Daniel Spektor Indicted For Selling FBI Badges

Daniel Spektor Indicted For Selling FBI Badges

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Up until a few months ago you could have gone on Ebay and purchased Federal and State law enforcement credentials sold by Daniel Spektor, of Brooklyn, NY. Spektor was just indicted along with his co-conspirator Eduard Zabolotnyy, for selling Federal and State law enforcement badges, insignias, and identification cards. Spektor told potential customers that placing these materials on your dashboard will allow you to avoid getting a speeding ticket, avoid New York City parking tickets and avoid getting busted for narcotics if you are pulled over by a State cop.

For $900 you could have purchased credentials showing that you are a member of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association. For $800 you could have purchased credentials showing that you are a member of the New York State Association of Chiefs Of Police. A New Jersey Chief of Police or a New York State trooper credential card costs $500. An FBI badge would set you back $5,000.00. All purchases had to be made with Bitcoin and the credentials would either be mailed to you or picked up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Spektor included testimonials on his Instagram account: Brent: “I’m Upstate and break a red light in front of a cop doing 90 in a 40, cop walks up sees the FOP on the windshield sees the cards, hands me back my stuff says have a nice day and drive safe. Bro!” Spektor falsely told potential customers that he worked for the Department of Defense, and his dad was an FBI agent and he was fully authorized to sell law enforcement credentials.

Eventually the Feds caught up with Spektor. The Feds had the New York State Police pull Spektor over for speeding in Staten Island. Spektor presented the State trooper with an FBI special agent family member badge, see picture above. Spektor told the trooper that his uncle was an FBI agent. Spektor was busted and released on a $300K bond, which was guaranteed by his parents Igor and Jana Spektor.

Spektor purchased his badges from Eduard Zabolotnyy and resold them on Ebay and Instagram. Eduard had his own Ebay and Instagram account where he sold his badges and insignia. Spektor and Eduard made about $100K from the scheme, which lasted a couple of years. Eduard was released on a $100K bond and was given permission to drive a cab in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

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If you are contemplating committing a Federal crime, STOP, take a time out, think about what you are about to do, its not worth it! I should know, I spent 18 long months in Otisville prison, after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit mortgage fraud as a closing attorney. The time spent in prison is only half the punishment, waiting for years to be sentenced and incarcerated takes a huge toll on your mental health, not to mention the repercussions after you get out of prison, the problems you will face finding employment and complying with the conditions of Probation. You will never appreciate your freedom until it is taken away from you. God Bless America!

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