Dov Greer Lands Rabbi Gig In Wealthy Westchester

Dov Greer Lands Rabbi Gig In Wealthy Westchester

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Rabbi Daniel Greer’s entire family fled the compound during Passover of 2016.  They had had enough abuse living under the thumb of an evil dictator.  Every Passover you are supposed to recreate the exodus from Egypt.  You are supposed to imagine that you were a slave and you personally experienced redemption.  For most American Jews this part of the holiday is almost impossible to perform.  If you were incarcerated like myself it is very easy to remember the date, and time, that you were freed from bondage.  Daniel Greer’s family is now able to fully perform this mitzvah during Passover.  The Goat’s family should thank me for exposing the Goat.  Yet they don’t.  I never get invited to any of the Greer – Hack family simchas, bar mitzvahs, parties, barbecue’s, or secret meetings held at Fulton Park in Waterbury.

The Goat’s number one son, Dov Greer, was supposed to take over the compound and lead this New Haven cult into the 21st century.  Instead, Dov fled to Philadelphia, where he shacked up with his in laws.  He left his outlaw father back in New Haven.  Why didn’t you take the old goat with you Dov?  We didn’t want the goat in New Haven.  Please take him with you to Westchester.

On May 18, 2017 Daniel Greer was slammed with a $21 million verdict in his child rape case.  Four days after the verdict, on the date of May 22, 2017, Dov Greer lost the rabbi vote for Young Israel of Forest Hills.  Dov went to work for the Philadelphia Kollel.  Dov Greer spent a year in 2016 as rabbi at the Dogwood Park synagogue of West Hempstead, Long Island while the regular rabbi was on a sabbatical.  Prior to 2016 Dov Greer referred to himself as the “Rav” of New Haven.  Dov had a small following inside and outside of the compound.  Dov gave religious, kashrus, and marital advice.  Dov even did couples counseling.  I knew of one such couple.  They said Dov came across as very inexperienced.  They said Dov was particularly interested in the sexual aspects of their relationship.  At each session Dov wanted to know what happened on the preceding Friday night, ie., “mitzvah night.”  This couple ended up in divorce court.  No surprise.

Dov Greer has now taken a position as rabbi of the Hebrew Congregation of Mount Kisco.  Rabbi Dov Greer was appointed on September 7th, 2018.  You can click this link to see the announcement on the shul’s Facebook page.  Mount Kisco has been around for over 100 years.  Mt Kisco claims to have about 60 families from all different Jewish backgrounds.  Mt. Kisco welcomes all Jews, you don’t have to be Orthodox.  I am not sure if Mt. Kisco allows goats in the building.

Mt Kisco almost went under back in the 1990s when the Herzog wine family stopped underwriting the shul.  The Herzogs got too drunk and couldn’t find their checkbooks.  Never get high on your own supply.  Speaking of getting high on religion, the Mt. Kisco shul was saved at the last minute with a cash infusion from a newly religious Wall Street lawyer and former Federal prosecutor named Jerome Roth.  I would never join a shul that had a prosecutor as a member.  Recently I was at a couple of different shuls where I ran into a few convicts who did time in Federal prison like myself.  I never realized that there were so many Jewish criminals walking around. I also ran into potential convicts, ie., law breakers who never got pinched.  I can see why shuls lock up their Torah scrolls.  It’s not safe out there, even for a hardened criminal like myself.

Mt. Kisco offered free Yom Kippur tickets for new visitors.  I may want to visit Mt. Kisco.  I am not allowed to enter Daniel Greer’s shul on Elm Street.  The Goat kicked me down the stairs and out of his shul.  I would not expect Rabbi Dov Greer to kick me down the stairs and out the door of Mt. Kisco.

Dov looks much healthier than when he was in New Haven.  In New Haven Dov was heavier, he was pale, and his hair and beard were long, wild and disheveled.  Dov looks younger in the current picture than when I last saw him in New Haven over two years ago.  The Goat was sucking the life out of Dov.  Dov should thank me for exposing the Goat.

I actually ran into Dov Greer last winter at a bris in Waterbury.  Dov was the mohel.  I had no idea that Dov was going to show up.  Dov was actually friendly to me and said hello, which I found to be odd.  Dov believes in keeping his friends close but his enemies closer.  The devious Goat trained Dov well in the dark art of machiavellianism.  Machaivellianism is “the employment of cunning and duplicity in statecraft or in general conduct.  Machiavellianism is also a term psychologists use to describe a person’s tendency to be unemotional, and therefore able to detach themself from conventional morality and hence to deceive and manipulate others.  Machiavellianism is one of the three personality traits referred to as the dark triad, along with narcissism and psychopathy. Some psychologists consider Machiavellianism to be essentially a subclinical form of psychopathy, although recent research suggests that while Machiavellianism and psychopathy overlap, they are distinct personality constructs.”



3 thoughts on “Dov Greer Lands Rabbi Gig In Wealthy Westchester

  1. I don’t think this was bankrolled by the herzogs. They supported the Yeshiva Farm Settlement, ska Neitra Yeshiva. This synagogue was not very orthodox a holdover of the 1950s.

    1. According to their website: “The Shul was generously supported by the nearby Nitra Yeshiva Farm Settlement, as well as Phillip Herzog and his wife Tovah, owners of Kedem and Baron Herzog Wineries.”

  2. bsd

    Mr. Noodles,

    You are not as low as you like to make yourself out to be. For instance, none of the rabbis in New Haven have ever questioned you about graduating from medical school, did they?

    Your whole woe-is-me persona is a trap for unsuspecting alternate criminal trial jurors to be sucked into the nihilistic vortex of your maniacal personality.

    You rule the universe actually, don’t pretend otherwise.

    Moshiach NOW!

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