“Danny” Greer Was High School Teacher’s Pet

“Danny” Greer Was High School Teacher’s Pet

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Daniel Greer’s 1956 YU High School yearbook pic. Lawsuits have been filed against YU’s high school for a culture of child rape going back to 1955. The YU Yearbook misspelled Daniel’s name as “Denial.” Daniel has been in denial about being a pedophile for the last forty years.

A few years ago a number of lawsuits were filed against the prestigious Yeshiva University High School for Boys of Manhattan with claims of sexual abuse. Close to forty boys brought a lawsuit against Yeshiva for acts going back to 1955. Most of these lawsuits were dismissed because they were beyond the statute of limitations. Recently the State of New York expanded the Statute of Limitations within which to bring such lawsuits. The Catholic Church and Jewish day schools lobbied Albany for years to prevent the expansion of the statute of limitations. Lawyers are currently preparing new lawsuits against the Yeshiva University High School for child rape. You can read a copy of the lawsuit below:

A 300 page lawsuit against the Yeshiva University High School alleged the following: “In or about 1955, a YUHS male student was attacked by Macy Gordon (then a young YUHS faculty member and/or dorm counselor) and a YUHS senior, who attempted (for about fifteen (15) minutes) to give him a “Mishey,” a term used for pinning a man down and rubbing toothpaste all over his genitals. The YUHS student soon thereafter reported Gordon’s inappropriate conduct to a high-ranking YUHS administrator, Norman B. Abrams, but Mr. Abrams rebuffed him, telling him, in words or substance, “you are a troublemaker make sure you stay out of trouble.”

Picture of Mr. Abrams in HS Year book of Danny Greer, 1956. In 1955 Mr. Abrams called students who complained about getting toothpaste smeared over their genitals by sadistic YU dorm counselor Macy Gordon “troublemakers.”

The lawsuit against the Yeshiva High School made the following allegations against YU Dorm Counselor Macy Gordon: “Gordon had a vicious and sadistic nature. On one occasion, Gordon sprayed a young boy’s genital area with Chloraseptic and then violently shoved a toothbrush (with toothpaste) up the boy’s rectum. After this boy and his father reported Gordon’s acts of sodomy (in detail) to YU’s Vice President, Israel Miller, YU allowed Gordon to remain on YUHS’s faculty, failed to notify law enforcement or child protective services officials of Gordon’s criminal acts, and failed to warn any students, parents, or prospective students, that Gordon was a known sexual predator. YUHS, therefore, was an extremely dangerous place, where vicious, malicious, and sadistic sexual predators roamed free to pick off their innocent prey by relying upon the respect and reverence they commanded by virtue of their positions, titles, and reputations for decency and erudition.”

A classmate of Danny Greer in 1956 was Burton Schucker. Burt’s yearbook page states the following: “Burt soon became Mr. Abrams’ ‘Lishka boy’ often attending his classes only to smile and collect his attendance.” Lishka boy in Hebrew means “office boy” or “chamber boy.”

Danny Greer’s classmate Burton Schucker was described as Mr. Abrams’ “lishka boy.” Lishka in Hebrew means office boy, cell boy, room boy or chamber boy. Schucker could be one of 40 Plaintiff’s named “John Doe” in the lawsuit against YU.
Danny Greer was Vice President of the Student Counsel and appointed himself in charge of other student organizations. The Goat always had to be in control.

Mr. Abrams was a powerful administrator and teacher at the Yeshiva High School. Mr. Abrams protected sadistic dorm counselor Macy Gordon while Macy sodomized students for decades. Mr. Abrams was mentioned and referenced numerous times in the High School yearbook of the 1950s. Students Samuel Berger and Jerome Dattelkramer both mentioned Mr. Abrams in the 1956 yearbook. Dattelkramer noted on his yearbook page that he “spent most of his time lobbying for Mr. Abrams.” Samuel Berger stated on his yearbook page that his “exploits were well known to Mr. Abrams.”

The Goat had a lot in common with sadistic dorm counselor Macy Gordon. Macy was obsessed with toothpaste. His weapons of choice were a toothpaste and a toothbrush when he sodomized young high school boys. The Goat was also obsessed with toothpaste. During the civil trial the attorney for Mirlis submitted memos signed by the Goat, and addressed to Avi Hack, that the Goat was very upset that Mirlis did not come to the compound to visit him after Mirlis returned from a trip to Israel. Mirlis was supposed to pick up special toothpaste from Israel that you can only use on Shabbos. The Goat was enraged that he didn’t get his special Shabbos toothpaste. The Goat was also mad that Mirlis was starting to date a female whom Mirlis eventually married. According to police reports the Goat’s lubricant of choice was KY jelly which he used to purchase at the Walgreens pharmacy located on Whalley Avenue in the compound. Back in the 1950s the lubricant of choice for pedophiles was toothpaste.

The Goat graduated High School in 1956 with many Jews who went on to become big machers in business, law, medicine and the Rabbinate. None of the Goat’s classmates went into pedophilia. Barry S. Augenbraun went on to obtain degrees from Columbia, Cambridge and Harvard Law School, and was the Vice President of Raymond James Investments. He fried out and became a Reform Jew in Tampa, Florida. Mordecai E. Zeitz went on to become a Rabbi and founded an Orthodox synagogue in Montreal, where he is a member of the RCA. Samson Helfgott went on to become a patent and IP attorney at the international law firm of Katten Muchin Rosenman. Charles Z. Weingarten went on to become an ENT doctor in Long Island. Fellow classmate Ernest Goldmann went on to practice oral surgery on the Island. I guess Ernest wasn’t smart enough to become a real doctor and had to settle for dentistry. Jacob Dyckman graduated from New York Law School and is currently practicing real estate law. New York Law School is almost as bad as Cooley Law School. Jacob obviously graduated at the bottom of his class at Yeshiva, but at least he didn’t go to Otisville for mortgage fraud like myself. Nissim Wernick was also a disappointment. Nissim went on to obtain his Reform Rabbinical degree from JTS. The biggest macher in 1956 was classmate Stanley Muss. Stanley wrote in his yearbook that he planned to go into the family building business. Muss Development is one of the biggest real estate empires in New York. Muss makes Trump look like a pauper. The Muss family has been active at Yeshiva University for more than a century, with buildings named after them. Stanley’s brother Josh, who graduated in 1958 from Yeshiva High School, has been running the empire up until this year. Josh’s son Jason recently took over.

The Goat needs to come forward and join in the lawsuit against the Yeshiva High School. The Goat must have been sodomized by Macy Gordon or some other predator at YU. The Goat raped Avi Hack, who himself became a sexual predator. Pedophilia requires proper training. You just don’t wake up one day and decide that you want to become a pedophile. You need to learn from the best, such as the Goat or Macy Gordon. You need to have the proper equipment, such as a toothbrush, Shabbos toothpaste and KY jelly. If the Goat wins $20 million from YU he can use that money to pay off his rape victim Eli Mirlis.

For G-d, For Country, For YU, Yale, New York Law School and Cooley, Moshiach Now!

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