until around 2000. Biser was also involved in real estate transactions with the Goat and the Goat’s non-profits. Biser ran the Goat school until Avi Hack took over.

Around the year 2000, after 20 years in New Haven, Mordechai Biser decided to leave the compound and leave New Haven forever, never to return. The last New Haven real estate transaction by Biser was signed in August 28, 2002, when Biser quit claimed 33-35 Pendleton Street to Avi Hack. Avi Hack testified that Biser claimed the deed into the name of Avi Hack at the “request of Daniel Greer.” It’s not clear why Biser decided to leave. The Goat’s attorney asked Avi Hack in Avi’s deposition whether Avi ever referred to Biser as a “Degenerate.”

Avi Hack was first molested by the Goat when he was a student in the Goat’s high school in 1991. Avi Hack was 16 years old. Mordechai Biser was the Assistant Principal at the time. Avi testified that he was first molested by the Goat in the basement of the Goat’s yeshiva building in 1991. Avi testified that he got yelled at by Biser because he was not watching the front door of the Yeshiva. Biser was waiting for an important package to be delivered to the Yeshiva. Avi was supposed to wait for the package. Avi testified, “there was another administrator, who lived in the house behind my parents, and he had asked me on that Friday to please man the door, Yeshiva, he was expecting somebody or other, and Rabbi Greer knew that I was there and that I was the only one in the building.” The Goat took Avi down to the basement and molested him. Avi stated that the Goat “asked me to come downstairs with him to the janitor’s apartment. And I said to him that the other individual asked me to man the door. He said don’t worry about it. You know, he obviously, Rabbi Greer outranks him. Rabbi Greer said, ‘come with me it’s very important.’” After Avi got molested in the janitor’s basement Avi went back upstairs to man the front door. When Avi got upstairs he encountered Modechai Biser who was “angry and yelling at me how come I hadn’t done what he had told me to do, which is to man the door. I couldn’t really answer. I didn’t. I got on my bike and rode home.”

You can read Avi Hack’s entire testimony below:

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6 thoughts on “Goat’s Gettinger Defense

  1. I notice that you do not mention the various issues that have interfered with Dr. Julian Ungar’s professional status. And I wonder if the Gettinger brothers leaving South Bend in a hurry has anything to do with the Greer connection. They are both very respected Talmudic scholars, but may have been tarnished by this connection.

    1. Dr. Ungar Sargon apparently got sued by the DEA back in the late 1980s in Federal court in Massachusetts, and the case was closed in 1991, the Federal court website PACER does not have any documents that are accessible to the public, which is strange: https://www.thecrimson.com/article/1987/11/14/doctor-sued-on-drug-charges-pa/ The Doc, or his practice, filed a chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2007, in the Northern District of Illinois, which was converted to a chapter 7, with some adversary proceedings, and it was closed out in 2018. Dr. Ungar Sargon was featured in a website called “sadistic doctors” https://sadisticdoctors.wordpress.com/2009/05/02/13/ I never knew such a website existed, check out to see if your own doctor is on there. I am thinking about starting a website for “sadistic goat rabbis.” Dr. Sargon’s response to the article about him in Sadistic doctors: “I am the neurologist named above. I am the physician who felt that the guidelines of practice from the American Academy of Neurology and the American Academy of Pain Management, and the medical literature concerning the use of opiates in migraine was appropriate and the use of MASSIVE DOSES of narcotics is inappropriate. I am so sorry this patient felt I was sadistic. I must have failed in my attempt (only one visit) to convince her that I might be able to alleviate her suffering and anguish by other means. I guess she has been so frustrated by other physicians who just wrote her off as drug seeking. I never felt that way about her. I felt only her pain and anguish and still wish to help her should she wish to revisit with me and discuss her situation clinically. it is amazing how one can destroy in a CLICK OF THE MOUSE YEARS OF WORK building one’s practice and trying to help others in their pain and suffering.” The Doc followed up with a comment in which he accused the sadistic doctors website of being sadistic for failing to publish one of his comments: julian ungar Says: interesting how you are so able to make use of the internet to trash me but fail to post my response do not worry the Lord pays back in kind.

      I didn’t realize that the Gettingers left South Bend, I have been unable to track them down, they are outside my jurisdiction.

  2. Is it possible that “the ewe” didn’t know what her husband was doing? Could you honestly say she’s an innocent bystander?

    1. she knew what was going on because she told Avi Hack that they had to meet before Yom Kippur in order to discuss Avi asking her for forgiveness for sleeping with her Goat. Avi says this in his deposition. They never ended up meeting.

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