Deadbeat Lawyer Dan Isaacs Sues Bob Dylan For Sexual Molestation

Deadbeat Lawyer Dan Isaacs Sues Bob Dylan For Sexual Molestation

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Robert Allen Zimmerman, AKA Bob Dylan, was sued by a 68 year old Greenwich CT woman named “JC.” JC alleged that back in 1965 Bob Dylan gave 12 year old JC alcohol and drugs and threatened her with physical violence in order to sexually molest her at the Chelsea Hotel back in 1965. According to a number of historical websites, Bob Dylan wasn’t even living in the Chelsea Hotel in 1965. He lived there in 1964 at some point and apparently was in London at the time JC alleges she was sexually molested.

The lawsuit filed against Bob Dylan lacks any details about the molestation claim. It merely alleges that JC was molested for two months at the hotel and suffered physical and psychological problems resulting from said molestation. The lawsuit doesn’t describe the room where she was molested and doesn’t explain how she even met Bob Dylan. JC doesn’t explain how she was able to go to a Manhattan hotel at 12 years of age. Where were her parents? JC describes nothing about herself, her personal life is a complete mystery.

The lawyer hired to file the lawsuit against Bob Dylan is Daniel W. Isaacs, who works out of Mt Kisco, NY. Daniel Isaacs graduated from New York Law School back in 1992. New York Law School is one of the lowest rated law schools in the country. Daniel Isaacs is currently in foreclosure on a $360K mortgage he co-signed with his ex-wife Silvanna DeBellis. DeBellis is living in the house in foreclosure that is located at 113 Highland Lake Road, Highland Lake, NY. DeBellis recently filed a hardship letter to try to stop the foreclosure on the grounds that her deadbeat ex-husband Daniel Isaacs has not been paying child support. Isaacs also got sued in 2001 and 2011 in foreclosure cases.

Daniel Isaacs is currently getting sued by a financial company on a $270K promissory note in New York State Court. Dr. Norman J. Isaacs and Beatrice M. Isaacs both co-signed and guaranteed the note. Beatrice is also getting sued on the note. Attorney Isaacs recently asked for an extension of time to respond to discovery requests filed by the plaintiff in the case. Isaacs wrote the following letter on July 6, 2021, to New York Judge Henry Nowak: “It must be noted that I am a solo practitioner, without any support staff, handling over 60 active litigation cases, and doing my upmost to get them resolved and plaintiff paid in a difficult legal environment for plaintiff’s attorneys. It should be further noted that I had previously represented to plaintiff’s counsel that I would make a $100,000.00 payment this past April. I did in fact do so, but my computer was hacked, and the funds diverted to third party. When plaintiff’s counsel did not receive the payment and I did not respond to their e-mails (blocked by the hacker), they filed the instant motion. We both became aware of what occurred this past Thursday and a police report has been filed. They have however declined to consent to my request.”

Daniel Isaacs expects Judge Nowak to believe that someone hacked his computer and took the $100K that he was going to use to pay the plaintiff financial company, which had nothing to do with his request for an extension of time to respond to the discovery requests. Where did Isaacs get his hands on $100K when he can’t even pay child support? Isaacs is a putz and his lawsuit against one of the greatest song writers of all time is a joke. Bob Dylan is a guy Jews can look to with pride. Daniel Isaacs is an embarrassment to Jews everywhere. Isaacs needs to man up and pay his child support. What kind of an attorney sues Bob Dylan for pedophilia when Bob Dylan has never been accused of such a thing in his entire life? JC and Isaacs had hundreds of men in Hollywood, politics, business and power to make up a case of sexual molestation. Isaacs is looking for a quick buck. Bob Dylan shouldn’t pay Isaacs or JC a wooden nickel. There isn’t a jury in the world that would award JC and her putz Attorney Isaacs a penny. FUHGETABOUTIT! Moshiach NOW!

LATEST UPDATE ON DYLAN ACCUSER: According to Zeus News the woman who is suing Bob Dylan is Joan Carra, a psychic. Joan Carra hawks psychic services on her website. Joan offers “spiritual counseling.” Joan Carra says she “grew up in a metaphysical family. Her father had an occult library, her mother had prophetic dreams and her aunt read from a half a deck of playing cards, so psychic phenomena was natural and not supernatural. She was invited to read tea leaves for a promotion for the TV Show The OutlanderandYoga Betty’s corporate headquarters.” Joan is nothing but a con artist. Avoid psychics at all costs, its avodah zarah! Moshiach NOW!  

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