DeBlasio Buddy Rechnitz Out of COVIDVILLE

DeBlasio Buddy Rechnitz Out of COVIDVILLE

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Jeremy Reichberg got released from Otisville on the Eve of Rosh Hashanah 5781 after having contracted COVID19. Jeremy was supposed to be released in January of 2023. Mordechai Samet, who was locked up for a total of 18 years, was supposed to be released from Otisville in August of 2024. They both danced out of Otisville singing Hava Negila. They will be greeted by cheering Hasidim and parades in Boro Park and Kiryas Yoel. They did their time like menschen. They didn’t rat anyone out. They almost died from COVID19 in Otisville. They risked their lives in COVIDVILLE prison by refusing to testify against their fellow Hebrew co-conspirators. Unlike Reichberg’s former buddy and co-conspirator Jona Rechnitz, who cooperated with the Feds and ratted out numerous Jews, as well as goyim. Its kosher to rat out a goy, but to rat out a fellow Jew? A HUGE sin!

At Reichberg’s sentencing Federal prosecutors excoriated Reichberg before Judge Woods: “On December 25, 2013, Reichberg and Rechnitz donned Santa Claus hats and drove to the homes of three of their cop targets. They provided the officer’s wife with diamond earrings, and provided the officers’ children with video game systems and coveted American Girl dolls.” Judge Woods hammered Reichberg with 48 months. Mayor DeBlasio was never indicted. Jona Reichnitz was hired by the Feds to rat out his co-conspirator Xmas elf Reichberg, along with numerous other politically powerful individuals. Jona only got hit with 5 months in a cushy California Club Fed. Jona was ordered to pay $19 million in restitution.

Federal prosecutors wrote to Jona’s sentencing Judge religious Jew Alvin Hellerstein the following: “When the Government so moves at the Reichnitz sentencing proceeding, it will do so with particular enthusiasm. Since making the determination to cooperate fully with the Government in the spring of 2016, Rechnitz has been, without exaggeration, one of the single most important and prolific white collar cooperating witnesses in the recent history of the Southern District of New York. By every metric by which one measures a cooperating witness, Rechnitz has been both extraordinary and exemplary. His assistance has been of extraordinary value.”

Federal prosecutors recommended that Rechnitz be rewarded for his cooperation, but were vague about whether they wanted Rechnitz to go to jail. They left it in the hands of Judge Hellerstein: “The Government respectfully submits that a just punishment, in this case, should reflect Rechnitz’s extraordinary cooperation. That there is salvation in attempting to turn things around and committing to set things right. And that when people make that decision to cooperate, plead guilty willingly and early, and embark upon a path of redemption, when they both perform extraordinarily in doing so. This is a message that will encourage rather than dissuade the next potential cooperating witness, and consequently, enable just and right outcomes in cases well beyond even the scope of Jona Rechnitz’s cooperation. It is a message that will send ripples well beyond the world affected by his admittedly serious crimes. And, crucially, it is a message that can only be sent in this case – in which Rechnitz’s cooperation has been highly visible, its fruits have been meaningful, and its caliber has been nothing short of historic.”

Jona Rechnitz’ attorney Alan Levine argued to Judge Hellerstein that Jona shouldn’t get any jail time for his crimes. Levine argued the following: “Combining the eighty days of proffers and prep sessions, and the nineteen days of testimony, Jona spent approximately 100 days out of the roughly two and a half years between May 9, 2016, and December 31, 2018, carrying out his responsibilities as a cooperator: more than one day out of ten. The raw time that Jona spent with the Government and testifying is only part of the story. To escape shunning and harassment that he received in New York as a result of his outing as a cooperating witness, Jona moved to Los Angeles.” Hellerstein is the same Judge who sprung Trump’s rat Michael Cohen after the Feds tried to lock up Cohen in solitary in Otisville COVIDVILLE after Cohen was spotted dining at a fancy French restaurant on the Upper East Side.

In Jona’s sentencing memo Attorney Levine tried to elicit sympathy from Judge Hellerstein by compiling a list of “Injuries Jona Suffered Resulting From His Assistance.”

Injury Number 1: “The New York Post wrote about Jona more than two hundred times, and repeatedly denigrating Jona’s decision to cooperate by labelling him a “rat” and a “snitch.”

Injury Number 2: “A second consequence of Jona’s cooperation has been his expulsion from his Upper West Side Jewish community. Jona was forbidden from being called up to the Torah and was asked to step
down from organizations he had helped build and support. He went from being the most sought after guest to being literally shunned and even yelled at by acquaintances.”

Injury Number 3: “There were threats and private investigators as well as threatening voice messages, windows were smashed at Jona’s home, windows were smashed in Jona’s car several times, people followed Jona and sat outside of his home in Los Angeles for periods of time. These incidents were instigated by supporters of Huberfeld, and were intended to deter Jona from testifying at the upcoming trial; accordingly, Jona reported the incidents to the FBI. The Government has confirmed that Jona’s suspicion was correct: the FBI verified, among other things, that the vehicle that had shadowed Jona’s residence was owned by persons with connections to Huberfeld.”

Injury Number 4: “Jona’s whole family and social circle have felt the effects of this ostracism and intimidation. Jona’s wife has been shunned, his kids have been looked down upon. There were many venomous remarks and some have spat at Jona’s parents. Jona’s wife had to avoid many people, they talked behind her back. Jona’s brother Jared still lives in New York, and has been affected terribly. He has had difficulty dating, as people were very quick to approach whoever Jared was dating at the time, or her parents, and let them know what a horrible person Jona was, or that they should stay away from Jona’s family.”

Injury Number 5: “Huberfeld’s supporters were members of Jona’s own social circle on the Upper West Side, many of whom he recognized. During Jonas testimony, they audibly reacted to his answers, requiring
Judge Carter to repeatedly admonish the gallery to quiet down. The audience’s show of support for Huberfeld was intended to intimidate Jona and make him reconsider his decision to cooperate. The audience was even more hostile during the Reichberg trial. Supporters packed the
courtroom, holding up signs depicting a Rabbi in an effort to intimidate Jona. Early in Jona’s testimony, the Court agreed to allow Jona to take his breaks in the robing room, after audience members made a point of crowding him and staring him down each time he walked to the back of the courtroom. At another point during his testimony, a member of the audience mouthed the word “liar” to Jona repeatedly. Huberfeld and Reichberg spread the word in the community that no one is allowed
to go to court to support Mr. Jona. When Ari came to the courtroom to support Jona, friends of Reichberg harassed Ari with great hostility in front of the FBI agents. Ari tried to get one former friend of Jona’s to come to court to support Jona, but he declined, saying that he was ‘too
scared from the community, and his kids won’t be able to get married with community members.'”

Attorney Levine concluded his beg for mercy memo to Judge Hellerstein with the following: “Jona and his wife Rachel’s weekly Sabbath table was filled with guests who may not have been invited out, were forgotten about, or were alone including widows, orphans, divorcees, people new to the community, foreigners, and just people who were in need.” Do you think Jona and Rachel would invite a lowly criminal in need like myself to one of their Sabbath dinners? FUHGETABOUTIT! No noodle kugel for Larry Noodles.

Even though Jona is a rat, and I am not a fan of rats, I almost feel bad for what Jona and his family endured. Jona’s brother Jared couldn’t get a date on the Upper West Side because of Jona. I think the failure of Jared to get a date had nothing to do with Jona. Have you see a picture of Jared? Jared eventually got a date and got married. Jared posted wedding pictures on Facebook six days after Attorney Levine argued to Judge Hellerstein that Jared couldn’t get a date. Jared’s one year wedding anniversary is next month. I should send him a card.

I haven’t figured out what rabbi’s picture was on the sign that was held up in the court gallery to order to intimidate Jona. I suspect it was Rabbi Corleone but I need further verification. The pics below are of Jared Rechnitz, who couldn’t get a date because of Jona.

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5 thoughts on “DeBlasio Buddy Rechnitz Out of COVIDVILLE

  1. I am not quite sure why you disLike ‘rats’ so much. These are not some heroic resistance fighters. It is good for the society that these criminals are exposed and convicted.

    ‘Ratting out’ Jewish white collar accomplices invites huge community hostility but it is nothing compared to doing so within a real mafia, where you have to get a new identity with all this entails, and sometimes even this is not enough.

    1. I have a bigger problem with the Federal government making it a policy to use rats in most cases now, rather than me having a personal dislike for rats. The government should build a case the old fashioned way, with undercover agents, search warrants, etc… A rat is a career criminal. How can you trust the testimony of a rat who will say anything to stay out of jail? The public needs to respect the criminal justice system. When most prosecutions rely on rats the entire system is blemished. There have been numerous cases overturned because the rat was exposed to be a liar years later. The Defendant has the right to cross examine the rat for his motives to testify, but the rat is so well prepared by the government it is almost impossible to get him to break. He is an actor on the stage of the courthouse. My dislike of rats reflects the prison vibe of this blog, if you have ever been to prison, which I hope you haven’t, there is much chatter about rats. It is nonstop. Endless. Everyone is accused of being a rat, either in their underlying criminal case or with the guards. Its worse than being labelled a Communist. Guys get in fist fights over it. My goal is to give readers a prison tour without actually having to sit behind bars on a steel bed. Don’t try this at home!

      1. Yes I get and respect that. Of course rats can lie and cases should not be built on their testimony alone, but conspiracy of silence in organized crime is a huge problem and I guess use of rats should be part of the arsenal though should not be overused for the reasons you outlined. I can understand why inmates hate rats. A wider society may have a different view but I get your point.

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