Day 5 – Greer Jury Selection – Criminal Courthouse

Day 5 – Greer Jury Selection – Criminal Courthouse

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Daniel Greer leaving the New Haven Criminal Courthouse after a week of jury selection

Six regular jurors were selected yesterday in the case of State of Connecticut v. Daniel Greer, in which the Goat was charged with 8 counts of molestation and risk of injury to a minor. Today the attorneys were trying to pick three alternate jurors. Jury selection had to be cut short. The Goat complained that he had to go home early to prepare for Shabbos. Judge Alander let the Goat off the hook at 1 PM in the afternoon. Candle lighting in New Haven is not until around 7:30 PM. Why did the State of Connecticut give the Goat almost seven hours to prepare for candle lighting? Goat privilege?

The first alternate juror questioned by the attorneys was a 32 year old female African American college graduate who works at Bob’s Furniture. She said she knows about Sabbath observances because her father is a Seventh Day Adventist. She lives in the Edgewood neighborhood but doesn’t know anything about the Goat. Willie Dow told her that Orthodox Jewish males and females are not supposed to touch each other in public. This potential juror said she gets her news from Twitter. The Dow asked her “who do you twit with?” Judge Alander corrected the Dow and told him that the proper expression is “who do you tweet” not “twit.” The only twit in the room was the Goat. This juror was quickly excused for cause because she had a close friend who was sexually assaulted, and the perpetrator got away.

The next juror up to bat was a male Pakistani Islamic gas station manager. The attorneys were well versed in asking jurors about Jewish stereotypes, but now they had to deal with a Paki running a Kiwi mart. The State’s attorney was concerned about how rape is treated in Pakistan. The gas station manager said that culturally and morally it is unacceptable in Pakistan, sex is supposed to be limited to married couples, even in mixed species marriages between goats and ewes. States Attorney Wilensky also asked whether this juror would have to take five breaks a day in order to pray. He said that he is not so frum and he only prays one day a week. I am surprised that the Goat didn’t try to take breaks in order to pray three times a day. This juror was excused because he didn’t think his employer would pay him to sit on the jury.

The next juror up to bat was a school counselor at Notre Dame high school. This juror knew Willie Dow and all the Irish Catholic members of the New Haven bar, including Judge Keyes, and Judge Fischer. He talked about Judge Fischer’s skills, or lack thereof, on the basketball court with Judge Alander. Judge Keyes used to be invited to the Goat’s annual fundraising dinner by Avi Hack and spoke from the podium. Judge Keyes told me after the Goat case broke that his friends don’t do what the Goat did so he is no longer friends with the Goat. This juror was excused because he knew too many lawyers.

A few other jurors were excused because they were either victims of sexual assault or knew someone close to them who was a victim of a sexual assault. It doesn’t look good for the Goat when half the population has been victimized by animals like the Goat.

The State’s Attorneys Office is seeking to obtain the videotape deposition of Avi Hack from the Federal court. Judge Shea ordered that I be provided with a copy, but it is sealed until the Second Circuit hears the Goat’s appeal. In its motion the State of Connecticut made reference to the appeal, the motion to seal, Aviad Hack and the Goat, but made no mention of Larry Noodles. The State referred to me as a “non-party”: “After the 2017 trial, a non-party appears to have requested certain materials…” No respect for Larry Noodles! The State obviously wants to play the videotape deposition to the jury rather than dragging Avi Hack into court. You can read the State’s paperwork below:

You can read a copy of Avi Hack’s full deposition below:

We’re marching on, from 770, on to victory without a doubt, to corners four we’re marching happily, nation after nation we are conquering!

For Peace in the Middle East. For Justice. For the Army of Hashem! For Moshiach!

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    1. Rabbi Goat was not in town for Shabbos, the compound was completely empty, he lied to his attorney, he lied to the Judge.

  1. We’re marching on, from 770, on to victory without a doubt, to corners four we’re marching happily, nation after nation we are conquering!

    Good luck wit China Juden! try mirroring them goyim.

    Jus cuz Zuckerstein married a slope whose daddy is a member of the communist party…..

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