Deal Yeshiva Sends its Slackers to the Guilty Goat

Deal Yeshiva Sends its Slackers to the Guilty Goat


The highly respected Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva in Queens no longer sends Yeshiva students to help Greer with his minyan.  I had met a few of these boys on Elm Street and told them that Greer was a serial child rapist.  I then sent letters to the rabbis at the Chofetz Chaim warning them about this child molester.  The rabbis decided that it was not good to send boys into the arms of a slithering snake named Greer.

It has been reported to me by reliable sources that boys from the Deal Yeshiva in NJ are being sent to help the old goat with his minyan.  I heard that Greer is close with a rabbi at the Deal Yeshiva on Logan Road.  I believe the rabbi’s name is Nodis.

I also heard that the boys from the Deal Yeshiva are not as serious as the boys from the Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva.  I heard that the Deal Yeshiva is sending it’s slackers to the guilty goat.  I heard that they arrive late for prayer services.  They take off their tefillin in the middle of the repetition of the amida.  This must drive the rigid, miserable old goat mad.

The Deal Yeshiva operates an elementary school on Logan Road, in Ocean Township, New Jersey.  The Deal Yeshiva has excess space so it decided to rent out part of it’s  building to the Yeshiva Gedola Na’os Yaacov of Lakewood, NJ.  Greer must have a friend in this Lakewood yeshiva.  Or the old goat is paying someone off, just like he pays all the guys who attend his minyan.

The Yeshiva Gedola Na’os Yaacov was getting too big for it’s facilities in Lakewood.  They looked for another building outside of Lakewood.  The Deal Yeshiva building was half empty so the Yeshiva Gedola moved in and started renting space there for classes.

The Yeshiva Gedola had to apply for a zoning variance to get permission to turn the Deal Yeshiva into a dorm and school for 96 boys aged 18-22.  When the Yeshiva Gedola applied for zoning permits the citizens of Ocean Township NJ protested.  They didn’t want Ocean Township to turn into another Lakewood NJ, with a large population of Hasidic Jews.

The protesters were extremely vocal in their opposition to 96 yeshiva boys moving into their town.  The protesters started a Facebook page called, “No Dorm on Logan Road.”  Mayor Siciliano spoke out against the Yeshiva and said it was “not good for the community and goes against our moral beliefs.”

The protesters started a petition on, with people posting the following inflammatory comments:  “Look what they did to my hometown in Lakewood, stop the locusts from spreading across the State”…  “Stop the religious zealots from building in my town, they can go to the Catskills and build there or go to Israel if they want” … “I owned property in Lakewood for 24 years, Orthodox Jewish landlords made my life a living hell, I would hate to see that in Ocean” …  “these people don’t pay taxes, they’re all ‘rabbis'”  …  “this sounds more like a cult organization than a religious group”  … “try Lakewood, suckers” …  “they hide more of the money, long coat gangsters strikes again” …  “come on down to LakeVood and see how many BRAND new minivans and cars they are driving around” … “you won’t see real estate drop because of Syrians and Ashkanzis moving into the neighborhood, the hasidics are a different breed, their women are sub species and their ways are cultish” …  “stay in Lakewood we don’t want our towns to look like trash”

At one point local teens broke into the Deal Yeshiva and defecated on the school desks.  The teens were arrested but the local police said it wasn’t a hate crime.  Just a prank. These protesters make the Trump protesters look like amateurs.  You won’t find a Trump protester drop her pantsuit and defecate on the steps of the Trump Towers.

Protesters started a fundraising campaign on and raised thousands of dollars.  People put up lawn signs all over the town that said, “No Dorm on Logan Road.”

The Ocean Township zoning board held a zoning hearing to address the variance request by the yeshiva.  A thousand protesters showed up.  The Zoning Board shot down the Yeshiva’s application.  The Yeshiva filed a lawsuit in Federal court in January of 2016 to challenge this decision.  The case dragged on for many months in Federal Court.  Recently a Federal Judge ruled that Ocean Township violated Federal law in denying the zoning request.  The judge granted the yeshiva permission to open a school and dorm.  But the Court limited the school to 80 boys rather than the 96 they had requested.

I was told by a reliable source that while the Yeshiva’s lawsuit was pending, the old goat engaged in discussions about the possibility of the Yeshiva moving to New Haven.  This would be the perfect shidduch (match).  Greer’s gigantic building is completely empty.  The Lakewood Yeshiva was looking for a new home and wasn’t sure whether it would win the Federal lawsuit.

If the Yeshiva had lost the lawsuit they could have ended up on Elm Street in New Haven.  If that happened the old goat would gloat.  He would be back on top again.  He would be back in the spotlight, with plenty of new boys to molest.  But it didn’t happen.  Regardless, the old goat is still just a lowly goat, an ornery creature that grunts, kicks, spits, and head butts anything in it’s way.


3 thoughts on “Deal Yeshiva Sends its Slackers to the Guilty Goat

  1. Excuse me r greer is a very nice rabbi, rav and person i personally know him for a few years and as a student of his i dont know dont know how you have the audacity to publicly humiliate him with your “reliable” sources and your cut up stories. you mix in a few schools from Lakewood deal in which none of them have anything to do with r notis or r greer if you were looking for the truth and not publicity you would come to his minyon and see for yourself how nice of a person he is. You can say he’s very makpid (stringent) on ethics of the Jewish law but thats it if you dont like the way he runs his shul (synagogue) then that’s your [personal] problem. Now don’t take a buba ma’asah [tall tale] about some molesting story and use it for a personal fued.
    P.S. please don’t take pictures of underaged boys in stop and shop and use it for your trumped up story.

    1. I will give Daniel Greer the benefit of the doubt if you can explain to me why Greer chose to take the Fifth Amendment when asked whether he molested children in his civil case. If the claims by Mirlis and Hack were buba ma’asah, then Greer should have denied these allegations in the strongest words possible. Can you also explain to me why Greer’s entire family, except for his wife, have abandoned him and moved out of town? If he were innocent I would think that his sons would be supporting him now. Child molester Jerry Sandusky was a very nice man, and many could not believe he was capable of committing the crimes he was convicted.

    2. And the dumb, ignorant comment of the year goes to …

      You think because someone acts nice and holy at a minyan and in public it makes them all wonderful and rosey. That’s what these fucking child molesters do. They live double lives and become astute at deception. Greer was always an isolating controlling jerk anyway. You must be Greer himself or one of his lapdogs.

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