Details Of Jacobowitz Otisville Prison Break revealed

Details Of Jacobowitz Otisville Prison Break revealed

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Legendary Jewish inmate Herman “Mshulum” Jacobowitz, walking out of Otisville a year early under The First Step Act, prison reform legislation signed by President Donald Trump.

I have been getting flooded with inquiries from inmates who want to know how they can bust out of their gulag in the same way Mshulem busted out of Otisville. What paperwork did he file? Who did he contact? What strings did he pull, if any? Mshulum is still not a free man. He is on home confinement for the balance of his sentence, subject to intense monitoring by the Department of Injustice.

I went to the Federal court website and looked up Mshulem’s file. Mshulem’s attorneys haven’t filed a document in his case since 2016. Mshulum didn’t request an early release from his Sentencing Judge. How did Mshulum bust out of Otisville? Inquiring inmates want to know.

I went through normal channels with my Jewish contacts at the Aleph Institute. They referred me to press releases and the United States Criminal Code, which wasn’t very helpful. I wasn’t going to contact employees of the Department of Justice. I am not on speaking terms with such “people.” The details of Mshulum’s early release apparently are top secret. Until now.

I uncovered the details of Mshulem’s early release by reviewing court documents recently filed in the case of inmate Hassan Nemazee. Nemazee used to be locked up with me in Otisville. Hassan had himself transferred to Cumberland Federal Prison in Maryland in order to get into the RDAP program, the drug and alcohol program which can reduce your sentence a year. Otisville doesn’t have an RDAP program.

Harvard grad and Iranian born Hassan Nemazee got 12 years for bank fraud after he convinced the Bank of America to lend him $142 million and Citibank to lend him $75 million. He submitted fraudulent documents showing a high net worth. The banks were negligent in not checking into Hassan more carefully. Hassan was very active in the Democratic Party. He raised millions for Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Hassan’s family was Iranian royalty before the Revolution.  His father had a major shipping company that shipped opium into China.  Obama’s senior adviser Valerie Jarrett was born in the Nemazee Hospital in Iran.

Hassan Nemazee filed a request for early release from the BOP back in 2018. The BOP didn’t do anything and just sat on his request. Hassan then filed a motion for early release in January of 2019 asking the Court to order the BOP to release him. The Feds objected. The Federal Court held a hearing. The Judge didn’t issue an immediate ruling. While Nemazee was waiting for a Court decision news broke that Mshulum was released. Nemazee’s lawyers filed paperwork with the Court on the same day that Mshulum was released. Hassan’s lawyers argued to Judge Sidney Stein of the Second Circuit: “This morning we learned that the BOP has released its first prisoner to home confinement pursuant to Section 603(a) of the First Step Act. This is the same section under which Mr. Nemazee qualifies. As you can imagine, we received this news with both relief and dismay. We felt relief because this is the first indication that the BOP intends to make an effort toward effectuating Congress’s intent and free eligible non-violent offenders, like Mr. Nemazee, to home confinement as soon as possible. The dismay we felt stemmed from the fact that the BOP has yet to act on Mr. Nemazee’s petition despite his unchallenged eligibility. The released prisoner’s name is Herman Jacobowitz. He is 60 years old – approximately nine years younger than Mr. Nemazee – and the BOP website lists his release date as November 7, 2020 – approximately nine months later than Mr. Nemazee’s. We have found no indication that he has ever petitioned a court for his release. I reached out to United States Attorney Michael Lockard this morning regarding Mr. Jacobowitz’s release, and he is unable to confirm or deny whether the release occurred. Mr. Jacobowitz’s rabbi confirmed in writing that the release has occurred.”

The Office of the United States Attorney wouldn’t admit or deny that Mshulum was released to Hassan’s lawyers. The only way Hassan’s lawyers were able to determine that Mshulum got released was to contact Mshulum’s “Rabbi.” Does Mshulum’s Rabbi now run the Department of Justice? Mshulum is a devout Lubavitcher, having left Satmar many years ago. Mshulum’s rabbi is Menachem Mendel Schneerson, ie., the Rebbe, who resides in the Montefiore Cemetery in Queens, ie., the Ohel. Did Nemazee’s lawyers speak with the Rebbe at the Montefiore Cemetary? Unbelievable! This information should be reported to

Mshulum must have also filed a request for early release with the BOP some months ago. Mshulum’s request must have been granted, or Mshulum wouldn’t have spent last Shabbos eating chulunt and drinking Farbrengen wine with his family in Williamsburg. Zaidy probably stopped over and had a few L’Chaims with Mshulum. Zaidy never called Mshulum “SHMUCKO!” Butler got called shmucko the most by Zaidy.

The Feds have vigorously objected to Nemazee’s request to spend the remainder of his sentence on home confinement. The Feds would rather waste your tax dollars keeping an old man locked up, waste your tax dollars paying the salary of assistant US Attorneys, who are churning out memorandums and objections, and waste your tax dollars with lengthy court hearings staffed by clerks, judges, lawyers and court reporters. Cost-benefit analysis obviously doesn’t apply when it comes to spending your tax dollars.

The Office of the United States Attorney of the Southern District of New York, run by newly appointed US Attorney Geoffrey Berman, argued to Judge Stein: “There is no merit to Nemazee’s urging the Court to intervene immediately. The BOP already transferred a small number of inmates to home confinement under the Pilot Program on an ad hoc basis. That fact shows that the BOP not only can act in a reasonably short time frame, but already has done so in other cases. The BOP can and will act on Nemazee’s application. There is ample basis to expect BOP will reach a decision shortly, and well in advance of mid-April much less August. Nemazee’s application is under active review, and the Court should permit BOP to apply its own authorities.”

US Attorney Berman basically argued that the BOP should not be rushed into making a decision on Nemazee’s request and the Federal Court should not get involved. If Nemazee has to wait 6 months or a year sitting in a jail cell waiting for a BOP decision while Berman is eating rib eye steaks at Scores Steakhouse in Lower Manhattan every night, who cares? Nemazee should be patient. The BOP will eventually get to his case. The fact that Mshulum’s case got granted shows that the BOP can work quickly, when it wants to. The BOP is no different than the Department of Motor Vehicles. You can stand in line for one hour or ten hours, depending on the alignment of the stars that day. Nemazee should pray to the stars.

In response to US Attorney Berman’s vigorous objections, Nemazee’s lawyers argued to Judge Stein that reviewing Nemazee’s request did not require much work on the part of the BOP. Nemazee accused the BOP of laziness and passive aggressiveness. Namazee’s attorneys argued: “This Court generously gave BOP additional time to make a decision on a very straightforward request. There is nothing complicated about Mr. Nemazee’s request. He is an elderly inmate eligible for home confinement. He is no less
deserving of home confinement than Mr. Jacobowitz, and there is no reason why Mr. Nemazee could not have been released at the same time. The BOP should not have more time to make this simple decision. The BOP could have released Mr. Nemazee just as it did Mr. Jacobowitz and the small number of inmates it considered on an ad hoc basis. Because the BOP
inexplicably refuses to make this simple decision itself, the Court should do so. Further bureaucratic delay is unfair and unjust to Mr. Nemazee and exactly what Congress intended to remedy by the First Step Act.”

In support of his Request for early release Nemazee submitted a letter in support of his motion which was signed by Minnesota Congresswoman Betty McCollum. McCollum is a Democrat who vote YEA when the First Step Act was before the House of Representatives. In her letter in support of Nemazee, McCollum discussed the Congressional intent behind the passage of the First Step Act. McCollum stated: “Congress intended to move inmates out of the Federal system quickly to home confinement where costs of housing, feeding and caring for these inmates would be borne by them not the government.” It is very rare to see a sitting member of Congress submit a letter in support of a Federal prisoner. But Nemazee was very active in the Democratic Party in New York and in Washington DC. Nemazee raised millions for Democrats in Congress. But when did Nemazee ever raise money for Democrats in Minnesota, of all places? Nemazee never liked the cold. When he was in Otisville he had an indoor job cleaning the officer’s private bathroom every day, while I was outside unloading trucks in the snow. Nemazee had the best job in the camp. It took him ten minutes.

US Attorney Berman strongly objected to the letter signed by Congresswoman Betty McCollum. Berman argued: “The Court should reject Nemazee’s attempt to contradict the plain statutory language based on a letter from an individual member of Congress…” Berman did not even acknowledge McCollum’s name in his memo, as if she was not worthy of mention. She is a traitor to the Federal government. Berman believes he knows more about the Congressional intent behind the First Step Act than an “individual member” of Congress. Is this how Berman, a White Jewish male Ivy League graduate, who was appointed by Donald Trump, treats female members of Congress? Nancy Pelosi should be notified of Berman’s sexist behavior directed at a shiksa Congresswoman from Minnesota. The women of Congress should launch an investigation. Congressional hearings should be conducted. Berman’s high school yearbook should be subpoenaed. Reps Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib should lead the Congressional Inquisition and IMPEACH THE MF!

The Ivy League superiority complex is responsible for the cruel, inhumane and heartless decisions coming down from the grand exalted Department of Injustice. These self righteous Ivy League lawyers are more dangerous than any third world dictator. Third world dictatorships have lower incarceration rates than the Democratic United States of America. But don’t take my word for it. Read the words of Jewish Yale Daily News reporter Jacob Hutt, the only student at Yale who possesses a human soul. Hutt wrote on 2/12/19: “Yalies are fake. They don’t care. They’re all talk, but at the end of the day, the privileged and protected community this institution fosters doesn’t care when elitist concerns are not at stake. Yale students and their Canada Goose jackets.” In another article Hutt wrote: “She was black and unfamiliar, and, particularly in a city like New Haven where Yalies are constantly told that the local population is criminally inclined, she was, therefore, seen as a threat.” Are these the type of people you want running the armed and dangerous Department of Injustice? People who graduated from Yale University, where they were “constantly told that the local population is criminally inclined.” Why not build walls around the city of New Haven and incarcerate the entire population?

If you are looking to break out of your chains like Jacobowitz did, the documents filed by Nemazee and the Federal government below can be helpful in your quest for liberty, freedom, and redemption. If you need help understanding these documents or preparing your own documents, please contact me, everything will be kept strictly confidential. In the meantime, don’t give up hope, stay strong, redemption is NEAR. MOSHIACH NOW!

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  1. please do not tell the Iranian inmate of yours, the power of Jewish religion, that one dead rabbi, Aleph Institute, can move and shake the BOP bureaucracy more than all his alive Mullahs and Clintons together…

    1. Good point. Nemazee is no Muslim. Nemazee’s mother is not Iranian, from what I can remember, from the last time I looked into his background. I believe she was European. She could have been a Jew, who knows. In Otisville Nemazee had absolutely no interest in the shul, the Christian chapel or the Muslim prayer rugs. He was anti-social and very arrogant. He liked to read the NY Times, the WSJ and novels and best sellers by politicians or historians.

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