Day 3 – Jury Selection – Criminal Court – The Goat

Day 3 – Jury Selection – Criminal Court – The Goat

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The Goat is no longer the King of the Compound. All the Goat’s horses and all the Goat’s sons, ie., Ezi, Dovie, and adopted son Avi, couldn’t put the Goat back together again.

The Goat was seated next to his attorney Willie the Dow all day Wednesday. Jurors were asked the same questions over and over again. The Goat looked tired. The Goat had his hand over his head and watched every juror answer the questions posed by the attorneys. The potential jurors made little or no eye contact with the Goat. Not a good sign. The potential jurors have expressed disgust with the crimes that the Goat is charged. The Ewe showed up briefly in the morning. I was seated directly behind the Ewe because the potential jurors took up most of the seats. I don’t think the Goat was happy with me sitting behind his Ewe. She shooed her away. She went back to the barn. Every time she is in court she has a big smile pasted on her face.

Once again Willie Dow referred to the Ewe as “Shiela” Greer rather than Sarah. The Dow was way down this morning. The Dow was in need of a correction by the Ewe. “It’s Sarah Greer!” The Dow apologized to the Ewe in front of the jurors and muttered to the Goat, “after 48 years…” I was not sure what the Dow was referring to when he said “48 years.” Is it possible that the Dow and the Goat crossed paths at Yale fifty years ago? The Dow graduated Yale undergrad in 1963.  The Goat was in Yale law school in 1962 or 1963.

The Goat and the Dow accepted a female member of the Dow’s Irish Catholic tribe as a juror. This woman was divorced and retired. She had worked at the mega law firm of Shipman and Goodwin for 35 years. She is a professional juror. She recently sat on two cases, one was a rape case and another was a slip and fall.  The Dow asked her, “You worked in a big shot law firm, are you going to try to run the show with the jurors?” The juror laughed.  The juror said she was not familiar with Jews or their customs. The Dow told her, “the Jews have their Sabbath is on a Saturday not a Sunday like us, they are not allowed to drive a car, turn on the lights, or engage in work, a bris is a circumcision, analogous to a christening, a period of mourning is called shiva and it lasts for 30 days.” The juror said she never heard anyone make Anti-Semitic remarks in her presence.  She said she doesn’t read the daily headlines about pedophiles and molesters much but she did follow the Judge Kavanaugh case.  She told Dow, “I don’t normally attend Church but I believe there is a God.” She said she thinks that someone must be gay if they have male on male sex.  The State’s attorney Wilinsky told her that if an expert told her that males do not necessarily have to be gay to have sex, would she change her view. She answered yes. 

The Goat and the Dow refused to accept a fellow female Yalie. This juror got into the Yale School of Music because she played a mean flute. This juror, who is from the South, also stated that she had never heard Anti Semitic remarks other than from the passages in the book she read, ie., The Passion of the Christ. She said she is an agnostic. She also said that she watches CNN and reads the New York Times, “so now you know my party affiliation.”  She said it was common in the arts to get sexually harassed.  She said she her older male mentor rubbed her on the rear end in a concert she attended and asked her what kind of underwear she was wearing.  She said that this man is now in his 80s, a few years older than the Goat, and “he got away with stuff in a certain era that he wouldn’t get away with today.” She said she followed the Kavanaugh story but not the other headline stories.  She was the second woman who mentioned Kavanaugh.  She made no eye contact with the goat.  She said she has some Jewish friends but none who were Orthodox. She said she lived in Westville on the eruv line. The Dow didn’t know what she was talking about. The Dow didn’t want to reveal his ignorance of the eruv so he changed the subject and told her, “a bris is a circumcision for young kids.  Your son is too young to have been invited to a bar mitzvah.”  The Dow would have flunked out of the Goat school. A circumcision is performed on an 8 day old baby, not “young kids.” This juror had to explain to the Dow that the eruv is “where the Jews walk.” The Dow agreed. The Goat gave the Dow a D- and “no redo’s.”

None of these goyisha jurors would admit that they uttered, or heard others utter, bad things about the Jews. I was shocked. The State’s Attorney even tried to be suggestive and drag it out of them. Attorney Wilensky said, “You know, like the Jews have a lot of money and control the world.” The jurors looked dumbfounded like they never heard about the worldwide Jewish cabal. The female juror who is a big fan of CNN apparently never heard of “The Squad” of Congresswomen who want to boycott, divest and excommunicate the Jews who occupy the Holy Land. Even the African American New Haven jurors, who probably rent from shyster Hasidic Jewish slumlords, claimed that they never heard anyone utter Anti-Semitic remarks in their presence.

There was an Irish blond woman juror whom the Dow accepted but the Goat rejected. I did not hear the Goat overrule the Dow and reject her. Reporter Chris Peak overheard the Goat reject her. Peak’s ears are much younger than mine. This divorced juror was a counselor for a supervised residential group home.  She works out at the gym, does Zumba, and likes to read novels. The Goat was probably worried about Zumba. The Goat probably thought it was avodah zarah.  This juror was a low talker and the Dow had to keep telling her to speak up. She said she was a spiritual person, not religious, and didn’t know anything about Orthodox Judaism.  Willie the Dow tried to explain, and said, “Orthodox Judaism is a different type of Judaism.  My client is a rabbi, he has a yarmulke, observes the Sabbath, he can’t move basically, no driving cars, no electricity.  Are you familiar about that?” NYET!

Many people have been leaving comments on my Facebook page. I send out live updates from the Courthouse about what is going on with the trial on my Facebook page, which is open to the public. The angriest comments are coming from women who went to the Tikvah High School for girls that was run by the Ewe for a few years before it suddenly shut down. One woman said that she hopes that the female jurors “crucify” the Goat. The Tikvah girls started a hashtag #Tikvahgirlsforjustice. I never heard any reports of the Tikvah girls getting raped by the Goat, but I heard other stories of abuse. The Ewe would not allow any of the girls to have friends at the school. The Ewe regularly conducted “raids” of the girls dorm rooms, looking for fashion magazines or tabloids. The Ewe refused to call an ambulance when a girl had an asthmatic attack, and she nearly died. One woman said she was so traumatized that she nearly committed suicide, and is still suffering to this day.

Read the first hand account of the horror stories at the compound spoken from the mouth of Goat assistant Avi Hack:

For G-d, For Country, For Zumba

Moshiach NOW!

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