Deposition of Rape Victim Rabbi Avi Hack Scheduled

Deposition of Rape Victim Rabbi Avi Hack Scheduled

(July 22, 2016)  

The attorneys for Plaintiff Mirlis and Defendant Child Molester Greer recently filed paperwork in Federal Court indicating that they are involved in a squabble regarding the scheduling the deposition of Avi Hack.  Avi Hack has hired his own attorney to represent him at the deposition. Avi Hack is not being sued, but he could be dragged into the case as a defendant.  Or he could make statements at the deposition that could implicate him in the crimes committed by Rabbi Greer.  The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution protects a person against self incrimination.  A guy like Avi Hack can invoke the Fifth Amendment and refuse to questions that could cause him to incriminate himself.  But Avi Hack is not an attorney.  Avi Hack is not trained in the American criminal justice system.  Avi Hack needs a lawyer to protect his interests.

Avi Hack hired the powerful New Haven law firm of Lynch, Traub, Keefe and Errante to protect him at the deposition.  In earlier blog postings Larry Noodles suggested that Rabbi Greer hire Lynch, Traub, Keefe and Errante.  Rabbi Greer declined and instead hired attorney William Ward, defending himself on the cheap.  Ward is a solo practitioner attorney who works out of his garage in Litchfield.  Larry Noodles does not understand how Avi Hack was able to afford the high priced firm of Lynch, Traub, Keefe and Errante while the wealthy and illustrious Rabbi Greer hired a lawyer who operates on a shoestring.

The Attorney for Mirlis filed paperwork scheduling Avi Hack’s deposition for the date of this Monday, July 25.   Attorney William Ward, the attorney for Greer, objected to this date, claiming that he had prepaid for a family vacation in Italy, and this date would force him to cancel his trip.  Ward wanted the deposition scheduled for the end of August.  But the attorneys for Hack and Mirlis could care less about Ward’s family vacation. The attorneys told Judge Shea that Avi Hack is moving to Virginia with his family in a few weeks to start a new job and will be unable to travel back to Connecticut to be deposed.  The attorney for Mirlis told Judge Shea: “Avi Hack is an essential – perhaps the most important – witness to the claims set forth in the complaint and to the defendant’s defenses. He was the assistant principal of the defendant school where Rabbi Greer sexually molested the plaintiff, he had knowledge of the ongoing abuse, he failed to report it, and he himself is one of the rabbi’s former child victims…”

The sixty four thousand dollar question is the following:  Why did Avi Hack stay in the Greer compound many years after he got raped by Rabbi Greer as a child, and then got a job working for Rabbi Greer as his loyal right hand man?   I asked Rabbi Muroff this question when I first started this blog.  Rabbi Muroff used to work for Rabbi Greer but left the compound, unlike Rabbi Hack, after discovering that Rabbi Greer was a depraved child molester.  Rabbi Muroff was the man who found $98,000 in cash in a desk that he purchased on Craigslist from a New Haven area woman named “Patty” who refused to reveal her identity or speak with the media.  Rabbi Muroff was hailed by the LA Times as the most honest man in America.  Rabbi Muroff was hailed by Larry Noodles as the most stupid man in America.  New Haven has a very high crime rate and is home to a significant number of drug dealers and convicted felons, such as Larry Noodles, and child rapists, such as Rabbi Greer.  It is hard to find a person in New Haven who does not have a criminal record.  Patty was probably a drug dealer or a money launderer.   She claimed the $98K found in the desk was from an “inheritance.”  Yeah right!  Muroff returned ill begotten gains to a criminal.

When asked about why Rabbi Hack stayed with Rabbi Queer for so long, Rabbi Muroff told Larry Noodles that Rabbi Avi Hack stayed in order to “protect” other children from getting raped by Rabbi Greer. Rabbi Hack certainly didn’t do a good job to protect Mirlis from the clutches of Rabbi Queer.  And if it was so commendable for Rabbi Hack to stay on the compound to protect the children, why did Muroff move across the country to get away from Rabbi Queer?

Greer’s attorney Ward told Judge Shea that he would not have enough time to prepare for Hack’s deposition for July 25, 2016. Ward needed more time to prepare and asked that the deposition to be rescheduled for the end of August.  Attorney Ward cried to Judge Shea that Mirlis and Hack were represented by big, powerful law firms with an army of attorneys while he was just a “solo practitioner” operating out of his basement.  Larry Noodles interrupts this blog due to the sudden need for Larry Noodles to vomit.  Larry Noodles is back online and solicits readers for donations to purchase fettuccine Italian noodles for Attorney Ward in order to compensate him for his cancelled trip to Italia.

The attorneys for Mirlis and Hack could care less about Rabbi Queer or his attorney’s trip to Italy.  Larry Noodles could care less about Greer or whether his attorney goes to Italy.  And most importantly, Judge Shea could care less about Ward’s trip to Italy.  Let Rabbi Greer pay for it.  Ward’s Motion to postpone the deposition of Avi Hack DENIED by Judge Shea.  Deposition of Avi Hack to go forward on Monday July 25, 1016.  Ciao!

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