David Glass: The Rat Who Never Sat

David Glass: The Rat Who Never Sat

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Convicted Jewish felon David Glass is in the cash advance business, known on the streets and the Orthodox Jewish hood as legalized loan sharking.  How come large banks and credit card companies, owned by goyim and pork fressing Jews, are the only ones allowed to charge 28% interest rates plus penalties and other hidden charges?  Aggressive guys like David Glass also want a piece of the action.  David Glass, and his company Yellowstone Capital, control a big chunk of this lucrative market, and make millions lending to small businesses and individuals.  Some of these so called loans are structured as inventory purchases, and interest rates can far exceed 28%.  These loans are totally legal.  Businesses and individuals are free to contract.  There are no victims who get their legs broken, just lawsuits if you don’t pay up.  The cash advance guys make you sign New York “confessions of judgment” before you get a penny.  This allows them to freeze your bank accounts the minute you miss one payment.

David Glass grew up in the Staten Island Jewish enclave in an Orthodox  home and was a regular at the Young Israel synagogue.  His father worked for the Feds as an IRS attorney. David’s brother became an accountant.  David was the black sheep of the family.  David dropped out of college and ran an illegal gambling operation out of his apartment.

David soon realized he could make more money as a stockbroker, so he joined a notorious pump and dump stock broker operation in Long Island.  These high pressure con men push stocks on their clients until the price goes up.  Once the price peaks the brokers sell out their own personal shares.  The stock tanks.  The clients lose everything.  The SEC investigates.  Many guys end up in Federal prison. These pump and dump operations usually expand to include the crime of insider trading.  If you are going on a crime spree you might as well commit multiple felonies.  The clients should also go to jail for stupidity.  These are the same type of people who give their bank account numbers to Nigerian spammers.

David eventually left the pump and dumpers in Long Island.  David started his own firm called Jasper Capital in the early 2000s.  David was now making millions on insider trading and pumps and dumps.  Traditional Wall Street bankers looked down on David Glass.  By Wall Street standards David was a complete sleezebag.  Yet David was able to marry the daughter of a prominent Jewish money manager from Goldman Sachs.  Goldman Sachs is a respectable robber baron firm who have Washington DC politicians in their back pockets.  It was a match made in Gehinnom.

David’s sins eventually caught up with him.  The Feds were tipped off to his massive criminal enterprise.  The Feds have computers to track trades.  It’s not hard to catch a crook on Wall Street these days.  The Feds confronted Glass with evidence of his crimes.  Glass hired Jewish Attorney Ben Braffman, the top choice of defense lawyers for Jewish felons who did time with me in Federal prison.  Ben Braffman gets paid a premium just because he is Ben Braffman.  Yet all his clients seem to end up in jail.  Braffman can charge up to a million bucks to negotiate a plea deal.  I knew a guy locked up in Otisville who offered to pay Braffman a bonus of a million bucks if Braffman kept him out of jail.  Braffman should go to prison for grand larceny.

Braffman didn’t waste any time advising Glass to join Team America. Glass agreed to wear a wire, and a cape, for Team America.  Braffman gave his cape to Larry David.  In one minute Glass went from disgraced sinner to revered saint.  Glass helped the Feds put away many of his friends and cohorts.  Glass was the inspiration for the movie “Boiler Room” which starred Ben Affleck, Vin Diesel, and Giovanni Ribisi.  If you liked Wolf of Wall Street, you will like Boiler Room.

Glass pleaded guilty to one count of securities fraud and one count of insider trading.  Glass gave the Feds $2.75 million as part of his plea deal.  Glass got sentenced by Judge Lewis A. Kaplan, a Jewish Federal Judge appointed by Bill Clinton.  Kaplan grew up in the same small Jewish enclave in Staten Island as the Glass family.  What self respecting Jew would want to live in Staten Island anyway?  Most New Yorkers don’t even consider Staten Island to be part of the Big Apple.

Judge Kaplan made headlines in the 1990s when he spared a Hasidic Jew a lengthy prison sentence in a massive insurance fraud case with millions in losses.  The light prison sentence imposed by Kaplan was appealed by the Feds.  The Second Circuit reversed the sentence and gave Kaplan a potch on the tuchus, and ruled:  “First, accepting as true Judge Kaplan’s finding that the marriage prospects of the defendant’s children will suffer if he is incarcerated for a long period, we find that diminished marriage prospects do not present a downward departure of the sentence.  The defendant’s children can claim no more than most children of incarcerated parents — that the stigma of their parent’s punishment has lessened their desirability as marriage partners… Finally, to the extent the circumstances of the defendant’s children are atypical because the established marriage practices of the Bobov Hasidic community place special emphasis on the role of the father, we agree with the Government that this is an improper basis for downward sentence departure. Congress has directed that the Sentencing Guidelines must be entirely neutral as to the race, sex, national origin, creed, and socioeconomic status of offenders.”

Kaplan sentenced Glass to probation.  No prison.  Unheard of.  The biggest FBI snitches in history all got some prison time.  The Feds always insisted on cages for rats.  After all, the rats are the most culpable.   Why did Judge Kaplan spare Glass?  Was it because Glass’ father was an IRS lawyer?  Was it because Glass’ father in law was a big shot at Goldman Sachs?  Was it the Jewish connection?  At the time Glass got sentenced the United States Attorney General was Michael Mukasey.  Mukasey is an Orthodox Jew from New York City.  Mukasey was close with Rudy Giuliani.  Hasidic Jews helped Giuliani get elected Mayor in a close election with David Dinkins.

Solomon Dwek was a rat who helped the Feds secure 48 indictments of politicians, organ sellers, and rabbis.  He had to do a couple of years in jail.  The biggest rat in politics, ie., lobbyist Jack Abramoff, had to do time.  The biggest rat in Wall Street insider trading history, ie., Ivan Boesky, had to do time.  The guys who ratted out billionaire Walter Forbes, of Cendant Corporation, all had to do time.  Even Sammy the Bull Gravano, who ratted out John Gotti, had to sit in prison.

The only FBI rat who did not do time, other than Glass, was Rev Al Sharpton.  Rev Al said that in the 1980s he wore an FBI wire because he wanted to catch mobsters who were trying to kill him.  Rev Al denied that he was caught in a drug raid and that wearing a wire was his get out of jail free card.  Rev Al said that he was not a drug dealer.  Rev Al said that Don King tried to set him up in a drug deal and he was entrapped.  You can’t believe a rat.  The Feds shouldn’t be allowed to use rats.  Rev Al was paid by the Feds.  A rat will say anything if he is spared jail time and gets paid on top of it.

I can see why the Feds decided to spare Rev Al jail time.  Rev Al ratted out big time mobster Vincent ‘The Chin’ Gigante.  If Al went to jail his life would be in grave danger.  Rev Al would not be able to defend himself in prison.  If Rev Al got killed in jail it would be very embarrassing for the Feds.  A Black rat gets whacked.  If Sammy the Bull got whacked in jail nobody would care.  Another dead mobster, big deal.

Not only did Glass get no jail time, but he even got his probation modified to allow him to travel wherever he wanted.  I am currently on Federal probation.  If I want to travel outside of the State of Connecticut I need special permission from my probation officer.  The probation office rarely gives anyone permission to leave their district.  You have to show compelling circumstances, such as you have a job in the next state and you need to commute to work.  David Glass didn’t have to show compelling circumstances.  David Glass merely asked Judge Kaplan in a letter if he could travel to any State in the continental United States, whenever he wanted, because “he has family and friends elsewhere in the United States and he likes to travel with his wife and son.”  Permission granted.

David Glass is currently embroiled in a civil lawsuit in which a former employee sued him for wrongful discharge, slander, defamation and infliction of emotional distress.  There is a video of David Glass screaming at this employee in front of all his co-workers.  Why did David Glass, a nice Jewish felon from Staten Island, worth millions, bark at this balding, heavy set, shirt hanging out of his pants, unshaven employee, with the words:  “get the F%$& out of my office fat ass!”  Is David Glass so insecure that he had to publicly humiliate this poor guy?  Most CEO’s delegate the job of firing employees to the Human Resources Department.  You can take David Glass out of the boiler room and put him inside the boardroom, but you can’t take the ass out of David Glass.

Was David Glass trying to send a message to the other employees when he humiliated this worker?  In the video David looked around and yelled “anyone else??”  David Glass is the alfa male in the office.  Don’t mess with Teflon Glass, the only rat in US history, other than Rev Al Sharpton, who managed to avoid spending one day in Federal prison. David should get together with Rev. Al.  They have a lot in common.  David is the black sheep of his Jewish community, and Rev Al is the Black rat of his African American community.  A black sheep and a black rat.  Throw in the Goat and the Ewe and you have one big lively group of barnyard animals.  Speaking of the Goat, the Goat got his court date in his criminal case rescheduled until November 8th.  The Goat was supposed to appear in court today. The ornery Goat once again foiled Larry Noodles!

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