Day 6 Jury Selection – Criminal Trial – The Goat

Day 6 Jury Selection – Criminal Trial – The Goat

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Stand By Your Goat: Rebbetzin Sarah Greer leaving New Haven Criminal Court, where she has been the only person supporting her Goat. The Goat’s loyal secretary Jean Ledbury has been picking up the Ewe every day during jury selection in her red Hyundai.

The jury has been selected for the criminal case of State of Connecticut v. Daniel Greer. Evidence will start on September 16th. The jury consists of 6 regular jurors and 4 alternates. Of the 6 regular jurors four are female and two are male. All but one are parents. None are Jews. Most of the day in court today was spent picking two alternate jurors. Judge Alander told the attorneys to pick four alternates instead of three. It was very hard for the attorneys to pick an impartial jury. Most jurors said they were either victims of rape or had family members and friends who were victims. How is a child rapist supposed to get a fair trial these days?

The first juror questioned was a Spanish woman. This woman didn’t realize that the Goat didn’t have to take the witness stand and defend himself. She said she didn’t really understand this concept. Willie the Dow explained the Goat’s right against self-incrimination but she still looked confused. Why would an innocent man sit in his chair like a fool and not defend himself? Like many jurors she said she gets her news from Facebook. She said she knows nothing about Orthodox Jews. Willie Dow explained to her that religious Jews wear yarmulkes and have tassels on the side of their pants. Tassels? Dow never mentioned tassels before. The Dow asked her whether she had ever heard anti-Semitic remarks, such as Jews are cheap or that Jews are greedy. The Dow said that growing up he heard a lot of these remarks. The Dow didn’t mention whether he defended the honor of the Jews or whether he also engaged in such attacks. I’m sure at his Catholic High School in the 1950s the Dow objected to cheap shots made by fellow Irish Catholics against the Christ killers. The Dow only trashed the grease ball Italians. The Dow is now forced to defend the lowest forms of human life, such as the Goat Rabbi. The Dow must be doing penance for his failure to defend the honor of the Jewish people back in high school.

The Dow asked the Spanish woman a “trick question.” He asked her to look at the Defendant Daniel Greer and tell him whether the Goat is guilty or innocent. She said she didn’t know whether he was guilty without hearing all the evidence. The Dow told her that the Goat is presumed innocent so therefore he is not guilty as he sits in the courtroom. Even though the Spanish woman failed the Dow’s trick question, the Dow accepted her as an alternate juror.

The next alternate was a white woman who said she was sexually assaulted many years ago. She said she can be fair to the Goat. Yeah right. She just wanted to get on the jury so that she can hang the Goat. The Dow and Judge Alander tried to get her to admit that she would be biased against the Goat. She wouldn’t cave. She said she would keep an open mind and judge the Goat fairly. Willie the Dow was forced to use his seventh peremptory challenge to kick off this woman.

A young Italian white man was asked by the State if he knows anything about Jews. He said he heard that they celebrate Chanukah. He said that he is a good Roman Catholic and passed his catechism classes. He also said that his priest in his Church got shipped off the Florida because he molested children in the church. He said he wasn’t sure if the priest was ever arrested. He said that they got a new priest in his church. The Dow explained to this juror that Orthodox Jews wear yarmulkes and tassels and the men dance together and hug each other at weddings. This was the first time that the Dow told a juror that part of Orthodox Judaism is for Jewish men to dance together and hug each other. The potential juror said he knows that at the Jewish weddings they “put the men in the chair.” This potential juror said he used to go to mass on Sundays but he only gets one day off a week and would rather go to the beach than go to Church on Sundays. The Goat laughed. The Dow accepted this man even though this guy said someone in his family got sexually assaulted.

The next potential alternate juror was a young White suburban woman who likes to watch Law and Order, a popular show with jurors. She said she had a friend who was sexually assaulted in college and she doesn’t think that the assailant was ever busted. She says she wants to serve in the jury even though she knows someone who was sexually assaulted. This alternate juror was also accepted by the attorneys. The next potential juror was a Chinese doctor from Yale. Most doctors try to get out of jury duty by telling the attorneys that they are too busy treating patients to sit on a jury. This juror didn’t mention anything about being in a busy medical practice. State’s Attorney Wilinsky didn’t want to waste any time so she asked the doctor leading questions, such as, “most doctors try to get out of jury duty but you haven’t made any such attempt, you must work in a busy practice at Yale, don’t you want to get back to your office?” The doctor looked dejected and disappointed. I think he wanted to get on the panel. Judge Alander chimed in, “if you are too busy for jury duty that’s ok we understand.” The doctor must have felt like he was rejected from jury duty. He said fine, if you wanted me to leave why didn’t you just say so.

A Polish guy in the insurance business who grew up in Fair Haven and graduated from Notre Dame High School was rejected by the Dow. This man played basketball at the JCC and had known a priest who got kicked out of his Church for child molestation. The Dow told him that Orthodox Jewish men go to one side of the Temple and women go on the other and men don’t touch women in public. This was a completely new line of questioning for the Dow. The Dow sounds like he is trying to convince jurors that Orthodox Jewish men are a bunch of homosexuals. I don’t know how this would help his client in any way. The Dow also mentioned that Attorney David Grudberg probably will not be in court to join him to help on the Goat case. Is the Goat finally running out of money for attorneys fees? The Goat hired attorneys Willie Dow, David Grudberg, William Ward, Stuart Margolis, Jeffrey Sklarz, and Jonathan Einhorn. These attorneys are not cheap.

The last juror to be questioned, and picked as the final alternate worked for a local news station. She was a 24 years old bubbly Stephen King fan. She was unmarried and wore a very long white lacy dress that could easily pass for a wedding gown. She was overdressed for jury duty. She had a close relative who was a victim of rape. I couldn’t believe that the Dow allowed her on the panel. She will probably produce a show about the case after the trial, which would feature Willie the Dow in the spotlight, while the depraved Goat rots in prison.

On Thursday morning Judge Alander will conduct a motion hearing with the attorneys. The Dow’s motion to kick me out of court will probably be heard on Thursday. The Dow has not treated me with any level of respect between courtroom proceedings. The Dow yelled at me a few times because he thought I was eavesdropping on his conversations with the Goat. The Dow named me as a witness he plans to call in the Goat case. Is this any way to treat a hostile witness? I keep telling the Dow that I cannot decipher the mumbling between him and the Goat when they go into a huddle at counsel’s table. Plus I cannot speak Goat language. Do I look like Dr. Noodlittle? After the Goat case the Dow should retire and move to Miami Beach, spend his money on Israeli prostitutes and enjoy life for a change. The miserable Goat is bringing the Dow down. There goes the economy.

To learn more about the Goat case, read the deposition transcript of Avi Hack below:

We’re marching on, from 516 Ellsworth, on to victory without a doubt, to corners four we’re marching happily, nation after nation we are conquering!

For the Army of Hashem! For Moshiach!

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