Daniel Greer Released From State Prison

Daniel Greer Released From State Prison

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Convicted pedophile “Rabbi” Daniel Greer was released from Connecticut State prison on December 10, 2020 due to his risk of getting COVID19. Mr. Greer is 80 years old. Mr. Greer filed his motion in criminal court in New Haven. I don’t have a copy of the motion or the decision, as the criminal courts still use paper files and have not gone on line. I found a motion in Greer’s appeal that refers to Greer’s release. The motion indicates that Mr. Greer will be on house arrest at least until February 1, 2021. I assume that Judge Alander will review his case at that point and determine whether he should stay on home confinement for another month.

Over 3,000 Connecticut inmates have tested positive for COVID19, which is about a third of the prison population. 245 prison guards are currently recovering from COVID19. The Connecticut Department of Corrections has recently been granting early release for non violent offenders. 8 inmates have died of COVID19 since November, 2020. A total of 15 inmates have died of COVID19. Most of the recent deaths have been inmates in their 60s. The death rate in Connecticut for COVID19 positive cases is about 3%, which is far higher than the death rate for Connecticut COVID19 positive prisoners, which is about 0.4%.

Greer’s sentence has not changed. Greer is still required to serve 12 years, assuming he loses his criminal appeal. Greer will eventually have to go back to prison when the pandemic is over and finish doing his time. Judge Alander may send him back on February 1, 2021 if Greer gets the vaccine. Greer so far has done less than a year in prison. The time Greer spends at home on home confinement does not count towards his 12 years.

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