State vs. Daniel Greer Day Two

State vs. Daniel Greer Day Two

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Today was Day 2 of the criminal case of the State of Connecticut v. Daniel Greer. Eli Mirlis was on the witness stand for most of the day. Mirlis explained why he went back to the compound with his wife for Shabbat. He explained about what Jews do during Shabbat. Mirlis said you don’t use phones or drive cars. He said usually on Shabbat or Rosh Hashanah he would go to Ezi Greer’s house for meals with friends and guests. He said he may have sat next to the Goat at some of these meals but he couldn’t remember any in particular.

Eli Mirlis spoke about the brit milah he had for his newborn first son. The prosecutor explained to the jury that it is a “circumcision” which involves a ceremony when the baby is 8 days old followed by a meal. Eli testified that Dov Greer circumcised his son. Dov was the “mohel.” The State’s Attorney asked if Dov had to be “certified.” Eli Mirlis testified later in the trial that his wife had two miscarriages before she had children. Eli didn’t have a father and Eli’s wife was estranged from her father. The Goat was “honored” as the sandek, the one who held the baby after the Goat said he would pay for the food. The miserly old Goat only opens his wallet when he thinks he is going to get a young man alone in his goat barn.

Eli testified that he and his wife were young and poor and needed the Goat to pay for the food for the brit. Eli probably didn’t pay Dov Greer if Dov did the circumcision. Most mohels cost around $500 or more. Dov Greer knew his father was a pedophile, yet was right there to help his father try to pursue Eli. Eli said he had a Rabbi in Israel, but he had no Rabbi that he knew in the United States except for Daniel Greer. Eli didn’t attempt to find a different Rabbi. Eli said he was jilted by the Goat, whom he looked up to, but for him to find another rabbi would be a daunting task. Eli said he didn’t have much interaction with the Goat during the ceremony. His son was born in 2010 and he had another son in 2012. Eli was only about 20 years old when he had his first son.

Eli saw the Goat as his rabbi and Eli took his family to New haven on occasion. When Eli visited New Haven Eli wouldn’t allow the Goat to hold his sons. The Goat had little if any interaction with Eli’s children. Eli stated that his wife hated coming to New Haven and used to fight with Eli about it. I still remember Eli coming to New Haven on occasion. Eli never went to the Goat’s house for any meals. Eli never spoke with the Goat in shul, which I found to be strange. I often wondered why Eli came to New Haven because it was rare for people to come to New Haven after having had experienced the Goat. Dov Greer’s in laws used to come frequently and then they disappeared. I had heard that the Goat humiliated Dov’s father in law at one point and they never returned. I assume Avi Hack had in laws but I never met them. The same thing must have happened with Avi’s in laws as with Dov’s in laws. Ezi’s in laws were the Hacks, they were already part of the compound. The Goat’s three daughters rarely stepped foot in New Haven. One daughter married her first cousin, who was the son of the Goat’s brother, and moved to Lakewood. The joke going around the compound was that nobody wanted to marry a Greer daughter after the suitor met the Goat.

Eli talked about how the Goat had sponsored a kiddush in New Haven for his family, a “little party with family and friends” after the birth of his first son. This reminds me of when the Goat’s son Dov promised me a kiddush after I got out of Otisville prison. I returned to New Haven on a weekday after getting out of Otisville and went to morning services at the Goat’s shul a few times. The seating arrangement in the shul had changed so I asked the Goat where I should sit. The Goat took me to a chair that I knew was the Mathematician’s chair. I asked the Goat whether this is where the Mathematician sat there. The Goat bellowed, “NOBODY sits there.” The Goat always thought that the Mathematician was a nobody. I was subsequently told by Harold Hack to move to a different seat. I showed up to the Goat shul that first Shabbos expecting my big kiddush. Dov Greer and Ezi Greer were nowhere to be found. Avi Hack, Harold Hack and the Goat were running the show. I didn’t get an aliyah, a welcome home announcement, or a kiddish. I left the building at the end of services, never to return. Dov kept calling me to try to get me to come back for a “makeup” kiddush. I told him, in the words of the Goat, “no re-do’s.” Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I did return once about a year later after Dov, Ezi, Harold and Avi fled the compound, but the Goat pushed me out of the shul and kicked me down the stairs.

Eli testified about how he settled into the Town of Edison, NJ. Eli said he found a Rabbi in Edison NJ who he was able to trust. Eli didn’t tell his new Rabbi about the Goat. Why would he? I would never want to speak about the Goat for the rest of my life. Eli stopped going to New Haven in 2013. Eli had a new community in Edison. He bought a house and had new friends. He didn’t need New Haven anymore. Eli continued to have contact with Avi, Ezi and Dov after 2013. Nothing major. Eli told a young couple in Bridgeport about the Goat. Eli was close with this young couple. The wife taught at the Goat school and her children were enrolled in the Goat school. Eli didn’t want anything to happen to their children. He told them to be careful. He didn’t discuss the graphic details about the Goat, but he warned them. Eli said that the teacher wife understood the compound and would believe him. He said she knew everyone in the compound: “she was the best able to understand the games and charades going on in New Haven in the compound.”

Eli eventually went to counseling and spoke generally about the molestation, but he never spoke about the graphic details. He said he didn’t feel comfortable talking about the details about oral and anal sex. He said he was abused, raped and molested, there was nothing more to say. Eli went to several marriage counselors as well as his own therapist. Eli said the molestation has affected him in many traumatizing ways. Eli said he doesn’t trust anybody. Eli second guesses everybody. Eli said he is very cautious with other people.

Eli testified about how his brother got in legal trouble in 2014 with the Federal government, ie., the Federal mafia. Eli is saying he was not involved with the Federal case involving his brother. Eli didn’t speak with prosecutors, investigators, or anyone else about his brother. His brother lived in Canada at one point and had a business there. Eli said he had nothing to do with his brother’s business. Eli said that his brother paid him to deliver packages for his brother’s business. Eli said his brother paid him $400 or $500 a month for a few months. The Goat’s attorney Willie the Dow has been trying to tie Eli into his brother’s criminal case. The prosecutor got Eli to explain that Eli was not connected to his brother in any way with the Federal prosecution. I can attest that I never saw Eli in Federal prison. Eli’s brother was a very minor player in a company that imported pills and drugs into the country and then resold the drugs. Eli’s brother didn’t even do a day in Federal prison.

Eli testified about how at one point in 2014 he went to see a civil attorney about taking legal action against the Goat. Eli said he googled sexual abuse in Connecticut and found a lawyer, ie., the firm of Koskoff Koskoff and Bieder. Prior to that Eli never had any interactions with the police. At some point after Eli filed his civil case he went to the State’s attorney’s office and spoke with Detective Cuddy and another officer about the Goat. Eli said that Dov, Ezi and Avi tried to stop Eli from filing the civil case.

Eli testified that the doors in the compound had a key code locks and lock boxes. The Goat had Eli meet him at the various buildings where Eli was molested. Eli said that Ezi eventually figured out what was going on with the keys and knew that Eli was in the rooms getting molested by the Goat. Ezi and Avi both knew what was going on in the rooms, and told Eli, “you were there, we knew that you were in the room, what were you doing there.” At one point Ezi and Avi banged on the door and yelled “is anybody in there” while Eli was in the locked room naked with the Goat. Eli said that the Goat was “scared shitless.” Eli didn’t specifically tell Ezi and Avi about the Goat’s molestation but he said they must have known. Eli was too embarrassed to talk about it. The Goat stoically sat in his chair at counsel’s table staring at Eli while Eli testified.

Eli said that the Goat had orange pubic hair, greying body hair. The Goat put his shoes on first and then put his pants on over his shoes. Eli said he thought it was “bizarre” that the Goat would not put his pants on first and then put on his shoes. Eli had a conversation about this bizarre behavior. The Goat was surprised and said that it was totally normal to put your shoes on first and then put your pants on over your shoes. Mirlis also talked about the Goat’s hernia scar and a mole on the goat’s back.

Mirlis addressed some of the defenses that the Goat raised in the civil trial. Eli talked about how he went to massage parlors in Edison, after he stopped coming to New Haven. He said he told his therapist about it. He told his wife about it after it came out during the civil case. He never told his wife about it because he was too embarrassed. Eli talked about how he never stole the Goat’s secretary Mrs. Ledbury’s keys. He said he already had keys to the compound. Eli said he had pizza with Thomas DeRosa every Thursday at Edge of the Woods. Eli said that DeRosa called it the red stuff on the pizza gravy, while Eli called it sauce. There is an age old debate in the Italian American community about whether to call red tomato crushed with garlic and onions “sauce” or “gravy.”

Eli said he was in the Goat’s school office and also in Sarah Greer’s office. Eli said he sometimes gave Avi massages in the Ewe’s office. Eli said that Avi had back problems. It is expected that the Goat will bring in Thomas DeRosa to testify that Avi and Eli had an unusual relationship.

Eli testified that he filed the civil case because he wanted to see the Goat taken off the streets and no longer exposed to children. At one point Ezi Avi and Dov came to Edison NJ and met with Eli after Eli hired a lawyer to file the civil lawsuit. They didn’t want Eli to file a lawsuit and destroy the compound. Eli said that they “all worked for the Goat, under him, they didn’t do anything without him… later on they started to get their own ‘set of balls.'” The Goat perked up when Eli said “set of balls.”

Eli said that Ezi Avi and Dov arrived at his house with binders of paperwork, folders, and wanted to go over a proposal with Eli. Dov, Ezi and Avi proposed to Eli that the Goat would move his office across the street to his police substation building on the corner of Norton and Whalley. The Ewe would take over the elementary school. Ezi would be in charge of the non profits. Avi would run the high school. Dov would become the rabbi in the compound. The Goat would only be allowed in the building for prayers. They tried to convince Eli that the Goat would be away from the kids. Eli didn’t believe that it was possible to keep the Goat away from children. Eli told them to speak with his lawyer.

Eli talked about the Gettingers. Eli said that Rabbi Gettinger was the titular head of the school, the Rosh Yeshiva, he was the Goat’s rabbi when the Goat was young. The Gettingers came up occasionally to New Haven. They were not up in New Haven every week. They may have stayed over one night a week. In Eli’s 10th grade they stopped staying over. Eli visited Gettinger’s apartment in New York City. Gettinger was the Rabbi of an Orthodox synagogue in the Upper West Side.

The State’s Attorney asked Eli whether he ever “loved” the Goat. Eli said he doesn’t know what “love” is, but he “cared” about the Goat. He said that at some point in his high school years he cared about the Goat. Today Eli said he does not care about the Goat. Nobody cares about the Goat, other than the Ewe. The State finished it’s direct.

Fans of the Larry Noodles blog were in the courthouse watching the trial. A Goat family member also appeared again to support the victim, not the Goat. A character who was featured in my blog also appeared to support the victim. This character is a Yale graduate known as “The Mathematician” who the Goat evicted from the Compound. I introduced the Mathematician to fellow Yalie and New Haven Independent reporter Chris Peak in the hallway along with everyone else in the courtroom. I tried to introduce the Mathematician to the Goat but they didn’t seem to want to reunite. I got the Mathematician to tell talk to the court spectators about how he had purchased Natalie Portman’s couch and bookcase when he was an undergrad at Harvard.

Willie the Dow started off his rather weak cross examination by getting Eli to admit that there were no witnesses to the alleged molestation that occurred between the Goat and Eli. The Dow thought he scored some points with the jury. Did the Dow actually think that there were any witnesses? The Dow was way down on his cross examination. It was a bear market unworthy of his Goat client.

On cross examination Eli said that he applied for a loan and a grant from the yeshiva, he was told to contact Harold Hack about the loan. He said he did get money at one point from the Goat’s yeshiva. In 2008 he tried to get a loan so he could get money for a nursing home administrators license. Eli was presented with Goat loan documents that used the words “bli nedar.” Eli is explained to the jury the meaning of bli nedar, which thoroughly confused the jury.

The Dow wore a bright red and green Christmas colored striped tie and a grey suit. Eli Mirlis wore a grey sportsjacket with elbow patches, and a light blue button down shirt without a tie and a black yarmulke. The Goat wore a dark navy suit, a maroon Goat type tie, a giant black velvet yarmulke, and his trademark untrimmed beard and wild and messy goat hair on his head. The Dow is either celebrating Christmas early or he needs to show the goyim in the jury box that he is a proud law abiding Gentile, not a lowly pedophile Jew.

The Dow read nursing home administrator forms signed by Mirlis and accused him of lying about whether he took the proper number of educational credits for his license. The Dow showed these forms on a projector. The Dow read a letter from the NJ licensing board that fined Mirlis $250.00. Mirlis said that he did the credits and the State didn’t receive the original CEU’s. Mirlis explained that the Dow misread the forms. Mirlis said he didn’t lie on the forms. The jury was extremely bored. The Dow did not score points by reading fine print on a form generated by the State of New Jersey. The Dow is down 100 points.

The Dow asked Mirlis about his younger brother who got indicted by the Feds for conspiracy to import pharmaceutical drugs. Willie the Dow raised his voice as he tried to hammer Eli on his brother’s indictment. Eli said he had nothing to do with his brother’s case and is not aware of the details of the crime. The Dow tried to imply that Eli’s brother named Eli and his wife were unindicted co-conspirators in the drug importation case. The Dow showed Eli a document from the Federal court. Eli said he never saw the document. The Dow looks like the grim reaper and when he raises his voice he sounds like the comedian Jim Carey. The Dow is reaching and not scoring points with the jury.

The Dow crashed when he asked Eli if he had an affair with the teacher at the Goat school whom he warned should take her children out of the Goat school because the Goat was a pedophile. The State’s objection to the Dow’s questions about an affair SUSTAINED.

The Dow asked Mirlis about why he took so long to contact the police. Mirlis contacted the police in August of 2016, which was 4 months after he filed the civil complaint against the Goat. The lawyers kept talking about the lawsuit and the verdict to the jury, but will not tell the jury the amount of the verdict. Jurors will google the verdict in a New Haven minute.

The Dow read a police report where Mirlis said he told the cops that he filed the lawsuit because he didn’t want the Goat to be around children. Ezi, Avi and Dov also didn’t want the Goat around kids. The Dow dug himself a hole by getting Eli to emphasize that the Goat’s children also wanted the old pedophile Goat out of the school and away from children. The Dow has not offered any evidence as to why the Goat’s kids and Avi Hack would want to take over the run down building on the corner of Elm and Norton. They were not looking for all the other properties, they were just looking for the Goat to leave the main yeshiva building.

The jury will not be told the amount of the civil verdict. Does the Dow expect the jury not to google the verdict? The Dow should allow the verdict into evidence. Keeping the verdict a secret will only make the jurors more curious as to the amount of the verdict. If they google the verdict they will be shocked and it will be far worse for the Goat. Jurors will wonder why the Goat tried to hide the fact that he was slammed with a $15 million verdict.

Willie the Dow is stumbling over the word “sukkot” The Dow asked Mirlis about how the Goat molested the Goat at Edgewood Park at night while the Goat was having his annual chol hamoed sukkot party across the street. The Dow pronounced the word “sucka” The Mathematician shook his head while he listened to the Dow’s goyisha kop.

The Dow thought he scored points when he told Mirlis that Mirlis didn’t mention in the civil case that he was raped in Edgewood park during the simchas beis shuava party. The Dow thought he scored some points when he had Mirlis read the Goat’s medical record of his hernia operation, the operation was in the fourth year that Mirlis was in the school, not the second year as Mirlis had stated previously in the civil case. The Dow is not scoring any points for the Goat. The Dow is nitpicking over details that Mirlis cannot be expected to remember with complete accuracy. The Dow is down and will never recover.

The Dow continued his feeble cross examination against Mirlis throughout the afternoon. The Dow got Mirlis to admit that he did not mention in the police report that the Goat grabbed his crotch the first time he was molested, yet in court Mirlis testified that the Goat grabbed his crotch. The Dow emphasized that Mirlis mentioned the peanuts, the alcohol, and the kiss to the police, but failed to mention the crotch touch to the police. The Grim Reaper didn’t get anywhere. The jury was bored. Mirlis was half awake. The Dow’s glasses were perched at the end of his nose as he readsfrom the transcript of the proceedings of the civil case.

The Dow had a few zingers for Mirlis. The Dow spoke about the Bris, and how the Goat was given a “BIG” honor in this “initiation rite, whether you are part of the Orthodox religion, a Quaker or the Godfather.” The Mathematician snickered.

The Dow raised the mikvah defense. The Dow asked whether Mirlis ever went to the mikvah. Mirlis said he never went to the mikveh with the Goat and doesn’t know whether the Goat ever went to the mikveh. Unless the Goat testifies in court that he went to the mikveh with Mirlis, the Goat’s mikveh defense goes down the drain. The cowardly Goat is not expected to take the witness stand. The Dow is down 200 points.

When Mirlis told the Dow that he came back from Israel around Pesach time, the Dow said, “for us that is Easter.” Is the Dow trying to shamelessly pander to the goyim in the jury box? Does the Dow expect the jury to acquit the Goat because they will listen to the Dow, who is a good Christian? The jury has to determine whether the Goat is guilty, not the Dow.

The Dow told the jury that the “shloshim is like a wake, a religious ritual of observing the deceased.” The Dow should have enrolled in Hebrew school at the local Temple before he took on the Goat case. The Goat obviously didn’t tutor the Dow on the tenets of the Jewish religion.

The Dow asked Mirlis whether he took out an ad in the Goat’s annual “Gan Gathering” fundraiser. Mirlis said he couldn’t remember whether he paid for an ad in the Goat’s ad book. I went to some of those “gatherings.” The Goat always got drunk at those dinners after he gave his important speech to politicians, judges, police commissioners and other dignitaries. I still remember the Goat downing shots of whisky and bellowing while the Ewe tried to get him to go home before he passed out and made a foolish goat of himself.

The Dow cross examined Mirlis about forms Mirlis filed with the State of New Jersey with regard to his nursing homes. The Goat keeps turning his head and looking at the court clock. The Dow put the jury to sleep with nursing home applications, disciplinary action against nursing homes Mirlis managed and litigation against these nursing homes. The cross examination performance of Willie the Dow has been a big disappointment. The Dow is fumbling around with nursing home applications and documents related to nursing homes Eli managed. Eli is doing a good job reading the fine print in the documents and explaining why he thought he was filling out the forms correctly. The Dow must think that if he can prove that Eli filled out the forms falsely, then Eli must be lying about the Goat.

The Dow asked Mirlis whether the door of the Goat’s office was open all the time, whether one could go in and out of the Goat’s office at will. Mirlis said that you could not enter the Goat’s office without the Goat’s permission. The Dow looked surprised. The Goat also looked a little surprised. The Dow moved on to a different subject and asked about the Gettingers. The Dow showed Mirlis some leases signed by tenants. The Dow suggested that some of the buildings where Mirlis was molested were occupied by tenants. The only way for the Goat to use this defense is to have the actual tenants appear in court and testify that they were in those buildings at the time of the molestation. Thats not happening.

The Dow concluded the cross examination of Mr. Mirlis. The State’s attorney conducted a very brief redirect of Mirlis. The State’s attorney asked Mirlis whether it was difficult for him to publicly come forward. Mirlis teared up when he said that he has felt shame and it has been very hard for him to speak publicly about molestation. The State’s redirect was very short. The Dow is not crossing Mirlis again.

There were at least five Yale graduates present in the Courtroom, half a minyan of Yalies: Judge Alander, Willie the Dow, The Goat, NHI reporter Chris Peak, and the Mathematician are all Yale graduates.

We’re marching on, from Yale University, to the outer edges of the 5779 year old flat earth, we’re marching happily, goat cliff after goat cliff we are conquering! Yechi Noodles! Moshiach Now!

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