Day 2 – Jury Selection Goat Criminal Trial

Day 2 – Jury Selection Goat Criminal Trial

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The Goat is hoping to beat the criminal charges so that he can rebuild his Edgewood Park empire

The Goat must be paying his attorney Willie Dow many bars of goat gold. Willie is working hard to keep the Goat out of jail. Today was Day Two of jury selection. Willie spent all day in court and picked only one juror. Dow rejected most jurors. The Goat is trying to call the shots. You can hear the Goat trying to Goatsplain trial tactics to the “preeminent trial attorney in the State of Connecticut” as Judge Alander described Attorney Dow. Willie Dow did not become a Super Lawyer from listening to pedophile goats. The Goat has always fancied himself as a big shot lawyer from New York who ended up practicing law in the backwater of Connecticut. When the Goat first started practicing shyster street law in New Haven he boasted to the lawyers on Orange Street, “this is how we practice in New York.” Willie Dow has already used up three of his peremptary challenges. After each juror is interviewed the Goat and Willie form a little huddle and confer about whether or not to accept a juror. Most jurors are rejected. I can see why the Goat has rejected most jurors. Most jurors follow the news and have indicated that they have read about Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson. I was surprised when the jurors talked about Michael Jackson, especially when there are so many new pedophiles and reprobates in the news who have far eclipsed Michael Jackson.

The only juror the Goat accepted today was an Italian hockey mom from East Haven. Her kids are young adults. She works at surveyor Guffrey Huffman in North Haven. She is an office manager and divorced. She was very nervous sitting in the witness box answering questions. Judge Alander told her to relax. When she was asked about whether she had any religious or ethnic biases she said that she knows all about biases, as she is Italian. I’m not sure why being Italian has anything to do with knowing about biases. She said her boss is Jewish.  If her boss is a Jew she probably doesn’t like Jews all that much, let along Goats. It doesn’t look good for the Goat.

One potential juror indicated that she heard about the Goat’s civil case. She said she didn’t know much about the civil case. All she knew was that the Goat “was found guilty and had to pay.  I know there was a verdict, I don’t know anything about the case.” Willie Dow told her to leave the room. Dow asked State’s Attorney Wilensky whether she could be excused. Maxine said that was fine. Dow told Judge Alander that they had an agreement to kick off potential jurors who knew about the civil case.  Judge Alander didn’t like this agreement. Judge Alander said that the lawyers also told him to talk to the jurors about the civil case and explain that there was a different burden of proof. Judge Alander said that to have an agreement to not take someone who knows about the civil case and then to talk about the civil case in the introduction made no sense.  Judge Alander said the lawyers would no longer be able to exclude a juror just because he knew about the civil case. Let the Goat use up his peremptary challenges.

The Goat also excluded a high school Italian math teacher who was married to a kindergarten teacher. They have a few kids. This juror said he was Roman Catholic and didn’t know much about Jews other than his roommate who was an Orthodox Jew at a military academy he attended. State’s attorney Wilensky expressed shock that an Orthodox Jew was enrolled in a military academy. I’m sure there are many Orthodox Jews who are enrolled in military academies. Not all Orthodox Jews are living off the government dole making babies. Some actually work for a living and even attend college. Touro University is fully accredited by the State of New York. Anyone who says that they are a “Roman” Catholic means that they are proud to be Catholic. This man described himself as a “human taxi service for my kids.”  The States Attorney Wilensky asked this man about priests and other pedophiles in the news. The Roman Catholic mentioned Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson, but didn’t say a word about the pedophile priests.  He may be supportive of priests because he is Roman Catholic.  But he may also believe that the Rabbi Goat killed Jesus. Either way the Goat’s goose is cooked. The Goat and Willie Dow excused the Roman Catholic.

Willie Dow also excused a middle aged blond married Italian mom with a few kids from East Haven.  She said she was a manager at the Good Will Store. She said she runs the 5k races and gets her news from Facebook and social media. So far nobody has indicated that they get their news from the Larry Noodles blog. She said she knew a few Jews but didn’t know if they were Orthodox. Willie Dow told her that “Judaism is not my religion but I can orient you to it, Jews have a different day for the Sabbath, it is on a Saturday, they don’t use cars, 24 hours shutdown, they wear a yarmulke like my client and the gentleman seated in the back, the bris is a circumcision and analogous to a Christening.” I wanted to stand up and object to Dow’s statement that a circumcision is analogous to a Christening but I decided to stay in my seat. I have attended bris ceremonies as well as a few Christenings. There is a big difference between the two. You are not going to find any sharp objects at a Christening. Nor will you find an unlicensed urologist practicing medicine at a Christening. You will not hear a baby at a Christening cry bloody murder. You won’t see any blood at a Christening. Nor will you see whitefish salad, shmaltz herring, Manischewitz wine, rugelach, bagels and lox. The only thing in common between a bris and a Christening is that the Rabbi and Priest both have a giant kiddush / chalice cup that they fill up with red wine. The potential juror told State’s Attorney Wilensky, “I work with a woman who is Jewish, I know she doesn’t celebrate Christmas and she fasts, which I don’t do.” Juror EXCUSED. Go back to ‘Staven and take a refresher course in Yom Kippur. FUHGETABOUTIT.

For most of the day the Goat was slumped over with his hand holding up his head at his desk. The Ewe was nowhere to be seen. The Ewe attended the afternoon of the first day of jury selection but today she must have had other matters to attend to, such as going to Edge of the Woods and buying food for the Goat.

Read the first hand job account of loyal assistant Avi Hack in the compound:

For G-d, For Country, For Yale graduates Willie Dow and Judge Alander. The Goat’s Yale Law School diploma was recently revoked.

Watch Attorney Grudberg abandon his client the Goat when confronted by Larry Noodles

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