Daniel Greer Trial Starts Tomorrow

Daniel Greer Trial Starts Tomorrow

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Jury selection in the child rape case against Daniel Greer is scheduled for tomorrow morning in the Federal District Court in Hartford.  Plaintiff Eli Mirlis just filed an amended complaint setting forth in detail the acts of depravity committed by pedophile Greer.

Testimony in the case will probably start the following week, depending on the Court schedule.  Jury selection shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours.  Federal jury selection in Connecticut does not involve an extensive voir dire, as is done in State court.

If Daniel Greer shows up for jury selection the jurors will get to look into the eyes of the monster who raped children.  Greer is not required to attend jury selection.  Most litigants attend jury selection in case they recognize a juror, or to get a feel for how jury members size them up.  Body language can be revealing.  If jurors looks repulsed when the judge summarizes the facts of this case, the lawyer for Greer may ask the judge to impanel a new set of jurors.  Potential jurors will probably look at Greer and nod their heads in disgust.

Sometimes jury selection forces a criminal defendant to take a plea, rather than to risk the outcome of a trial.  Defendants get scared when they notice that complete strangers don’t look too thrilled about being selected for jury.  Jury duty is an inconvenience for most Americans.  If jurors think that a litigant, such as Greer, is forcing them to miss time from work for no reason, they will not be too forgiving.

Greer has been capable of settling this case since 2015.  The old Goat is worth between five and ten million dollars.  The old Goat has refused to offer a nickel, even after Avi Hack repeatedly tried to convince the Goat to settle quietly before the lawsuit was filed.  It is entirely possible that the Goat offered some kind of settlement, but it was probably a number that didn’t even come close to what similar cases settled for.

The Goat is forcing this salacious public trial because this is the only way he knows how to get revenge against two men whom he considered to be his friends and lovers, especially Avi Hack, the Goat’s right hand man for the last 20 years.  They turned on him, and now he is turning on them.  Hell hath no fury like a Goat spurned.


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