Goat Hosts Shabbos & TishaBAv Services

Goat Hosts Shabbos & TishaBAv Services

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Rabbi Daniel Greer reopened his Child Rape Center for Shabbos Chazzon services as well as Tisha B Av services yesterday. The Goat paid a few young men, along with a family who spent Shabbos in the compound with their young child

I ran into a few young men who were recruited by the Goat for Shabbos Chazzon this past Shabbos. These guys were Israelis who lived in Lakewood for about a year. They had never heard of the Goat. They said they were recruited by an African convert. The Goat has a new recruiter. For the last couple of years a young red haired guy from Ohr Someach Yeshiva, who looked a lot like Goat victim Eli Mirlis, was recruiting young men to the compound every week. The recruits would get paid $75 per Shabbos and an extra $25 to stay til Sunday. Apparently the Goat fired the ginger and hired a ger (convert). This ger is not an African-American convert. This ger was born in Africa, just like Obama’s Jewish half brother with the Jewish mamma from Boston. The Goat hated Obama. Obama’s Jewish half brother also hated Obama. I would be curious to know whether the Goat’s African ger hates Obama.

The African ger told the young Lakewood recruits that there was no Jewish community in New Haven. He told them that there were just a few Jews downtown at Yale. He told them that the Goat struggled every week to get a minyan because of the lack of Jewish in town. The ger also told them that if they ran into any townies, if they say about the Goat, it isn’t true. The ger also recruited a young couple with a young child. How does the pedophile Goat get away with having young children in the compound?

The Lakewood recruits told me that they ate at Goat’s barn on Friday night. They said most of the Goat’s food was pre made in trays with kosher bands / seals wrapped around the trays. They said that the Goat obtained high quality expensive cherries and Concord grapes, which they said were even better than the fruit they had in Israel. I asked whether the Goat gave them a tour of his garage which was converted into a barn years ago, with goats, chickens, and ducks. They said that they were not given a tour of the barn but they said that the Goat’s wife told them that she tried to shecht a rooster or a chicken before Shabbos but it got away from her. The Goat’s son Ezi used to cut the throats of the Goat’s chickens before he left town and moved to Waterbury. This is the first time I have ever heard that the Ewe was slitting the throat of the Goat’s chickens. The Goat and his Ewe have resorted to cannibalism in order to survive.

The Lakewood recruits stayed in the Goat’s dorm building located right next to the Goat’s shul building, which is in foreclosure. This is the same building where Eli Mirlis was raped. While the Goat raped Eli Mirlis in a dorm room the Goat’s son Ezi banged on the door to try to get the Goat to stop. I jokingly told the Lakewood recruits to be careful at the compound. These tough Israelis said that if the Goat tried anything they would break his neck. The Goat should be more careful with whom he recruits to the compound. The Goat should screen his recruits more carefully. The Goat should ask his recruits whether they harbor any negative feelings or hostility towards pedophiles before letting them inside the compound.

I got reports from local Jews in New Haven, who left the compound two years ago, that they recently received letters from the Goat inviting them to attend his Tisha B’Av services, with a time schedule for services. The Goat sent letters to people who haven’t heard from the Goat in years. I used to get those letters. For some reason the Goat stopped inviting me to his services.

The Goat is on trial next month in New Haven criminal court on child rape charges. The Goat is looking forward to being exonerated so that he can rebuild his compound. The Goat will be able to once again proudly walk around the compound and point to all the good that he has done for the City of New Haven, such as poisoning tenants’ children with lead paint in his run down apartments and nearly killing tenants with fires from old wiring in his apartments. The Goat has a fresh coat of army green and brown paint on the outside of all his three family apartment buildings. The Goat also has fresh paint on all his 8 foot high fences. The interiors of the Goat’s buildings are completely run down with faulty electrical wiring. The Goat’s 40 properties are death traps.

For G-d, For Yale, For Country, For lead free apartments in New Haven


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5 thoughts on “Goat Hosts Shabbos & TishaBAv Services

  1. Whoa!! 40 properties i was thinking 20 million was maybe all he had. What would be his net worth?
    Beginningsto respect him for his wealth


    1. Each property is worth about $200-250K, times 40 is about $10 million. But all the properties are in the name of the Goat’s non profit entities. If the properties were sold the money does not go to the Goat. The money would have to stay in the non-profit, which has a board of directors. The board consists of the Goat, the Ewe, the Goat’s secretary Mrs. Ledbury, and a few dead people. The Goat got to skim, or steal, the rental income of the properties as the one managing the properties. I’m sure that the Goat stashed away millions from this scam. A rich pedophile scam artist does not impress me!

    2. Well that’s the jew in u.. I’m sure if your respecting him for his weath your a fucking didler to ….go brush your teeth .. take a longggg shower clean your clothes then COME SEE ME WE WILL DISCUSS THE CHILD MOLESTER FACE TO FACE ..MR ANONYMOUS…FUCKING SCUMBAG

  2. Well that’s the jew in u.. I’m sure if your respecting him for his weath your a fucking didler to ….go brush your teeth .. take a longggg shower clean your clothes then COME SEE ME WE WILL DISCUSS THE CHILD MOLESTER FACE TO FACE ..MR ANONYMOUS…FUCKING SCUMBAG

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