Goat’s Connections To Agudah Israel

Goat’s Connections To Agudah Israel

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The Goat has only two friends left in this world, his wife Sarah Greer AKA “the Ewe” and this crash test dummy.

Daniel Greer, AKA, the Goat was arrested on July 26, 2017 by the Police Department of the City of New Haven. The Goat is facing a criminal trial in September. The Goat’s entire family fled the compound after Mirlis filed his Federal child rape lawsuit against the Goat back on May 3, 2016. The only person who remained on the compound was the Goat’s loyal wife, the Ewe, who knew all along that the Goat raped children, yet did nothing about it. The Goat’s loyal son Ezi fled to Waterbury, never to speak with his pedophile father again. During the civil trial evidence was presented that Ezi was molested by the Goat. The Goat’s loyal Vice Principal of the Goat’s Yeshiva, and child rape victim himself, Avi Hack, left the compound and moved to Providence, Rhode Island. You can read the details of the relationship between Avi and the Goat, in Avi’s own words, below:

Before the Goat was arrested by the New Haven Police he was subjected to a search and seizure warrant. You can read the details of how the Goat raped Mirlis, and the results of the physical examination of the Goat’s body, in the police affidavits below:

Mirlis has only collected about $250K from property owned by the Goat. Mirlis has been forced to file numerous lawsuits, bank attachments and foreclosure actions to force the Goat to cough up money towards the $20 million judgment. Mirlis filed lawsuits against the Goat and the Goat’s non profit entities as well as a lawsuit against Sarah Greer, the Goat’s wife, alleging that the Goat fraudulently transferred property to Sarah Greer in order to avoid paying Mirlis. The Goat owns 40 or more properties in the Edgewood area of New Haven. These properties were all put into various non profit entities controlled by the Goat over the last 40 years. The non profits were named Edgewood Village, Yiddei Hagan, Friends of Hagan, the Yeshiva of New Haven, Edgewood Elm Housing, and other entities. The Goat’s main building where he had his rape school is still in foreclosure. The Goat has been fighting this foreclosure for a couple of years. There is a hearing next month on that case. The Judge in that case is expected to rule as to when the title to that building will be transferred to Mirlis.

The Goat spent many years getting grants from the State of Connecticut for his non profit entities and his child rape school. The Goat never used a dime of his own money to buy these properties. The Goat also received steady income from the City of New Haven to rehabilitate his properties and plant trees in the Edgewood neighborhood. The Goat was able to cash in on government grants over the years with the help of Yale law grad and former New Haven Alderman Ed Zelinsky, along with Ed’s wife Yale & grad Doris “Spite Fence” Zelinsky, Yale Greek history PhD Harold Hack and Yale Law graduate Mordechai Biser, who were all involved in the operation of the Goat’s non profits for many years.

Agudath Israel is the Jewish equivalent of the Catholic Church when it comes to protecting pedophiles in the pulpit. Agudath and the Catholic Church for many years worked together to stop the State of New York from passing laws to extend the statute of limitations on child rape cases. This year New York finally passed laws extending the statute of limitations, much to the disappointment of the Catholic Church and Agudath. The Catholic Church has since accepted and supported these new laws. Agudath, on the other hand, is still critical of these laws and has made veiled threats to potential victims. Agudath has stated that its Jewish day schools will face bankruptcy and close down if victims come forward and sue. Blame the victim if your Agudath school closes down. Had the Catholic Church and Agudath exposed abusers, rather than protected them all these years, New York wouldn’t have to pass such laws.

Ironically, special counsel for Agudath Israel is a lawyer who used to work for the Goat, ie., Attorney Mordechai Biser. Biser graduated Yale Law School, just like the Goat. Rather than take a job as an attorney in a law firm Biser decided to take a job working for the Goat running the Goat school. Biser worked for the Goat in the 1980s, 1990s and up until around 2000. Biser was also involved in real estate transactions with the Goat and the Goat’s non-profits. Biser ran the Goat school until Avi Hack took over.

Around the year 2000, after 20 years of loyal service, Mordechai Biser decided to leave the compound and leave New Haven forever, never to return. The last New Haven real estate transaction by Biser was signed in August 28, 2002, when Biser quit claimed 33-35 Pendleton Street to Avi Hack. Avi Hack testified that Biser claimed the deed into the name of Avi Hack at the “request of Daniel Greer.” (Page 51). Eli Mirlis alleged that he was first molested by the Goat in the fall of 2002. The Goat is charged in the criminal case with raping Eli Mirlis on the date of September 1, 2002, a mere four days after Biser transferred his last New Haven real estate interest to Avi Hack.

Avi Hack was first molested by the Goat when he was a student in the Goat’s high school in 1991. Avi Hack was 16 years old. Mordechai Biser was the Assistant Principal at the time. Avi testified that he was first molested by the Goat in the basement of the Goat’s yeshiva building in 1991. Avi testified that he got yelled at by Biser because he was not watching the front door of the Yeshiva. Biser was waiting for an important package to be delivered to the Yeshiva. Avi was supposed to wait for the package. Avi testified, “there was another administrator, who lived in the house behind my parents, and he had asked me on that Friday to please man the door, Yeshiva, he was expecting somebody or other, and Rabbi Greer knew that I was there and that I was the only one in the building.” The Goat took Avi down to the basement and molested him. Avi stated that the Goat “asked me to come downstairs with him to the janitor’s apartment. And I said to him that the other individual asked me to man the door. He said don’t worry about it. You know, he obviously, Rabbi Greer outranks him. Rabbi Greer said, ‘come with me it’s very important.'” After Avi got molested in the janitor’s basement Avi went back upstairs to man the front door. When Avi got upstairs he encountered Modechai Biser who was “angry and yelling at me how come I hadn’t done what he had told me to do, which is to man the door. I couldn’t really answer. I didn’t. I got on my bike and rode home.” (Page 23). After Avi graduated from the Goat school Avi worked with “Daniel Beizer” at the Goat school, where Biser was the Vice Principal. (Pages 51-52). Avi testified that he “worked together on things” with Biser after Avi graduated in 1992. (Page 52). Biser used a few different names while he was in New Haven, he was either Dan Biser, Daniel Biser, Daniel R. Biser, or Mordechai Biser.

At the time Avi first got raped by the Goat, Mordechai Biser owned a house at 33-35 Pendleton Street, “the house behind my parents,” ie., the house behind Avi’s parents Harold and Adelle Hack, who lived at 42 Hobart Street. Biser purchased 33-35 Pendleton Street for one dollar from Leigh S. Edwards on 12/31/86. Biser then quit claimed one third of 33-35 Pendleton to the Goat on the same day. The transaction gave Biser two third and the Goat one third of 33-35 Pendleton. Biser and the Goat then took out a $164K mortage on the property on 4/10/87. On 8/28/02 Biser quit claimed his two third interest to Avi Hack. In 2004 and 2005 the Goat transferred his one third interest to Dov Greer, Ezi Greer and their wives. Dov, Ezi and Avi then transferred their interests in 33-35 Pendleton to a limited liability company they formed called Maya Wheel, LLC in 2014.

Since I first started posting about Mordechai Biser I was able to speak with Biser about the Goat. Biser told me that working for the Goat was “the worst experience of his entire life.” Biser said that the compound was “abusive.” He said that had he known that the Goat was raping children he would have called the police and had the Goat locked up years ago.

Mordecai Biser told me that the Goat owed Biser $50K in back salary. Biser said that the Goat claimed that he was having cash flow issues and could not make regular payments to Biser. Biser agreed to defer his salary. Eventually Biser said that he was advised to ask the Goat to put a lien on the Goat’s real estate. The Goat signed a mortgage in the amount of $50K on behalf of F.O.H., Inc, on property located at 777 Elm Street, which is a three family building that the Goat used to dorm his high school student rape victims, located right next to the Goat’s Yeshiva building. The mortgage was filed in January of 1994 and released five years later in 1999. The mortgage was released at about the time Biser fled New Haven, never to return.

Biser arrived in New Haven in 1976 when he was enrolled at Yale University as an undergraduate. Biser stayed in New Haven and enrolled in Yale Law School. I don’t know if Biser knew the Goat back in the 1970s, but it is possible that the Goat butted horns with Biser in the small New Haven Orthodox Jewish community at the time. Biser worked for the Goat after he graduated from Yale some time in the 1980s. Biser didn’t leave New Haven until 20 years later. Why would Biser spend 30 years in the small New Haven Jewish community with the “abusive” pedophile Daniel Greer lurking about? Why would Biser spend close to 20 years working for the Goat, a job he found to be the “worst experience in his life?”

I question Biser’s honesty. How does one accumulate $50K in back salary? Who was paying Biser’s bills? I wonder what Biser knows about what happened to Avi Hack on the day Avi was supposed to man the front door. Why did Biser quit claim his house to Avi Hack and the Goat, at the request of the Goat, and leave New Haven, never to return, after having spent 7 years at Yale and another 20 years with the Goat. Almost a third of Biser’s life was spent in New Haven.

Biser ran the Goat school as Vice Principal at the same time Avi was getting raped by the Goat as a high school student. Biser left the school either just before or about the same time Eli Mirlis first got raped by the Goat. Ironically Avi was running the school as Assistant Dean in 2002 while the Goat was raping Eli Mirlis.

Avi Hack testified that he graduated from the Goat high school in June of 1992. (Page 8). Avi testified that his relationship with the Goat took on a “sexual angle” on a “nice beautiful spring day” on a “Friday” in “either ’91 or ’92.” (Page 22). Avi was born on February 13, 1975. Avi would have just turned 16 years old if he had his first sexual encounter with the Goat in May of 1991. Avi testified that he graduated from the Goat high school in June of 1992. (Page 19). Avi went away to yeshivas in Monsey, NY and Israel for a couple of years after he graduated from the Goat high school. Avi came back to New Haven and went to Yale from the September of 1994 until he graduated Yale in May of 1997. (Page 8). I don’t know if Avi got his dates mixed up or whether it only took him three years to graduate from Yale. Avi testified that after he graduated from Yale he went to a yeshiva in Monsey NY and another yeshiva in Providence RI. Avi then came back to the Goat school in September of 2000, first as a “dorm counselor and then as a teacher.” (Page 8). Avi testified that his sexual relationship with the Goat started in either 1991 or 1992, at about the time Avi started “working with Mordechai Biser” and this sexual relationship continued until July of 2004. (Page 26, 52).

When Avi was a high school student enrolled at the Goat school there was no dorm for the high school students. Avi testified that the high school consisted of only two students, Avi and Dov Greer. When Avi was a senior Avi’s brother Elisha enrolled in the high school as a freshman. (Page 13). Avi had attended the Goat’s elementary school from the time he was two years old. Avi and the Goat’s son Dov Greer were the same age and both spent elementary school and then high school, at the Goat school. When Avi and Dov were in high school the Goat started to take a more active role in the school. The Goat moved his office into the building and taught Talmud to Dov and Avi for “two hours a day.” (Pages 11-12).

Avi testified that he came back to the Goat school as a teacher and dorm counselor in 2000. Avi also had an informal administrative position as “Assistant to the Dean” or “Assistant Dean.” (Page 14). Eli Mirlis enrolled in the Goat high school in 2001 and was raped by the Goat in 2002. Mordechai Biser must have been the Assistant Dean prior to 2000, as Avi was out of State at a yeshiva at the time.

Avi Hack testified that Dov Greer was his “closest friend.” (Page 20). Avi testified that he “practically grew up in the Greer home.” (Page 20). Avi testified that he had “tremendous respect, reverence, awe for Rabbi Greer. I felt that he was superlative in every way. He was confident. He was knowledgeable. He was an effective parent. He was an effective teacher. I had tremendous, tremendous respect for him throughout my time, throughout my time in high school… during the course of my time in high school when I studied with him much more my reverence and respect for him grew and my emotional connection to him grew. We spent much time together. The Torah scroll was read every Saturday in synagogue so we would go and review it together to make sure there were no errors and it was prepared and ready.” (Page 20).

Avi testified that if he did not submit to the Goat the Goat would “yell at me, scream at me, he would bother me and it would be very disruptive, it would destroy a lot of things and it would be very embarrassing.” (Page 30). Avi stated: “Over time it became part of the way life was, I got up in the morning, the sun has this habit, it rises in the east every single day, and you have a meeting with Daniel Greer every single week. If I were to read about someone else having a sexual – oh that’s a terrible thing, but this was just sort of the way life was.” (Page 32-33) Avi stated that the Goat “certainly gave me alcohol as part of the sexual relations.” (Page 37). Avi testified that he got a break from the Goat’s weekly rape sessions during the week between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and during the Nine Days. (Page 28). Avi claimed he couldn’t shower during those days and didn’t want to get soiled by the Goat.

Avi stated that Ezi (Elisha) Greer “certainly guessed at some point” that he was getting raped by the Goat. Avi stated that Dov Greer “may have guessed at some point.” (Page 38). Why was Avi confident that Ezi knew yet Dov “may” have known about Avi’s rape sessions with the Goat? Avi stated that Dov was his best friend, not Ezi. During the civil trial evidence was introduced that Ezi may have been molested by his father. Avi testified that the Goat’s wife Sarah Greer knew about their sexual relationship and demanded that Avi ask for forgiveness for having sex with the Goat, which they would “discuss after Yom Kippur,” see below:

Avi testified that he came back to New Haven and went to Yale from the September of 1994 until he graduated in May of 1997. (Page 8). I was loosely affiliated with the compound for about two years while Avi was a Yale student. At times I used to give Avi a ride Yale. Avi lived at home with his parents and didn’t drive. Avi would frequently be seen riding his bicycle around the compound with his crash helmet. Little did I know that Avi was getting raped by the Goat at the time. Avi seemed to be a happy Yale student at the time. Avi said he wanted to stay in New Haven after he graduated from Yale, which I found to be unusual. Avi wore a large black yarmulke, black pants, white shirt and tzitzis hanging out of his pants. Avi looked out of place for New Haven. I couldn’t understand why he would want to stay in New Haven. Dov Greer, on the other hand, was very unhappy. I used to see him at the compound every now and then. Dov was always running away from his father. He looked much older than Avi even though they were the same age. Dov was constantly getting screamed and yelled at by his father the Goat. I felt bad for Dov. Dov left the compound for about a year or so and then came back, at or around the same time that Avi came back, a few years later.

Mordechai Biser, special counsel for Agudath Israel, needs to come forward and help the State of Connecticut lock up the pedophile Goat. Biser needs to appear at the Goat’s upcoming criminal trial and testify against the Goat. If more people like Mordechai Biser spoke out against pedophiles there would be no need for the State of Connecticut to waste its limited resources to bring a long overdue criminal action against a decrepit 79 year old goat. This is the reason I am paying such high taxes in Connecticut. I should send my tax bills to Biser.

The Goat was a big supporter of Agudath Israel. The Goat went to the Agudath conventions every year. Biser must have run into the Goat at these conventions. Avi Hack testified in his deposition submitted in the Eli Mirlis rape case that the Goat wanted Avi to arrange for Mirlis to stay in the same hotel as the Goat was staying with his wife for the Torah Umesorah convention. The Goat wanted Avi Hack to help the Goat shuttle between the room he shared with his wife and the room occupied by Mirlis. Avi testified that he refused to assist the Goat with such shenanigans. This was one of the few times Avi actually stood up to the Goat. Nobody from Agudath or Torah Umesorah has spoken out against the Goat. The silence is deafening. Torah Umesorah still has the Goat’s defunct Yeshiva of New Haven listed on its directory of schools, see link. Many people, including myself, have contacted Torah Umesorah and told them to take it down, yet the Goat school still remains on it’s website.

For G-d, For Country, For freedom from abuse, Moshiach NOW!

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5 thoughts on “Goat’s Connections To Agudah Israel

  1. What was behind honoring the rabbi at the convention or dinner that never happened . I don’t the rabbi has too many money connections. Did the rabbi ever help with askanus with his
    connections for agooda or general public? And why did he hang around conventions he hated Chassidim and you can’t add more excitement to your articles

    1. honoring which rabbi at which convention?
      the rabbi went to the conventions for public relations and marketing purposes, so he could recruit other students by telling educators and rabbis his school specialized in helping kids from unstable homes, so they could refer students to the Goat school.
      The Goat hated everyone, except himself.


  3. Wasn’t the rabbi about to be honored when the story broke ? Don’t tell me I’m telling you a detail you didn’t know

    1. Are you referring to Rabbi Muroff? He was honored at the Agudath Convention because he found $98K in a desk on Craigslist and returned it to the rightful owner, a drug dealer. In the Agudath world this is a big mitzvah. In the rest of the world it is pure stupidity. I don’t know if the Goat attended the Muroff honoring ceremony, the Goat was probably too busy having anal sex with Avi Hack at the time, he couldn’t be disturbed.

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