Day 4 Jury Selection Criminal Trial Daniel Greer

Day 4 Jury Selection Criminal Trial Daniel Greer

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The Days of Daniel Greer running his House of Horrors may soon be coming to an end if he is convicted of four counts of sexual assault and four counts of risk of injury to a minor

Jury selection in the case of State of Connecticut v. Daniel Greer is moving quickly. Today the lawyers finished picking the six regular jurors who will be deciding the fate of the man who engaged in a 40 year crime spree in the City of New Haven. Tomorrow the lawyers will start to pick the 3 alternates. Willie Dow, who is representing the Goat, had used more of his peremptory challenges than State’s Attorney Maxine Wilensky. Reporter Chris Peak wrote that he heard the Goat tell the Dow to reject a few jurors whom the Goat didn’t like. The Dow was ok with these jurors but the Goat will never rely on the advice of his attorney. The Goat, who has a Yale law degree but who has never tried a criminal case in his entire life, is much smarter than the Dow, a Yale graduate who is one of the most prominent criminal defense attorneys in the State of Connecticut.

One potential juror who was questioned was an African American Catholic priest. He was excused because he said he had to run his Church and he had no time, or patience, for the pedophile Goat. None of the lawyers even got a chance to ask him about how he felt about pedophile priests. A Spanish guy who said he was a victim of sexual assault was excused from the jury panel without the lawyers asking any questions. The Spanish guy walked by the Goat and looked like he wanted to punch the Goat in the fur. He held back and walked out of the courtroom.

The Ewe was in the courtroom during the opening introductions that the lawyers and the Judge give to the jury panel. The Ewe leaves after the introductions and doesn’t hang around to hear the individual jurors get questioned. Once again I had to sit right behind the Ewe as there were no other seats available. The Ewe was asking the Dow’s assistant how to fix her laptop computer when it froze up.  The Dow’s assistant turned to me and asked me what I did to unlock my computer.  The Ewe didn’t engage in any discussion with me, she just sat there smiling, as she normally does during the court proceedings. I can’t tell whether she has a happy smile or an evil smile. It could be that she is heavily medicated with happy pills. If the Ewe has a laptop computer she must be reading these blogs.

When the Dow introduced himself to the jury panel this time he finally got the Goat’s name and the Ewe’s name correct. He didn’t call the Goat “David” or the Ewe “Sheila.” Some people who commented on my Facebook page have suggested that the Dow’s use of the name “Sheila” was a Freudian slip. In Ireland, the Dow’s homeland, “Sheelas” are gargoyles of naked women displaying an exaggerated vulva that are found in cathedrals, castles and churches. Obviously this was an inside joke at the Ewe’s expense. Another person, who spent a year at the Goat’s yeshiva, said her name was a “shaila.”

A Statue of a Sheela, found in Ireland, the homeland of the Goat’s Attorney, Willie the Dow

The first potential juror questioned was an African American woman who lives in the Goat’s neighborhood on Edgewood Avenue. She knew of the Goat’s school. She also worked in real estate, providing help for first time homeowners. If she is involved in real estate then she must know that the Goat is an unscrupulous shyster landlord. She said she heard the news about the Goat but didn’t know much more than what was in the press. She was eventually kicked off the panel when she revealed that either she or a close family member was a victim of sexual assault.

A heavy set gregarious Italian man from North Branford was accepted by the Goat and his attorney and was juror number 5. This juror is a manager of 180 people and has a couple of kids. He said he would be happy and honored to serve on the jury.  He said he knows a few people who are Jewish. The Dow told him that Orthodox Jews wear yarmulkes, celebrate the Sabbath on a Saturday not on a Sunday and they can’t drive, cook, or use the phone. This juror said that as a manager he likes to hear both sides of a story before he reaches a decision, he said it is hard to make a decision without hearing both sides of the story. The Dow had a hard time explaining to jurors why his client wasn’t going to take the witness stand. He told them that the Goat had the right not to testify in his defense. He said it is up to the State of Connecticut to prove their case. The Dow told them that when you get arrested the cop tells you that you have the right to remain silent. Big deal. The Dow didn’t have a good explanation as to why the Goat is going to remain silent while he gets trashed in the courtroom by the State’s witnesses.

An African American software engineer raised in St Thomas, in the US Virgin islands was questioned by the attorneys. Nobody asked him whether he had ever been to Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island located in the “Virgin” Islands.  He said he was stopped in his car by the cops a few times. The prosecutor asked him whether he was stopped for ‘being Black’?  He laughed. He said his car had tinted windows. The prosecutor hasn’t tried to defend the cops when jurors complain about bad experiences they have had with the boys in blue. The prosecutor apologizes. I have never seen a prosecutor apologize so much in my life. I wish the Department of Justice would apologize to me for locking me up for 20 months and wasting taxpayers money. I also never realized how many people have been victims of sexual assault. This juror had a cousin who was a victim of child molestation and he had kept quiet about it for a long time. This juror was excused for cause.

The next guy to be picked as the 6th regular juror was an Italian guy from Hamden who owns an insurance agency.  He said his aunt was murdered and the murderer was deported, which he said was criticized by the press. He said it was a bad outcome. Once again the prosecutor had to apologize to this guy for the actions of the police and / or prosecutor. This guy was the first juror to say he that he has heard Anti-Semitic remarks, but he thought less of the person who uttered such slander against the Jews.  He said that he spends his free time with his girlfriend. He said he takes her out for dinner, goes out for walks with her, and walks his dogs with her.  He said he has never heard of the Goat.  Willie asked him whether he thought that all lawyers were snake oil salesmen.

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The only thing that will save the Goat from a conviction at this point is Moshiach.


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  1. Larry, tell me what if anything you know about Rabbi Daniel Greer’s sons. Where were they. We heard they dodged subpoenas.

    1. Ezi Greer dodged a subpoena issued by the Office of the State’s Attorney. The State’s Attorney never looked for Dov Greer. Avi Hack avoided numerous attempts by the State’s Attorney to serve him with a subpoena. The Connecticut State’s Attorney had to employ marshals in Rhode Island to serve Avi. Avi knew they were coming so he took his family out of his house and probably shacked up with friends or other family members. My spies spotted Avi a week before the subpoena attempt at his synagogue in Rhode Island. If I was the State’s Attorney I would have found these guys a long time ago.

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