Goat Motion To Bar Noodles From Court DENIED

Goat Motion To Bar Noodles From Court DENIED

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The Goat’s motion to sequester Larry Noodles from all court proceedings went down in flames with Judge Alander ruling that the Goat’s motion was made in “bad faith.”

Daniel Greer and his high profile attorney Willie Dow were in court today looking dapper in their expensive suits and ties. I was sitting in the gallery in khakis and a white button down shirt I purchased on the clearance rack at Marshalls. I was not intimidated by the Goat and the Dow. The Dow was mostly down today defending the Goat. Judge Alander listened to numerous motions but declined to rule on most of them. At one point the Dow withdrew a request asking for financial information of Mirlis from the State’s Attorney. When the Goat saw the Dow withdraw this request the Goat went into a rage. The Goat pulled the Dow aside and started to argue with the Dow at counsel’s table. Judge Alander cut the two old men some slack and didn’t stop them from causing a ruckus in the Courtroom. Normally the Judge would tell them to take it outside. Alander cut the Dow a break while the Dow tried to deal with a very ornery goat like client. The entire courtroom watched the Dow try to calm the Goat down. The Dow motioned with both hands and said, “Dan PLEASE, Dan, Dan, DAN, PLEASE, I will explain, DAN…”

The State’s Attorney and the Dow argued about letting in evidence of the Goat’s molestation of Avi Hack and “RS.” Judge Alander didn’t make any definitive rulings. Judge Alander indicated that he may not let in evidence of the sexual relationship between Avi and the Goat after Avi turned 18. I believe Judge Alander will definitely let in evidence of the sexual relationship between the Goat and Avi when Avi was under 18. The Judge said that the relationship that occurred between these two men as adults is not “prior uncharged misconduct.” Judge Alander said he would have to determine whether the sexual relationship between Avi and the Goat as adults is relevant to the crime charged. I believe it is relevant because it shows a pattern on the part of the Goat. The Goat began his relationship with Avi when Avi was a minor, and continued that relationship until Avi got married. The relationship ended when Avi got married. The Goat began the relationship with Eli Mirlis as a minor and the relationship terminated when Eli got married. The Goat tried to stop Eli from getting married. The Goat knew that the relationship would end once Eli got married. The Goat even told Eli that his fiancee was not right for him. Eli got married anyway. I believe the Goat wanted to continue the relationship with Avi after Avi got married, but Avi put his foot down. The same may have happened with Mirlis when he got married. The State’s Attorney didn’t argue these points, but they will have another chance to argue these issues once the trial starts.

Attorney Matthew D. Popilowski of the legendary law firm run by pit bull Irish Attorney Hugh Keefe, ie., Lynch, Traub, Keefe & Errante, appeared in court on behalf of Avi Hack to argue against the State’s Attorney’s request that a subpoena be served on Avi to compel him to appear in Court. Attorney Hugh Keefe is 100% fighting Irish, with red hair and green eyes, unlike Willie the Dow, whom apparently has an Italian mama, from what I was told today in Court by a confidential informant. How did the Dow ever get a job at the US Attorney’s Office with mafioso blood? When I look at the Dow now all I can think of is the movie “The Departed” with Jack Nicholson. Popilowski told Judge Alander that he objected to Avi being compelled to appear in court. Popilowski didn’t really have any good reasons for keeping Avi out of Court, it was up to Judge Alander. Judge Alander basically told Popilowski to take a hike. Popilowski left court, went back to his office, reported to Hugh Keefe what happened in Court, and drafted a $2,000.00 legal bill which he mailed to Avi Hack in Providence RI.

Willie the Dow argued to Judge Alander that Avi avoided the subpoena in the civil case and that he expected that Avi will do the same in the criminal case. I’m not sure what point the Dow was trying to make. Judge Alander said he was going to issue the subpoena anyway, regardless of whether Avi hides like a coward.

The lawyers also argued about the admission of the testimony of victim “RS” who was molested by the Goat while he was a student. This student is expected to appear to show a pattern of grooming on the part of the Goat. I wrote about “RS” in my blog a couple of years ago. See link. State’s Attorney Roberg kept emphasizing to Judge Alander that the Goat’s modus operandi (MO) was “alcohol / wine and a bag of nuts / peanuts.” Willie the Dow mentioned that information about RS can be found on the blog of the “very esteemed journalist” Lawrence Dressler. I was flattered, even though the compliment came from one of the many Attorneys on the Goat’s wet dream team.

Judge Alander next heard my motion to stop the Dow from sequestering me from the trial. I had filed a motion in which I argued that Dow named me as a witness in his case so that he could have me sequestered. If you are a witness in a case in most cases you cannot watch the other witnesses testify. Alander allowed me to approach the bench. I felt like a real attorney again. I argued to Judge Alander that I couldn’t be called as a witness by the Dow because I was a reporter and protected by the reporter’s privilege. I told Alander that since the Dow had just referred to me as “an esteemed journalist,” the Dow admitted that I was part of the traditional media, even if I was just a lowly blogger, and the reporter’s privilege statute doesn’t refer to bloggers. I told Judge Alander that I appreciated the Dow’s compliment. The Dow objected and told Judge Alander, “I was being sarcastic.” Judge Alander looked up the statute and proposed that I only be sequestered from the testimony of RS but I be allowed to sit for the rest of the trial. I argued that I thought the law protected me and I didn’t have to sit out for any part of the trial. The Dow argued that I should be banned from the trial, banished from the courthouse and deported to Mexico. Judge Alander ruled that the courts have long recognized the First Amendment rights of bloggers. Judge Alander stated that the Dow’s motion was made in bad faith because it sought to exclude me the trial because of the content of what I write on my blogs, which he said raised “serious First Amendment issues.” Judge Alander noted that the Goat tried to exclude me in the Federal civil trial with a bogus restraining order. Justice prevailed today in the Superior Court of the State of Connecticut for the Judicial District of New Haven. See the motion I filed below:

We’re marching on, from the asbestos tiles and lead paint at 516 Ellsworth, on to victory without a doubt, to corners four we’re marching happily, nation after nation we are conquering! Yechi Noodles! Moshiach Now!

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The Goat’s Attorney David Grudberg abandons the Goat at Federal Court when approached by Larry Noodles

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  1. White Owl head Attorney Dow. He is taken the rebels money from this sick perverted Goat. .He dow I hope he chokes on a hotdog that would be the best form of punishment defending a chil RAPEST didler chomo….like he needs more money in the bank…..Mr NOODLES saved many more victims and SCUMBAG DOW HAS THE BALLS TO SAY HE WAS BEING SARCASTIC WHEN HE SAID HE IS A FINE REPORTER.. FUCK U DOW AND THAT CHILD RAPEST PIECE OF SHIT OF A CLIENT YOUR REPRESENTATING…..LARRY NOIDLES IS THE JEW CAPE CRUSADER…DOWN WITH THE FEDS CORRUPTION MUST BE STOP…

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