Doctors In $1B Disability Scam Break Out Of Otisville

Doctors In $1B Disability Scam Break Out Of Otisville

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The two doctors who ran the biggest medical disability scam in American history just left Otisville prison. Ten years ago these two guys were on the front pages of every major New York City newspaper. Armenian-American orthopedic Dr. Peter Ajemian, left and Polish-American Dr. Peter Lesniewski, right, just walked out of Otisville as semi free men. Dr. Ajemian got out three days ago due to the coronavirus crisis. Dr. Lesniewski was released to home confinement after the Bureau of Prisons shut down the Brooklyn halfway house where he was staying. The two doctors led a conspiracy to defraud the Long Island Railroad out of a billion dollars in false employee disability claims. One of their patients ran the New York marathon while he was collecting disability.

The Polish Dr. Lesniewski graduated from Cornell Medical School and was a top orthopedic surgeon. The Polish Dr. Pete married a born again Baptist woman who got him involved in the Lynbrook Baptist Church in Long Island. Dr. Pete taught Sunday school and sexual purity classes to teenagers. No sex before marriage! When Dr. Pete got busted he was kicked out of the Church. The Baptist Church has very strict policies which excludes felons, criminals and other miscreant scam artists, unlike Orthodox and Hasidic shuls, in which a majority of the members are felons, or are engaged in various welfare, government and Medicare scams at any given time.

The Armenian Dr. Pete Ajemian was on ROTC scholarship at Rutgers where he was a football star. Dr. Pete was the chief of orthopedics at Fort Dix, the military academy, not the prison. At Otisville prison Dr. Ajemian was the chief doc with a mop. Dr. Pete was awarded medals and honors by the United States Army. Dr. Pete’s father was a veteran of World War II. Dr. Pete was a leader in the Armenian Church. Jesus couldn’t save Dr. Pete from getting ten years in Otisville. This is why the Jews won’t follow Jesus. When will the Gentiles ever learn?

The Polish Dr. Pete and the Armenian Dr. Pete committed the biggest disability fraud in American history. The New York Times exposed some of fraud before the United States Attorney got involved. The Times found that 75% of Long Island Railroad employees received disability after they retired, while only 25% of Metro North Railroad employees were on disability after retirement. 60% of retired employees of Long Island Railroad between the ages of 50-55 were on disability, while only 6% of Metro North employees were on disability.

Long Island railroad employees told the Pete doctors that they were looking to file disability claims after they retired and they needed a good disability paper trail for a year or two before retirement. The doctors would prescribe unnecessary medical tests, including x-rays, MRIs, and nerve conduction tests in order to create a paper trail of the purported disability while offering little to no actual treatment, continue to see patients on a regular basis while billing insurance companies for each visit to pad the employee’s file. The employee would then pay the Petes cash for a narrative to submit to the Long Island Railroad along with the employee’s occupational disability application.

The Polish Pete and the Armenian Pete were both locked up with me in Otisville. They were most successful doctor criminals in Otisville. They both got about ten year sentences. They put the Ukrainian and Russian Jewish doctors to shame. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist of a doctor to commit medicare fraud. You prepare a fake bill with fake treatment, mail it to the government agency and wait for your check. Any putz with half a brain can do that. That’s why Medicare fraud is most commonly committed by stupid Ukrainian Jewish doctors who just fell of the turnip truck. I apologize to my Russian Jewish friends for that one.

Both Doctor Petes were tall and lanky. The Polish Pete had an easy going disposition. He was friendly and got along with everyone. He didn’t start trouble or get involved with inmate politics. Politics is everywhere, even in jail. The Polish Pete never claimed he was innocent, unlike most guys in the clink. The Polish Dr. Pete got along with the Jews. The Jewish inmates put the Gentile inmates into two categories. The Gentiles were either Jew friendly or evil Anti-Semites. The Polish Dr. Pete was Jew friendly.

The Armenian Dr. Pete was a completely different animal. The Armenian Pete was innocent of all charges. He couldn’t understand why he was locked up. Because he was a football star at Rutgers, he was in charge of the prison sports equipment, which was locked up in a closet. I don’t know how he got this job. He probably took it over from an inmate friend who had the job previously. If you wanted a basketball you would have to ask Dr. Pete. Dr. Pete would ask the guard for the key to the sports closet. Dr. Pete would give you the basketball and tell you when it had to be returned. If you didn’t have it back on time you would never get it again. I tried to get a yoga mat from Dr. Pete. He gave me a hard time. I cursed him out. He cursed me out. A typical day at Otisville. I didn’t talk to him much. He was never happy. He was always grumpy. I particularly didn’t like the fact that he appointed himself the chief medical assistant to the prison doctor, prison APRN and prison paramedic who came to the camp every day to give out pills and give medical exams. You would stand in line waiting for your turn to see the doctor. The doctor would let you into a room the size of a closet. The doctor would take your blood pressure and temperature. In the middle of your examination Dr. Pete would bust through the door and start wiping everything down with a sanitized hand wipe. He furiously wiped the blood pressure machine, the door handle, even the walls. He was a big guy so he usually banged into you while he klutzed around in the medical examination room. I quickly learned to jam my chair against the door so that he couldn’t get in. He tried to get in nevertheless. The prison doctor didn’t seem to care. If the prison doctor wasn’t in the room I would have told him to get the bleep out of there. The AMA should give Dr. Pete his medical license back so that he can fight the coronavirus with his sanitized hand wipes.

This has been a slow week for Jewish criminals. I had to write about the goyim. I apologize. Jewish criminals sometimes are not as successful as the goyim. We still have Albert Einstein, the greatest mind in all of human history. The pathologist Dr. Thomas Harvey put Einstein’s brain in a jar of formaldehyde and ran out of Princeton Hospital. He didn’t have time to get his brain box. Harvey lost his job at Princeton but sold slices of Einstein’s brain to neurologists over the years. He mailed slices of Einstein’s brain in mayonnaise jars. Harvey would have been locked up in Otisville for many years if he pulled that stunt today. Back then there were only one hundred Federal crimes on the books. Today there are thousands. You probably committed a Federal crime this morning without even realizing it.

In Jew news, the famous criminal defense Attorney Ben Brafman was reported to have been admitted to the hospital after getting into a car accident today. Ben has represented some of the most prominent Jewish criminals in the New York tri-State region. Ben charges big fees. Billionaire art dealer, and Otisville inmate Helle Nahmed told me that he paid Ben a one million dollar retainer. Ben represented Harvey Weinstein for a brief period of time but they had a falling out. Please say a prayer for Binyomin ben Rochel, for the sake of budding Jewish criminals who are going to need Ben’s services in the future. Moshiach now!

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  1. It’s amazing. For as detail oriented as you pretend to be and as snarky you think you sound, you are wrong.
    As usual.
    Areminanan has been out for almost a year. But facts don’t matter with you. You can’t even get the facts straight with guys you were locked up with. Any more fake heart attacks to report?

    1. Thank you for the correction. I thought that he was in the halfway house. I am not perfect. I admitted I committed a federal crime and did my time in otisville. Were you ever in Otisville?

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