Deferred Prosecution Agreements for Jeffrey Epstein & Jed Rubenfeld

Deferred Prosecution Agreements for Jeffrey Epstein & Jed Rubenfeld

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In 2006 the Justice Department’s Office in Florida let pedophile Jeffrey Epstein escape Federal charges for running a massive underage prostitution ring that recruited wayward high school girls. Alexander Acosta was the US Attorney in Miami at the time who gave the orders to US Attorney Marie Villafana to offer Epstein a deferred prosecution agreement. Acosta was appointed to a high position in the Trump Administration a couple of years ago. He was forced to resign after his involvement in the Epstein case came to light. Villafana also resigned from her position at the US Attorney’s Office. There was no reason for Villafana to resign. Villafana was just following orders.

The US Attorney’s Office of Professional Responsibility recently investigated Acosta and Villafana in order to determine whether they violated any professional or ethical regulations when they offered Epstein a deferred prosecution agreement, which allowed Epstein to skate on Federal charges and only plead guilty to one minor State charge. The lawyers at the US Attorney’s Office of Professional Responsibility found no evidence that there was misconduct on the part of lawyers from the US Attorneys Office. Surprise, Surprise! I would be curious to know if the Office of Professional Responsibility ever found a case of misconduct. But the Office did find evidence of “poor judgment” on the part of Acosta. Big deal.

It is not uncommon for the Justice Department to enter into deferred prosecution agreements with the rich and powerful. The Justice Department let hedge fund king Steven A. Cohen off the hook with a deferred prosecution agreement for insider trading after he paid the Federal government $1.8 billion. The Justice Department just entered into a deferred prosecution agreement with Goldman Sachs for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in a scheme to pay one billion dollars in bribes to high-ranking government officials in Malaysia and Abu Dhabi to secure lucrative underwriting deals. Goldman Sachs avoided criminal charges after it paid more than $2.9 billion to the Federal government.

Yale Law School Professor Jed Rubenfeld recently entered into a type of deferred prosecution agreement with his employer Yale University. Yale offered Rubenfeld a Title IX deferred prosecution agreement after female law students alleged that for many years Rubenfeld tried to kiss and fondle girls at the Yale Law School building and at his home, where he lives with his wife Amy Chua aka “The Tiger Mom.” Yale Law Professor Amy Chua had a reputation for referring the hottest female Yale law students to US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanagh for clerkships. Chua even got her daughter a clerkship with Kavanaugh. She pimped out her own daughter! Yale suspended Rubenfeld for two years for his lapse in judgment. A slap on the wrist. Chua disappeared from Yale Law School for a year. Nobody knows why Chua took a leave of absence. Yale Law students have called for Rubenfeld’s termination. Yale Law students told the media that law students have been gossiping about Rubenfeld’s exploits for years. I even heard rumors about Rubenfeld and his wife some years back. Yale University President Peter Salovey has refused to comment on the Rubenfeld affair. The suspension of Rubenfeld has been kept top secret. It was leaked to New York Magazine by a disgruntled Yale employee. The Yale Daily News had to learn about Rubenfeld’s suspension from New York Magazine. Talk about humiliating! Yale law students are still demanding that Rubenfeld be fired. FUHGETABOUTIT! Chua has connections with Justices who control prestigious clerkship positions at the United States Supreme Court. If Yale pisses off Chua all those clerkships will go to Harvard students. Yale needs to maintain its power as the most competitive law school in the country. The Yale Skull and Bones conspiracy will never allow itself to get outranked by Harvard. The Yale conspiracy is made up of Yalies and Yoelies who wear bullet proof Urim ve’Thummim shields under their tzitzis.

The Yale Skull & Bones conspiracy recently worked their evil skulduggery against famous Harvard Law graduate and former US Attorney Jeffrey Toobin. Toobin was fired from the New Yorker after he left his Zoom camera on, by accident, while he fondled his noodle on camera. Toobin wasn’t accused of molesting or fondling anyone other than himself. Toobin didn’t file a complaint against himself with the personnel department at The New Yorker. Is it even possible to sexually molest oneself? Toobin is now out of work. Toobin can always work for the Larry Noodles blog. FUHGETABOUTIT! Larry Noodles would never lower his standards and hire a former US Attorney who graduated from Harvard and never spent one day in prison. There may be a job waiting for Toobin at the New Haven Independent, although Yale graduate Paul Bass may be hesitant to hire a Harvard grad. Paul Bass proudly wears his urim ve-thummim and tzitzits when he strolls the hallowed halls of Yale.


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3 thoughts on “Deferred Prosecution Agreements for Jeffrey Epstein & Jed Rubenfeld

  1. What do all of those deferred prosecutions have in common.
    SHOMER fukin SHABBOS!!!!!!!!! as Walter Sobchak and his Weinsteinesque shadow beard might say.

    Do non dual citizenship holding united state’s attorneys offer these deals up as well? The better question is are there ANY non dual citizenship ….. left at Justice?

    it’s a good thing that super criminal Lori Loughlin (goyim) got locked up for her crimes against humanity but Antifa, Soros and the chosen thieves and pederasts all got a pass by the Feds.

    Happy Festival of Lights

    1. You may be on to something. When I was watching the news just this morning there was another deferred agreement offered by the Justice Department. This one was also a Kosher deferred prosecution. It involved the Sackler Crime Family.

      plea deal signed off by Bobby Drain (yale/columbia). How much money did YALE UNIVERSITY take from these SUPER NARCOS? How many buildings have the SACKLER name on them @ YALE UNIVERSITY? The chosen Sacklers buried almost as many Christians as the chosen Bolsheviks.

      HAPPY YEAR OF THE RAT to too big to fail YALE!

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