Default Judgment Entered Against Sarah Greer

Default Judgment Entered Against Sarah Greer

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Child rape victim Eli Mirlis obtained a $15 million judgment in Federal Court against Daniel Greer AKA “The Goat” and the Yeshiva of New Haven. At the time the jury awarded Mr. Mirlis damages, Daniel Greer’s wife Sarah Greer AKA “The Ewe” transferred $238,000.00 from joint accounts she owned with the Goat into accounts in her name only, including transferring $220,000.00 to a bank in Rhode Island. Eli Mirlis filed a Federal lawsuit against Sarah Greer, AKA “The Ewe” for fraudulent conveyance to recover the $238K.

Mirlis also alleged in his fraudulent conveyance lawsuit that “for many years Daniel Greer used Daniel Greer’s earnings to pay for their joint marital expenses while Sarah Greer’s earnings were largely unused. The result of this was to reduce Daniel Greer’s assets in order to bolster those of Sarah Greer, which had the intended effect of preventing Plaintiff from collecting on the claims that Plaintiff had against Daniel Greer.”

Mirlis claimed in his lawsuit that “Daniel Greer and Sarah Greer are officers and directors of several related nonprofit corporations, including the Yeshiva, which are managed and controlled by Daniel Greer. While Daniel Greer received no retirement benefits from the entity that facially employs him, Sarah Greer received and continues to receive retirement benefits from the Yeshiva in an amount nearly equal to her salary. This is part of a concerted effort by Daniel Greer and the Yeshiva to transfer funds to Sarah Greer, which benefit both Daniel Greer and Sarah Greer, to shield them from collection.”

During discovery proceedings conducted in the fraudulent conveyance case Attorney Matt Beatman, who represents Mirlis discovered the following: “Sarah Greer, while Plaintiff had the fraudulent conveyance claim pending against her, transferred $67,500.00 to Attorney Stuart Margolis” who then transferred it Daniel Greer. Attorney Beatman filed motions requesting copies of checks and transfers between Stuart Margolis and the Goat and the Ewe. Stuart Margolis is married to Federal Judge Joan Margolis. Margolis objected to releasing any of these documents. Sarah Greer then dumped Margolis as her attorney and replaced him with Attorney Jonathan Einhorn. It was obvious that Margolis had a conflict of interest in representing the Ewe while Mirlis raised claims that he was a witness, and possibly aided and abetted fraudulent conveyances between the Ewe and the Goat. Margolis had to get out of the case, as he could be called to testify against the Goat and the Ewe. Beatman needs to file another lawsuit against the Goat, the Ewe and Stuart Margolis in order to recover the $67,500.00.

Attorney Einhorn didn’t do much to zealously represent the Ewe. Einhorn and the Ewe failed to respond to discovery requests. The Ewe was defaulted and sanctioned a number of times. Judge Michael Shea finally had enough of the Ewe’s shenanigans and issued a judgment of default two days ago.

Judge Shea stated in his order the following: “The defendant acted willfully by repeatedly failing to respond to a series of Court orders requiring the production of documents. In response to the Court’s October order, the defendant disingenuously responded that she did not have the requested documents in her possession, even though the requested documents included her bank statements and retirement account information. In January and again in April 2020, the Court ordered Sarah Greer to show cause why default should not enter for her failure to comply. Still the plaintiff failed to respond. In view of the defendant’s deliberate and persistent violation of the Court’s orders, this factor weighs in favor of finding default an appropriate sanction.”

Judge Shea stated that he repeatedly warned the Ewe that she could be defaulted: “The defendant received ample warning of the possible sanction of default judgment. Starting in October 2019, the defendant was notified that failure to comply with the Court’s order may result in a default judgment or additional sanctions, including an order of contempt imposing a fine for every day of continued noncompliance. For these reasons, the defendant’s noncompliance warrants the imposition of the sanction of default pursuant to Rule 37(b)(2)(iv). Liability having been established, the plaintiff may, within 30 days of this order, file a motion for default judgment as to damages, together with evidence, including affidavits and other documentary evidence, that will allow the Court to calculate damages with reasonable certainty…”

The Goat was only sentenced to 12 years by Connecticut State Court Judge Jon Alander. The Goat was exposed to 80 years in jail. Judge Alander did not send a message to other goats with his light sentence, unlike other State and Federal judges. Penn State Pedophile Jerry Sandusky got 60 years. Harvey Weinstein’s request for home confinement was denied even thought he argued that he was an overweight, sickly “ugly Jewish man” in his own words, with a bad heart. Bernie Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in jail. Olympics pedophile Dr. Larry Nassar was sentenced to 175 years by Judge Rosemarie Aquilina, who told him at sentencing “I just signed your death sentence.”

In most States depraved pedophiles can’t catch a break and are rotting in jail cells. The Goat got home confinement from Connecticut State Court Judge Hon. Jon Alander. The Goat is currently residing in his house at 133 West Park Avenue in New Haven. Judge Alander gave the Goat permission to leave his house and visit his lawyers, doctors, and attend religious services. The Goat’s goat privilege and connections with close friends Rabbi Notis, Public Defender Darcy McGraw, Westville “Senior” Rabbi Albert Feldman, Dr. Jay Sokolow, Gerald F. Lerman, Edge of the Woods owner Peter Dodge, Alderwoman Elizabeth McCormack, Lieutenant Colonel and Deputy Commander of the Joint Forces 19th Medical Regiment Dr. Julian Unger Sargon, MD, PhD., may have been a factor in Judge Alander’s decision to release the Goat from his prison cell. See link

A goat courtzroom hearing is scheduled this week by Judge Alander in order for Alander to review the stay at home sympathy for the Goat protection order. Hopefully Judge Jon Alander will do the right thing and put the Goat back in his pen, where he belongs.

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