Donors Stop Payment on Greer Non Profit Checks. Greer sues

Donors Stop Payment on Greer Non Profit Checks. Greer sues

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Every year convicted child rapist Daniel Greer applies for special Connecticut State tax credits and rebates for donors who write hundreds of thousands of checks each year to his non profit entities. Every year the tax credits get approved by the Board of Aldermen of the City of New Haven. Every year the New Haven Independent writes a story about it. See link. New Haven residents respond to the story with outrage and disgust, yet the alderman continue to approve the tax credits. The Alderman claim that they never investigate the non profits that ask for these credits and they merely rubber stamp the credits. They say it has little to do with them and that it is a State tax credit, not a city credit. They told the reporters that they should contact other governmental agencies to complain. Political pass the buck.

Greer is currently doing 12 years in State prison. Greer is appealing his conviction. Greer donors have been making large contributions for many years and probably had no idea that Mr. Greer is a convicted pedophile. The donors are large insurance companies located out of State, ie., Selective Insurance Company of America and its affiliated companies in the Southwest.

This year the insurance companies were contacted by Jeff Jacobson, an insurance broker who brokered the donations between Mr. Greer and Select Insurance Company. Jacobson told the donors that they should not donate to Mr. Greer’s entities. The insurance companies put stop payments on hundreds of thousands of dollars of checks made out Greer’s non profits. When the checks bounced Greer’s wife and corporate officer Sarah Greer called the insurance companies and demanded to know why the checks bounced. Daniel Greer would have called but he was stuck in prison and had already used up his allotted telephone minutes for the month. Sarah Greer was told that the insurance companies were advised that her husband was involved in some kind of a “fraud” and that they would no longer be sending payments to a convicted pedophile. When Daniel Greer found out what had happened he called Attorney David Grudberg and told David to sue the mamzars.

Last month David Grudberg filed a lawsuit on behalf of Greer’s non profits against the Select Insurance Companies, Jeff Jacobson and Jacobson’s company Clocktower. The case was recently transferred to Federal Court. Greer’s lawyer claimed that Greer’s rights were violated, the actions of the defendants were “malicious and outrageous” and violated implied contracts of good faith and fair dealing. Talk about the kettle calling the pot black! Greer’s non profits are currently being sued in Federal Court by the victim of his crimes for $20 million dollars in a reverse pierce the corporate veil case based on Greer’s fraud. Greer’s victim is trying to pierce the individual to go after the corporate assets, hence a reverse case rather than a direct case where the corporation is pierced to reach the assets of the individual fraudster. What are the odds of a jury awarding a convicted pedophile, with an unpaid $20 million judgment, damages for donors who bounced donation checks? Talk about chutzpah!


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