Dov, Ezi, & Avi Cash In On $2.5 Million Real Estate Deal

Dov, Ezi, & Avi Cash In On $2.5 Million Real Estate Deal

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Over the last 20 years pedophile “Rabbi” Daniel Greer AKA “The Goat” transferred a small part of his real estate empire to his two sons Dov and Ezi, and to his adopted son, and rape victim Avi Hack. Avi Hack’s sister married Ezi Greer. Avi, Dov and Ezi protected the Goat while the Goat raped teenage boys for many years at the Goat’s yeshiva. Avi ran the Goat’s school. Dov ran the Goat’s shul. Ezi ran the Goat’s real estate empire. The wives of Avi, Dov and Ezi obviously knew what was going on but chose to keep quiet. The wives never allowed the Goat to be alone with their children. A vast, incestuous conspiracy of silence. The wives never allowed their children to go to the Goat house on Shabbos. But in shul Ezi and Dov allowed the Goat to have a male grandchild “learn” on his lap in the front of the shul after davening during week days. They also allowed the Goat to take a male grandchild into the Goat’s office and shut the door, for extra learning. When Rabbi Notis moved into the compound he replaced the office door with a door with a window.

The Goat turned his garage into a barn with ducks, goats, and chickens. I have been in this garage and have seen the animals. I gave Mr. Greer the nickname “The Goat” because he thinks he is the Greatest Of All Time, and because this blog is about Jews, jail and crime. Everyone in prison has a nickname. Now that the Goat has actually done some time in jail, his nickname is now official. He will forever be known as “The Goat.”

Rape victim Eli Mirlis testified at the Goat’s criminal trial that Ezi, Avi and Dov didn’t “have the balls” to stand up to their father. The Goat was convicted and sentenced to 20 years of incarceration. Mirlis won a $15 million civil judgment against the Goat. After Mirlis filed his civil case against the Goat, Ezi, Dov and Avi left town, along with Avi’s father Harold Hack, never to return. Avi moved to Providence RI. Ezi and Harold moved to Waterbury, CT. Dov moved a few times and now lives in Long Island. None of them had the balls to hang around and defend the Goat. None of them had the balls to testify against the Goat in the civil trial or in the criminal trial. Avi testified against the Goat in a videotape deposition, but he refused to appear in court. Avi purposely avoided service in the civil case and in the criminal case. A doctor testified in the civil trial that the Goat may have raped his son Ezi.

Ezi, Avi and Dov were well compensated for protecting the Goat for the last 20 years. The Goat transferred New Haven two and three family rental properties to them in the early 2000’s. The properties were located at 33 Pendelton St, 56 Pendelton St, 57 William St, 31 Young St, 52 Winchester Ave, 105 Rock Creek Rd, 45 Springside Ave, 25 Young Street, 300 West Elm Street. In 2005 the Goat raped Eli Mirlis. Avi, Ezi and Dov transferred these properties into their limited liability companies, ie., Maya Wheel LLC and Turning Wheel LLC, and mortgaged these properties, in 2011 – 2014, just before Mirlis filed his lawsuit. In the summer of 2015 Mirlis warned a family at the Goat school that the Goat was pedophile and they shouldn’t enroll their children in the fall. It was in the summer of 2015 that Mirlis threatened to sue the Goat. In late 2015 Mirlis served a lawsuit against the Goat and against Avi Hack. This lawsuit was never filed with the Court. Avi agreed to help Mirlis with his lawsuit after Avi got served. Mirlis dropped the lawsuit against Avi and reserved it, and publicly filed it, against the Goat in early 2016, just before Pesach, and a month after I posted my first blog about the depraved Goat. The rest is history.

Mirlis threatened to sue the Goat in 2015. Avi, Dov and Ezi tried to convince Mirlis not to sue the Goat. They tried to get the Goat to pay Mirlis money and tried to get the Goat to transfer the yeshiva to Avi, Dov and Ezi. Their attempts failed miserably. Avi, Dov and Ezi obviously knew that they could have been sued by Mirlis at the time, which must be the reason why they transferred all their properties into limited liability companies and sucked the equity out of the properties in the form of mortgages. The Goat gave them mortgage free properties. By 2014 most of these 9 properties were mortgaged. The total mortgages added up to over a million dollars.

The recent sale of these properties put approximately $2.5 million into the pockets of Ezi, Dov and Avi. Out of the $2.5 million Ezi, Dov and Avi have to pay off over a $1 million in mortgages. Most of the mortgages were underwritten by Start Community Bank, where former Mayor DiStefano, a good friend of the Goat, is the Vice President. Mayor DiStefano located the New Haven police substation, which paid the Goat rent, right down the street from the Goat shul where the Goat raped children. The fox watching the hen house.

Ezi, Avi and Dov already cashed in for a million bucks when they took out mortgages in 2011-2014. Now they will pocket another million or more in cash as compensation for their 20 years of service, but not loyalty, to the Goat. The Goat referred to them as traitors when they left the compound. The only person who stayed at the compound was the Goat’s loyal wife, Sarah Bergman Greer. The Goat accused Avi, Dov and Ezi of attempting to shake him down when he defended himself in the civil court case. The Goat went so far as to accuse Avi Hack of having sexual relations with his sister. Avi’s sister married Ezi Greer.

Real estate broker Northeast Private Client Group handled 6 of the 9 real estate transactions. Three more Greer deals were recorded on the land records. Most of the properties were sold to Mandy Management affiliated companies, a big New Haven real estate company, with its main corporate offices located in Israel. When I first moved to New Haven almost 30 years ago most of New Haven real estate was owned by Italians and secular Jews. Today all the property is owned by the Hasidim. Moshiach Now! DONATE NOW!

It is clear that Avi Hack and Dov Greer are completely out of the real estate business in New Haven, which makes sense, as Avi lives in Rhode Island and Dov lives in Long Island. Ezi Greer didn’t get out of the real estate business. Ezi works for a real estate management firm out of Bridgeport, CT, ie., Navarino Property. Ezi formed a limited liability company with his wife called “Lishmor, LLC.” Lishmor purchased rental property in Waterbury. Ezi resides in a house on a cul de sac. Ezi’s father in law Harold Hack lives down the street from Ezi in Waterbury. Some of the neighbors called me last summer and told me that Ezi and Harold have been trying to buy them them out. I was also told that Ezi and Harold formed their own minyan in their cul de sac. Are they trying to rebuild the Goat Empire? Will they buy up all the houses and erect 8 foot stockade fences and paint every house and fence the same colors, ie., olive green, tan and maroon?

Ezi, Avi and Dov were lucky that the miserly Goat gave them all properties these properties over the years. But the $2.5 million came with a heavy price. Dov, Ezi and Avi had to protect the Goat for many years while he raped innocent children. Dov, Ezi and Avi, and their wives, stood by and watched the Goat rape, pillage and plunder for 30 years. They even banged on the locked dorm door where Mirlis was getting raped by the Goat, in order to try to stop the Goat. The Goat will suffer eternal damnation, which the Goat fully accepts, with pride. The Goat and Satan are first cousins. Dov, Ezi and Avi will suffer a lesser period of damnation, specifically 800 Sabbatical year cycles of reincarnation and purification, a year for each act of molestation that they could have prevented.

Ever since the Goat has been released to home confinement by Judge Jon Alander a few weeks ago I have not received any report of a Goat siting. Usually the Goat will drive his car to the Goat shul every day. There has been no siting of his car parked in front of the shul. Usually the Goat, ie., the Mayor of Edgewood, proudly walks from his house down Elm Street to his shul, on the corner of Elm and Norton Street, in his suit and tie, inspecting his properties. There has been no siting of the Goat making his grand rounds down Elm Street. Is the Goat hiding in his barn with his chickens, baby goats and ducks? Where is the Goat? Where’s Waldo?

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Rav Elyashiv rules that if a wicked man, or wicked goat, dies on Shabbos and his corpse is lying in the sun in shame, one should move the corpse by placing a child or loaf of bread on the corpse. Although one is permitted to agitate a wicked person while the wicked person is alive, now that the wicked person is dead and his nefarious activities have ceased, one should offer the wicked dead person a respectable burial. Larry Noodles is very machmir in the mitzvah of agitating a living wicked person or a wicked goat, as the case may be.

Rav Ula once said, “if you did something evil, making you a little wicked, you should not do more evil and become very wicked, just as one who got bad breath from eating garlic should not then continue to eat garlic and make his breath worse.” Shabbos 31

Rav Abele, the famous dayan of Vilna, as a seven-year-old, was once ill and in bed. The doctor saw that his mouth was full of blisters. Turning to the boy’s parents, the doctor explained that if the tongue isn’t clean, it’s a sure sign of a malfunctioning stomach. “Is there anyone who can truly say his mouth is clean?” retorted the sick child. “Chazal tell us in the gemara Bava Basra that most people are guilty of theft and everyone of loshon hora!

“The hand of G-d lay heavy upon the he-goats, the crooks, the politicians, and the infidels, and He wrought havoc among them: He struck them with hemorrhoids.” I Samuel 5-6

“If the Kohen gadol sins, bringing guilt to the people, then he shall bring for his sin which he has committed, an unblemished young bull as a sin offering to the Lord.” Leviticus 4:3. “If your Rabbi sins and tells you to daven outside 770 waving a yellow flag during a pandemic, then you shall barbecue a rib eye steak and bring it to Larry Noodles as a sin offering.” Noodles 4:13.

“It is better to be cursed by the Prophet Achiya ha’Shiloni, and repeatedly cursed out by Larry Noodles, than to be blessed by Bil’am.” Taanit 20.

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  1. strikingly handsome children the Ewe and the Goat produced. Are the Ewe and Goat married first cousins like Donnie Azoff and his missus in Wolf of J Street? Is that big among the chosen Noodles? it would explain all the autistic lil adam lanzas runnin around.

    By the way, WHERE IN THE WORLD IS GEORGE SOROS during the pandemic?

    1. The Goat’s family name was Goldstein, the Goat’s father changed it to Greer. The Ewe’s family name is Bergmann. I don’t think that they are first cousins. The Goat’s daughter married the Goat’s brother’s son, her first cousin, and have in bred children who surprisingly were much cuter than the Goat’s non-inbred grandchildren. Can you explain that?

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