Goat Hires Dershowitz To Break Out of the Big House

Goat Hires Dershowitz To Break Out of the Big House

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Disgraced Rabbi Daniel Greer AKA “The Goat” was convicted of child rape and sentenced on December 2nd, 2019 to 20 years of incarceration, suspended after 12 years, by Connecticut Superior Court Judge Jon Alander. The Goat is currently living in a cage in the Connecticut Correctional Institution in the basement in Cheshire, in solitary confinement, for his own protection, as he would never survive in general population. The Goat was convicted after Eli Mirlis testified in the criminal trial that the Goat repeatedly raped him as a teenager over a two year period. Former student Rafi testified that the Goat repeatedly tried to molest him while he was in the Goat’s nightmare on Elm Street. The State’s Attorney tried to subpoena child rape victim Avi Hack into court but Avi skipped town and purposefully avoided the marshal. The State’s Attorney tried to offer Avi Hack’s deposition transcript from the civil rape trial into evidence but Judge Alander denied the State’s request. A civil jury awarded Eli Mirlis $15 million in Federal court. Mirlis is still trying to collect from the miserly Goat. In the meantime the Goat is trying to sell off properties of his non profit entities in order to pay his attorneys. Mirlis can’t get access to monies from the non profits.

After the Goat was sentenced to 20 years of incarceration, New Haven Independent reporter Chris Peak reported the following: “After Greer was taken to a holding cell, Sarah Greer began phoning up the rabbi’s defenders in the courtroom hallway. On one call, she said that bad things happen to good people. On another, she asked the school’s secretary if she could find the phone number for Alan Dershowitz, the renowned defense attorney, in the rolodexes on Greer’s desk. “You can’t prove he did it,” Sarah Greer sighed. “It’s like the thing that happened to Brett Kavanaugh. It’s so far-fetched. People like to pull down someone who they see as successful.”

At the time it was hard for me to believe that the Goat had the phone number for Alan Dershowitz on his rolodex. Today I learned that the Goat did indeed contact Alan Dershowitz and convinced Attorney Dershowitz to contact the State’s Attorney’s Office. On February 13, 2020, the Goat’s attorney David Grudberg filed a Motion for the Goat to be released on bond pending appeal. Grudberg filed a similar motion at the time the Goat was sentenced back in December 2019, but Judge Alander denied his motion. The Goat attached a letter signed by Alan Dershowitz in support of his new motion. Dershowitz wrote the following letter addressed to Attorney Maxine Wilensky: “I write regarding Dan Greer, who is an old law school acquaintance. Dan reached otu to seek my advice following his recent conviction, in part because he was disturbed by arguments made the following his conviction regarding Orthodox Jews general and possible flight to Israel. I have now reviewed the transcript of that argument, and was troubled by some of the statements made, in particular the State’s assertion that ‘many Orthodox Jews who have been accused of crimes flee to Israel.’ I have been in touch with Jewish advocacy groups to share the transcript and solicit their thoughts. I believe it does a disservice to the justice system to paint Orthodox Jews – or any ethnic or religious group – in such stereotypical, broad-brush terms, rather than addressing history and characteristics of the individual defendant. Several years ago a federal prosecutor in the Eastern District of NY made a similar argument which we protested. My recollection is that he was sternly rebuked by his superiors for his display of bias against Orthodox Jews. I would be happy to discuss those concerns with you, if you like. /s/ Prof. Alan Derhowitz.”

Coincidentally, CBS News posted a video today entitled “How Jewish American Pedophiles Hide From Justice In Israel.” I guess the stereotype that Orthodox Jewish pedophiles flee to Israel is not a stereotype, its a fact! See below:

Attorney Grudberg argued that the Goat should be released because he has “deep, long standing roots in the New Haven community. He was raised in New York and lived in New Haven for 46 years with his wife of 48 years. The couple’s 5 children and 20 + grandchildren all live in the greater tri-State area.” Grudberg failed to mention that the Goat’s 5 children and 20+ grandchildren refuse to have anything to do with the Goat or his wife the Ewe. None of them showed up during the civil child rape trial or the criminal child rape trial to show their support for their depraved father.

Grudberg argued, “Greer’s life’s work, in addition to the Yeshiva, for the last 30+ years had been running the non-profit entities that acquired, renovated, and rented dozens of homes in the Westville / Edgewood neighborhood near his home and the Yeshiva. He was tethered to New Haven in his personal and professional life.” Grudberg failed to mention that the Goat’s non profits never paid property taxes to the City of New Haven, and the Goat sucked money out of the City and the State in grant money to build 8 foot stockade fences around his buildings and to plant and water trees around the compound. The Goat’s life work at the Yeshiva was to rape teenage boys.

As part of his Motion for release pending the bond, the Goat’s attorney asked that the Goat’s criminal case be reopened so that the Goat may subpoena Avi Hack into court, as “new evidence” that “would have been helpful to the defense.” Talk about chutzpah! The Goat never tried to get Avi Hack to appear at the criminal trial. Now the Goat wants to drag Avi Hack into court in order to “undermine key portions of the State’s case.” Grudberg argued, “Defendant believes that if full, truthful testimony from Mr. Hack had been available at trial (as opposed to the limited deposition testimony rightfully excluded by the Court), it would have been helpful to the defense, and the defense is committed to attempting to obtain such testimony.” Unbelievable! Does the Goat really expect Avi Hack to retract what he said in his deposition? FUHGETABOUTIT!

Grudberg made one last argument in an attempt to gain sympathy for the depraved Goat. Grudberg attached copies of the Goat’s medical records from his treating doctors and from the Cheshire prison nurse Ratched. The Goat has had a urinary track infection since 2008. In 2008 the Goat underwent a laser vaporization of his prostrate. The Goat has been urinating blood since 2008. The Goat is currently urinating blood in his prison cell bathroom. The Goat’s medical records from prison indicate that the Goat told the prison nurse that he needed his medication Bactrim to keep his blood from getting into his urine. The prison nurse contacted “Whalley Pharmacy” in order to get the Goat some Bactrim.

On 12/6/19 the Goat weighed in at 151 pounds in the Cheshire prison. On the date of 12/30/19 the Goat weighed in at 148 pounds. The Goat weighed in at 150 pounds on January 23, 2020. The Goat’s blood pressure has been 155/81. The Goat refused to let a female nurse do an abdominal exam, but allowed the female nurse to palpitate his kidney. The Goat must be following some Halacha that I am unaware of that makes it impermissible for a female to touch the Goat’s belly but touch the Goat’s kidney.

The Goat has an enlarged thyroid and an enlarged prostrate. The Goat is jaundiced. The Goat has an allergy to bananas. The prison nurse noted that the Goat’s banana allergy is “critical.” I remember that Harold Hack once mentioned to me once that he couldn’t eat bananas. I never heard of anyone who was allergic to bananas. I asked Harold about why he couldn’t eat bananas. He couldn’t give me a straight answer. I often wondered if the Goat and Harold had some kind of physical relationship. Harold sat about 5 feet from the Goat in the Goat shul, every morning, afternoon and evening, for daily prayers. Harold was the closest person to the Goat in the shul. Harold hung around the compound until the very end, and wasn’t shocked when it was revealed that the Goat and Avi Hack had a homosexual relationship for over ten years.

The prison nurses notes indicate that the Goat has had some issues with digesting the prison treif mystery meals. The notes stated that “on the outside the regimen of charcoal (dietary supplement) and a very strict diet and timing of when he ate specific food dependent on his needs for that day… concerned about defecation, can go as often as 15 times in one day… requesting suppositories 1-3 daily to help with evacuation of fecal matter… one incidence of incontinence while in library last week… explanation that custody usually only allows 7 to 30 day supply of medication in cell… continues to find it hard to eat in 20 minute time slots allowed for meals.” The poor Goat can’t enjoy his leisurely meals of fresh fish from Newport, high quality kosher meat from New York, with salads on the side, washed down with large glasses of red wine. The Goat is forced to eat his prison mystery meals in less than 20 minutes. The prison guards must have a stop watch. The prison guards must have been pissed when the Goat pissed in his pants in the prison library. They probably banned the Goat from the library as punishment.

I heard that during Chanukah guys from the Aleph Institute were allowed to visit prisons in Connecticut and light Channukah menorahs for Jewish inmates. I heard that the guys lit the menorah for the Goat outside his prison cell. The Goat was not allowed to have a flame in his cell.

The Goat’s attorney Grudberg submitted a medical report from the Goat’s eye doctor. The goat has chronic wet macular degeneration in the left eye, a condition that causes one to have blurred vision or a blind spot due to blood leaking into the eyeball. The Goat has retinal vein occlusion in the right eye, which can cause sudden loss of eyesight.

I don’t think that Judge Alander will release the Goat just because the Goat pisses blood, pisses in his pants, and has bloody eyes. The Goat indicated to the prison nurses that he suffers no pain when he pisses blood. The Goat indicated that he doesn’t even suffer any headaches, which is hard to believe, the echoing noise of other inmates screaming and banging throughout the facility is maddening. The Goat’s blood pressure, pulse rate and oxygen levels are good for a man his age. The Goat hasn’t lost much weight considering his meager prison food allotment. The Goat must be paying off guards for additional food, or the Goat is buying a lot of food on the prison commissary. The Goat is not dying any time soon. The Goat does not suffer from PTSD, unlike his numerous child rape victims.

The Goat is adjusting to prison life fairly well. I am surprised. The Goat should have been locked up 30 years ago.

You can read the Motion filed by the Goat below:


Joseph A. Orlow Avi Hack said in the deposition that Greer molested Eli Mirlis when Mirlis was a teenager. Implicit in the testimony is that Mirlis was fifteen when the abuse started; that is, Mirlis was then legally a child.Hack’s deposition was presumably given under oath since it was admitted as evidence in court during the civil lawsuit Mirlis brought against Greer.Now, Greer’s defense team is saying that Hack has exculpatory testimony to give. Full disclosure: I am privy to background information on this which I was told confidentially, but I’m going to base my analysis here just on what is found in the Noodles’ blog.Let’s say the court reopens the case and Hack DOES say in a court that the abuse started when Mirlis was sixteen or older. If the court accepts that, Greer could walk free.At that point, Hack has opened himself up to charges of perjury, it seems to me. After all, he originally testified to what seems to be the opposite. To be sure, he wasn’t certain when the abuse started, according to his original testimony. But for his subsequent testimony to have any validity, he will have to say that he is now 100% certain the abuse started when Merlis was legally an adult. Or, if he says he knows there never was any abuse of Merlis.What if Hack does get nailed with perjury charges, though, given that he does bail out Greer with false testimony? Hack may then squeal and say that some people pressured him to lie in court. I think it’s called suborning a witness. I’m not trained in law, so I might have that wrong. Nevertheless, I’m sure it’s illegal under some circumstances to pressure a witness to lie.Conclusion: there is a dangerous game being played. People are risking gettting the FBI and Justice Dept. involved if they are using phones or the internet to undermine the State of Connecticut criminal and civil justice system.

Lawrence S. Dressler There was enough evidence to convict the goat without avi Hack. Criminal defendants who screw up and failed to get all their witnesses to trial are SOL, there has to be finality in a case, or else cases would constantly be reopened and never end

Lawrence S. Dressler SOL sh#% out of luck

Jeffrey Weisman The argument that one could be denied bail simply by the mere fact of being Jewish is repulsive. How is it exactly that one would flee the country with an ankle monitoring bracelet, travel restrictions with the TSA and customs together with home confinement restrictions and monitoring. There are many other reasons that he should have been denied bail but this is not one of them.

  • Joseph A. Orlow Please list all the other reasons he should have been denied bail.

Lawrence S. Dressler It would take the goat two minutes to take off the ankle bracelet. It would take the State hours before they figured it out, by then the goat is long gone and could be lost among ten million people in NYC

  • Joseph A. Orlow You know, it may seem strange, but I have a theory that Daniel Greer may have not cared much, ultimately, about keeping the Torah, yet for all that he may have a high regard for American law.

    That would explain a lot, including his not fleeing the country.

    An alternative theory is that he wants to preserve the facade that he’s innocent. After all, there was no physical evidence presented in court, aside from pictures meant to bolster testimony. So his claim that he is a victim of a conspiracy is viable to some.

    That would also explain his not fleeing.

    Of course where these theories break down is that he seems to have forced himself on teenage boys, which is a crime.

    Perhaps he always intended to flee if caught, but when the moment arrived he realized it wasn’t an option that would work for him. Maybe he deep down denies his guilt to himself. Always dangerous when someone begins believing their own lies.

Lawrence S. Dressler Don’t get high on your own supply!


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  1. What Dershowitz wrote makes a lot of sense. Smart man. However it is a mystery why The GOAT did not flee to Israel or France after his civil trial. France would be even better. Roman Polanski is still hiding there, and France never even considered extraditing him.

    IT IS ALWAYS ANTI-SEMITISM’S FAULT! (in my best Charlie Brown’s teacher’s voice)

    Epstein, anti-semitsim
    Weinstein, anti-semitism
    Madoff, anti-semitism
    Rothschilds, anti-semitism
    Da Goat, anti-semitism
    Jared from Subway, take a wild guess…. ANTI-SEMITISM

    perhaps a broken clock is right TWICE a day, but not more than that my friend.

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