Dershowitz Files Habeas To Free the Goat

Dershowitz Files Habeas To Free the Goat

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Alan Dershowitz is two years older than “Rabbi” Daniel Greer. Dershowitz grew up in Brooklyn while the Goat grew up on Riverside Drive on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Dershowitz graduated from from the Yeshiva University high school located in Brooklyn. The Goat graduated from the Yeshiva University high school located in Washington Heights. The Goat lived in a dorm, where he was probably molested by his dorm counselor, while Dershowitz lived at home with his parents and commuted to high school.

Hundreds of new child molestation lawsuits were recently filed against Yeshiva University under New York’s Child Victim’s Act that allowed victims of child molestation to sue for acts that occurred at any time in the victim’s life. No statute of limitations. Some of those lawsuits refer to a long history of child abuse by well known pedophiles at Yeshiva University, going back to the 1950s when the Goat was a student.

Jewish institutions, the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts have been slammed with new lawsuits under the Child Victim’s Act. The Boy Scouts were hit with almost 100,000 lawsuits and forced into bankruptcy. Big Jewish institutions so far have survived the onslaught of cases. They just got over getting fleeced by Bernie Madoff. The Catholic Church is still functioning even though recently sainted Pope John Paul II was found to be guilty of enabling a pedophile bishop to commit numerous acts of depravity over many years.

Alan Dershowitz has been embroiled in lawsuits involving Jeffrey Epstein rape victim Virginia Giuffre, billionaire Les Wexner, and Epstein’s sex slave recruiter Ghislaine Maxwell, who is currently locked up defending herself against Federal criminal charges. Guiffre has accused Dershowitz of being part of Epstein’s inner circle of rich and famous friends, which included Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. Guiffre has also accused Dershowitz of being not just a friend but also Epstein’s clients. Dershowitz has denied all allegations and sued Guiffre for defamation. There is an old Talmudic saying: “He that lies with dogs wakes up with fleas.” Actually this expression has no Talmudic roots, it is traced to the writings of Benjamin Franklin, Seneca, and a fortune cookie eaten by Stewart Cohen at the Kung Flu Gardens Chinese restaurant in 1975.

Alan Dershowitz, who was a professor at Harvard for 50 years, was given the boot at Harvard University just before the Jeffrey Epstein story broke. Dershowitz represented Epstein when the Federal government dropped charges against Epstein twenty years ago in exchange for Epstein pleading guilty to a slap on the wrist State charge, where he only did a year in State prison. Dershowitz still refers to himself as “Professor Dershowitz” in court documents. Dershowitz brought Epstein to Harvard to meet with the undergrads and talk about setting up an Epstein lab. Dershowitz even gave Epstein a crimson sweatshirt. What a putz!

Dershowitz has now lowered himself to represent depraved Yale Law graduate and pedophile Daniel Greer in a habeas corpus petition recently filed in Federal court in the District of Connecticut. Everyone deserves a defense, even poorly misunderstood pedophiles. Dershowitz is doing a mitzvah, unlike Larry Noodles, who has been a thorn in the side of the poor Goat. The Goat’s habeas petition was signed by the Goat’s long time attorney David Grudberg, the Goat’s new Appellate expert attorney Richard Emanuel and “Alan M. Dershowitz, Esq. 1575 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02138.” 1575 Massachusetts Avenue is the address of one of the Harvard buildings. I believe it is part of the Harvard Law School. Dershowitz resigned from Harvard back in 2013, obviously anticipating the Epstein fallout. Why is Dershowitz still occupying a Harvard Law building? Doesn’t Dershowitz realize that he was voted out of office and he is no longer a big (old) man on campus? What a putz! Dershowitz is still listed as a professor on Harvard’s website. The Dershowitz name allows Harvard to continue to cash in on rich Jewish donors. Harvard and Yale have run short on cash during the pandemic. No more cash from China.

The Goat’s attorneys argued to Connecticut Federal Judge Jeffrey Alker Meyer that the Goat should be released from prison because his Constitutional rights were violated when Judge Alander refused to release the Goat during his criminal appeal. Judge Alander sprung the Goat for a few months when the Goat argued that he had asthma and risked death in jail due to the pandemic. There was nothing in the Goat’s medical records that indicated the Goat suffered from chronic asthma. The Goat’s lawyers made the asthma claim without a shred of evidence. I blogged about the lack of medical records repeatedly. I may have sent my blogs to the State’s Attorney’s Office. The Goat’s lawyers have not made any mention of the Goat’s “chronic asthma” condition in any subsequent court filings.

Judge Alander released the Goat to home confinement even though the State’s attorney argued that the Goat was going to hop on the next plane to the Holy Land and get protected by the Israeli government: “He claims not to have an Israeli passport, I’m not sure I necessarily believe that given that many, in particular Orthodox Jews who have been accused of crimes flee to Israel.” The Goat’s attorneys have repeatedly argued that the State tried to discriminate against the Goat even though he was released to home confinement after the State made the Israeli passport argument. The Israeli passport argument obviously had no bearing on Judge Alander’s decision. The Goat’s attorneys are trying to make a mountain out of a goat hill. They are hoping an overworked Judge will not realize that the Israeli passport argument was only made at one that hearing. The Israeli passport argument was not made at any of the hearings in which the Goat was ordered incarcerated.

Judge Alander released the Goat to home confinement for a few months during the pandemic even though the State argued that the Goat was locked up in solitary confinement in a private cell, with a private bath, and had no exposure to other inmates who may have been infected with COVID. Judge Alander ordered the Goat back to jail after the State entered into a settlement agreement with inmates in a class action lawsuit. The State agreed to take safety measures in order to prevent inmates from dying of COVID. The Goat was safe anyway in his private cell. The Goat appealed Judge Alander’s orders in State court. The Goat lost all of his appeals.

The Goat’s Federal habeas petition is another way for the Goat to challenge Judge Alander’s orders. The Goat’s petition was reviewed by Federal Judge Jeffrey Alker Meyer, a Yale Law graduate, just like the Goat. Unfortunately for the Goat, Federal Judge Jeffrey Alker Meyer was not convinced that the Goat had the right to be free on bond pending appeal. The Yale skull and bones camaraderie-skulduggery doesn’t apply to pedophiles. The Goat’s petition for Habeas Corpus was DENIED by Judge Jeffrey Alker Meyer.

I expect the Goat to appeal Judge Meyer’s order. I am still waiting for the Goat to file a habeas corpus petition alleging ineffective assistance of counsel against Attorney Willie the Dow. Almost every convicted criminal sitting in jail, with plenty of time on his hands, files an ineffective assistance of counsel petition against his attorney. Kennedy cousin and convicted murderer William Skakel won such a petition that he filed against his attorney Mickey Sherman. Mickey Sherman did time in Otisville for tax evasion, before my time in Otisville. I heard from the inmates that he rolled off his bunk, six feet off the ground, in the middle of the night and nearly cracked his head open on the cement floor.

The Goat may be holding off on filing a habeas petition against Willie the Dow. The Goat may be waiting to see what happens with his appeals before he files a petition that would cause the Dow to suffer an emotional crash. The Dow is a very sensitive man. During the Goat’s criminal trial the Dow yelled at me a number of times. At times he got cranky. None of the Goat’s other attorneys on his wet dream team ever yelled at me in a courtroom full of spectators. Attorneys William Ward, Amanda Nugent, David Grudberg, Jeffrey Sklarz, Stuart Margolis, and Richard Emanual all treated me with respect, although Alan Dershowitz has refused to take my calls. Nebach! Eventually I got the Dow to lighten up. The Dow let me take videos of him escorting the Goat in and out of the courthouse. I got to ask him a few questions. He insulted me on camera in a calm, respectful way, see below.


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Willie the Dow insults Larry Noodles

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